Dec 12

Lightinthebox seems to be trying to catch the last fling of Christmas sales: now it offers a selection of items great for Christmas gifts shoppers with a fast-as-8-day delivery guarantee. Before December 17, if you buy any item labeled with a Christmas Expresslogo , Lightinthebox promises that the order will arrive at your door before the Christmas Day, December, 25.

Lightinthebox Xmas Express

As we know, Light In The Box ships out orders by themselves, instead of letting any particular supplier or manufactuer arrange the shipments. I guess that is why Lightinthebox is so confident in delivering the international orders so fast–all of their Xmas Express promotional items must have already been in stock.

Christmas is right in the corner, but you still have chance to shop decent Christmas gifts for your families, friends or any others who you love and care about, even with a shy budget. Lightinthebox Christmas Express specials have so many items to choose from that you will definitely find what you want. From fashion cell phones, popular video game consoles, cool DVD players, to quality faucets, easy-to-use tattoo kits, fancy hair wigs, etc, all are being offered at very attractive prices available for the Christmas season only-up to 60% OFF!

Lightinthebox Xmas Express: 60% Off Shipping on Christmas gifts. Buy before Dec 17 and have your order delivered before Dec 25

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