May 26

Get Discounted Summer Wedding Dresses for 2010

Summer is heating up and so are the summer weddings—for brides-to-be or wedding dress store owners, it is now right time to shop discounted summer wedding dresses for 2010. But where to get the deals? Of course, buying from a local store or marketplace of wedding dresses can be the safest option, but the price can be a big headache too. So if you can’t accept the prices your local wedding dress stores or marketplaces offer, you can consider purchasing an equally nice wedding dress direct from China.

It is said that most of the wedding dresses available in American and European countries or regions are sourced from China. We haven’t got any specific data to prove this saying but we do have great interest in the field of China wholesale wedding dresses. Currently, we focus on two wholesale websites for our research on the catalog of wedding dresses: Lightinthebox and Milanoo. We will publish a detailed report on the wedding dresses available on these two wholesale websites, but here we just want to direct you to their discount offers on summer wedding dresses for 2010.

Lightinthebox: Up to 50 Off a great collection of summer wedding dresses for 2010.
This great offer has just started and now some of the summer wedding dresses on sale are priced at $79.99 only. Lightinthebox is a veteran in selling wedding dresses and we tend to have more confidence in the quality of their wedding dresses. Besides, its category of wedding dresses is relatively bigger than its competitors so buyers can have more choices in terms of styles. But you gotta know that for most of the items on including the ongoing promotional summer wedding dresses, you need to pay shipping cost in addition to the item cost.

discounted summer wedding dresses for 2010 on Lightinthebox

Milanoo: Regular price low as $45.99 for summer wedding dresses for 2010
Honestly, we were not so familiar with Milanoo as we were with Lightinthebox. But this time our research on Milanoo’s summer wedding dresses for 2010 got us really shocked: Milanoo has an unbeatable price advantage. Can you believe that for just $45.99 you will be able to get a beautiful wedding dress? But on, it is the fact. And the amazing thing is, unlike Lightinthebox, Milanoo does not charge any shipping fee on its items including its wedding dresses. That is, the price you see on the price tag of the wedding dress is the final price you will need to pay. Isn’t it great? However, so far we are not sure whether the quality of the wedding dresses available on Milanoo is as good as that on Lightinthtebox. Anyway we will try our best to collect more reliable information to confirm this issue.
discounted summer wedding dresses for 2010 on Milanoo
Here for those who want to buy summer wedding dresses from Milanoo, we would also like to remind you: never miss Milanoo’s special promotional campaigned Daily Madness Deals (or Today’s Deals). There you will find deals offered at a price only available for that day. Wedding dresses are a regular promotional item in this program and sometimes you will find a much much lower price for the same wedding dress. So we would suggest that when shopping summer wedding dresses on Milanoo, check out its Daily Madness Deals first. If you can’t find the one you like, go to its wedding dresses category and sort the display results by ‘Price: lowest first’.

Hope you like the information about discounted summer wedding dresses for 2010. Happy shopping!

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