Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China

The bell rings, starts the wedding. The bride, the most beautiful lady, catches all the eyesight in the church by wearing an extraordinarily beautiful wedding dress.

As the one-stop wedding supplies shopping marketplaces, many wholesale wedding dresses websites offer a complete array of wedding dresses and wedding accessories for brides-to-be of different tastes. For example, Lightinthebox’s wedding dress collection spring 2010 may inspire a lady to get the right dress for her wedding. What’s more, buying wedding dresses from a wholesale website will save you big money as they are usually offered at low wholesale prices but with satisfactory customer service. I guess that’s why it has become an increasing tendency to get wedding dresses on the Internet and from a foreign country far away from us such as China.

Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com are two excellent China wholesale websites which provide wholesale wedding dresses from Chinese wholesalers, mostly Chinese wedding dress manufacturers. Hope the information about these wholesale companies can be some of help for you.

Lightinthebox Wholesale Wedding Dresses

Lightinthebox has been selling wedding dresses for years and is very famous for its premium quality but low priced wedding dresses among global buyers. The wholesale wedding dresses on Lightinthebox are sorted in terms of characters. Not only the bride, but also the bride’s maid-of-honors, flower girl and even the mother of the bride can easily find out dresses they will fancy. Meanwhile, a large number of groom wears and wedding accessories are being sold there. When you browse the wedding apparel section on Lighitnthebox, you will find it hard to resist the stunning wedding dresses there—they are just too gorgeous and lovely! In addition, the delivery time for a wedding dress order can be as short as 4 days only. Can you believe it? But it is true! You can check the shipping time information available on each item description page yourself.

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Milanoo Wholesale Wedding Dresses
As a new star in the China wholesale arena, Milanoo is also a renowned wholesale wedding dress wholesaler. It seems that the Chengdu based e-commerce website gets much support from the Sichuan government as it is reported that some officials of the province visit the company quite often. Like Lightinthebox, Milanoo sells different categories of items to global shoppers and wholesale wedding dresses are one of the biggest categories on the website. Compared with Lightinthebox, Milanoo features lower prices and free shipping when it comes to wholesale wedding dresses. Especially in its Daily Madness Deals, buyers are able to find some wedding dresses that are offered at an extremely low price, which is only available for the very day. For such deals, if you find what you are interested in, you should really act fast as the price will become much much higher after the day—occasionally some of them may last for a couple of days though.

However, so far, we haven’t got enough proofs that the wholesale wedding dresses available on Milanoo.com are as good quality as those on Lightinthebox.com So we assume that either of the following reasons may contribute to the unbelievable lower prices Milanoo offers: first, the wedding dresses offered for sale on Milanoo are equally high quality like those on other famous wholesale website and low pricing is just Milanoo’s marketing strategy to attract a larger customer base; second, the quality of the wedding dresses on Milanoo is inferior to that on Lightinthebox. If the first reason dominates, buyers should seize the rare opportunity and take the advantage as soon as possible. As we know, normally only a starter would sacrifice its profit and adopt a very low price strategy to enlarge its customer number. Such a promotional program usually lasts for a very limited time and after the website gathers enough customer resources, it will raise its price—after all, it needs to improve its revenue.
Wholesale Wedding Dresses by Milanoo.com

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In addition to the guaranteed quality, perfect sales operation, satisfactory customer service as well as diversified payment method options of these wholesale wedding dresses websites can give the brides a special shopping experience. Also, the amazing wedding dress purchased from such websites will make a bride shine in the wedding.

If you want to get more information about wedding dresses offered by the two wholesale websites, read Get Discounted Summer Wedding Dresses for 2010.


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