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No matter what is dressed, Chanel classic flap bag, Hermès scarf or Salvatore Ferragamo high heel can make a woman shine; Dunhill shoes and Ray-Ban sunglasses also have the power to change a man from boring to stylish. This is the magic of fashion accessories.

Decades before, fashion accessories were not regarded as the fashion stuff. Even the handbag and shoes, most of the designers would not like to pay more attention to them. However, in recent years, fashion accessories have become more and more popular and essential. As a result, now countless fashion accessories productions are sold every year in the market, which also makes people hard to select the suitable one. Especially if you are a fashion accessories retailer o wholesaler, where to source the wholesale fashion accessories to fill in your inventory? Here I would like to recommend some China-based wholesale websites: Milanoo.com, Lightinthebox.com and Vankle.com.

Milanoo Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Milanoo is a professional wholesale marketplace of a wide range of wholesale items including wholesale fashion accessories. If you want to pick some fashion accessories to dress up yourself with your stylish clothes, Milanoo.com will be competent as your shopping guide to finding the great and cheap fashion accessories. On Milanoo.com, the wholesale fashion accessories are divided into several sub-categories: fashion shoes, handbags, wigs and wedding accessories. Each of the subcategories is further classified into more detailed categories so that customers can easily locate the fashion accessories they want.

Fashionable Shoes on Milanoo

The major wholesale fashion accessories on Milanoo.com are China brand shoes and various bags and handbags. The products in its fashion shoes group are high quality and also feature high cost-effectiveness. On Milanoo.com, handbags are classified by usage and style. In its “Handbags” category, items like tote bags, satchel bags, shoulder bags, hobo handbags, etc. are diversified, which can fulfill many kinds of customers’ needs. Milanoo’s fashion shoes frequently appear in its Daily Madness Sale zone, where promotional items with exclusively deep discounts are updated on a daily base.

Wholesale Handbags on Milanoo

Lightinthebox Wholesale Fashion Accessories

If you are an old read here, you must be quite familiar with Light In The Box as we all like the great China wholesale website so much that we have contributed the biggest number of articles to review its products and services. Again, I have to say that Lightinthebox definitely stands out in terms of the variety of wholesale fashion accessories, though the prices it offers may not be so attractive as those offered by Milanoo or Vankle. On Lightinthebox.com, wholesale fashion accessories mainly include scarves, gloves, hats, ties, belt buckles, handbags, jewelry, wedding accessories, hair accessories, socks & hosiery and eyeglasses.

I don’t think it possible to describe the features about Lightinthebox’s fashion accessories one by one here. Just visit its Apparel Accessories category and take a look yourself. Don’t worry, they are neatly classified and you won’t be lost there.

Wholesale Handbags on Lightinthebox.com

Wholesle Jewelry on Lightinthebox

Vankle Wholesale Fashion Accessories

And finally, let’s talk about Vankle’s wholesale fashion accessories. Compared with the above mentioned wholesale websites, the fashion accessories available on Vankle.com are a little bit limited in quantity. But there we do see a selection of fashion accessories ranging from shoes, jewelry, handbags, ties, belts to sunglasses, hats and socks & hosiery. Why I recommend this wholesaler for fashion accessories? I must say, it is the much, much, much low prices it offers that drives me to introduce to you guys the rising wholesale star Vankle.com.  Just give it a try!

Wholesale Fashion Accessories on Vankle

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