Aug 01

Thanks to the fast development of Internet technology, now shopping directly with an online store far away from our locals becomes unprecedentedly easy and convenient. In particular, many store owners and individuals love to buy stuff from China-based online shopping sites such as, mainly attracted by the super low prices and the huge varieties of products to choose from. However, China is traditionally regarded as a lack-of-credibility shopping destination – when people decide to shop there, concerns for safety arise only naturally.

As a Chinese, I would like to re-emphasize that the majority of Chinese shopping sites are trustworthy, trying to earn decent revenues through and honest business. Nevertheless, I always encourage you to use extreme caution when looking for a reliable Chinese store to shop with, especially when you never bought anything there before. While general rules apply to all Chinese stores when it comes to safe online shopping, you may still figure out what are the major concerns about a specific store. That way you will be best protected from being scammed. This post will focus on talking about the most common concerns about and the tips on how to stay safe when using the site for shopping.

China Wholesale Site


Is a legit site?

Founded in 2004 by Diane, Wang, is similar to in terms of business model. Different from the store-type shopping websites such as or, and are transaction platforms for small and medium-sized merchants, providing services for both buyers and sellers. There you can trade with the registered sellers and the whole transaction process is under full inspection of the website. The payment you make for your order won’t go to the seller directly. Instead, it will be sent to the account of first and after you receive the goods and confirm everything is okay, they will release the payment to the seller on your behalf. In the case that a dispute happens between you and the seller, you can use their dispute system to protect yourself.

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Apr 30

DHgate Wholesale Best Gifts for Summer

The China wholesale website launched a selection of Best Gifts for this summer Season yesterday, all of which are great for any special day celebrated in the coming summer. Gifts selected for this offer enjoy either deep discounts or free shipping service and each of them is perfect for gifting someone. Whether you are a gifts reseller or a shopper looking for gifts for your family or friends, you can scan over DHgate’s promotional page for the best gifts to get some inspiration about what to sell or what to gift.

The selection of best gifts for the summer season on DHgate mainly includes dresses, baby gifts, hot accessories for health and beauty, cell phones and electronics. In particular, each dress there is offered with free shipping. And some of the gifts are priced with a great discount—some up to 83% off, e.g. the Ginee 888D cell phones, now only 76 USD per piece.

Other summer gifts with discounts:
Makeup Sets: 50% OFF
Lipstick: 30% OFF
Portable Steam Saunas: 20% OFF
MiLi Projector for iPhone iPod: 56% OFF
Avatar Cases for iPhone 3G: 77% OFF
Seidio Cases for iPhone:69% OFF
Lipstick MP3 Players: 20% OFF
Anti-Theft Devices: 40% OFF

Apr 25

As the summer season approaches, women’s sun hats become a particularly essential item to shop. As summer is coming soon, the sunlight is turning stronger. Nowadays, sun hats not only can help women escape from strong sunlight, especially ultraviolet, but also are regarded as one of the popular fashion accessories. Here come some new styles of women’s sun hats for your choice.

Women’s Cowboy Hats

Wholesale Cowboy Hats
Perhaps, cool girls will prefer cowboy hats. Known as fashionable, casual and practical, cowboy hats are never outdated. Girls with long hair or short hair will both look good on this style. Moreover, some cowboy hats, made with forage, are of very good permeability, which can bring cool feeling on hot days.
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Apr 16

A research about the connection between women’s psychology and high heels shows that women will wear high heels as long as 51 years in their whole life. High heels are thought to be a great addition to add some height to women’s legs and make them look slimmer and sexier—this can greatly increase women’s confidence. Naturally, for the sake of beauty, women’s obsession with high heels will not be weakened in any season.

From some fashion magazines and China wholesale websites such as DHgate, I learn that the up-to-the-minute styles of high heels have some new trends this year.

Heel Height

This year, high heels are designed into the higher and thinner ones, meanwhile, more delicate. It seems that more and more women sing high praise for super high heeled shoes which are as high as 4 or 5 inches. However,according to the analysis of some experts,the ideal heel height for most women is 2.5 inches. No matter how fabulous the super high heels are,heels that are too high may cause some foot diseases. Actually, doctors have suggested that women should wear high heels and low heels or flat shoes alternatively to keep foot healthy.

If you are searching a kind of high heels of comfort on, maybe you can try “tapered-heel shoes”. The upper part of the heel is wide,yet the bottom becomes thin gradually. Unlike super high heels, this style of heels is not very high. Wearing this style, women won’t feel it a sweat to walk around for a long time.

Diverse Styles of Heels

To choose a pair of fabulous high heels, women will consider not only the shape and fabric, but also the style of the heels. On account of the limit of technology and fabrics, the heels of early high heels can just be shaped as funnel, but nowadays, women have extensive choices of high heels of all styles which are the cutest you’ve even seen. For example, for the following gorgeous high heels available for wholesale on, I am much impressed by the exclusive quality and styles amazingly distinctive from the traditional ones,such as crystal heels, wedge heels, leopard grain heels, just for your selection.


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Apr 11

Now security and surveillance products have become a necessity for families all over the world as they become more and more affordable for average consumers. Attracted by the unbeatable prices, wholesalers or retailers from around the globe like to stock up security and surveillance devices from China.

Recently, the China-based wholesale website is offering a sale on a wide range of quality security and surveillance products. There you can find the latest high-tech security and surveillance gadgets like wireless IP cameras, spy car key DVRs, dome cameras with keyboard, door and window alarms, etc. Also, you will see a lot of interesting security items such as lipstick pepper spray, mini spy DVs, spy diving watches and more. All these great security and surveillance products are offered by DHgate suppliers at lower prices than those available before and after the promotion. Some are priced at a few dollars only. If you happen to be interested in buying wholesale security and surveillance products from the country, don’t miss the chance to save your cost.

For more China wholesale reviews, come back regularly to see the updates. Happy reading!

Apr 04

As the world’s biggest manufacturing base, China leads the world in wholesale business and some China wholesale marketplaces stand out with their special charm. Here I would like to introduce some of the most famous China wholesale websites one by one. If you happen to be interested in sourcing bulk items from China, read on to find if there’s something helpful for you.

As the world’s first transaction-based wholesale website, DHgate has been winning more and more applause from all over the world since its inception in 2004. It is all agreed that the innovative business model DHgate developed for wholesale trade is the most cost-effective solution to small and medium-sized businesses. The wholesale website does not charge any membership on its suppliers and buyers, but only charges a small sum of commission on each successful transaction (included in the item prices). By doing so, DHgate suppliers and buyers can reduce their cost to the minimum and do not have to take any risk of investing too much before getting any benefit.

Based in Beijing, DHgate was founded by an outstanding woman, Diane Wang, the previous CEO of, which had been acquired by a couple of years before she set up DHgate now boasts over 400,000 Chinese suppliers and 2.1 million global buyers and facilitates thousands of online transactions each day. It has a responsive customer service team to handle any pre-sales or after-sales issue for its buyers and suppliers 7 days a week. Also, the wholesale marketplace has built cooperative relationships with some famous shipping carriers like UPS and some world class standard of payment service providers like PayPal. For more information, read DHgate Reviews or visit

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