Dec 21

Days ago, one of my readers e-mailed me and left a comment about her strange experience with, from which she believes that the site is a fraud. As she claimed, her order was cancelled the next day and she received a message from the Aliexpress Order Verification Team, requiring her to provide the following information:

  1. A copy of the business license or ID card
  2. A photocopy of the front-side of the card
  3. A copy of the card bank statement

She has tried to contact the Aliexpress service people to question the reasons for requiring the private information. Unfortunately she fails to reach anyone from the site.


Here is my reply to her comment regarding the issue left at my blog:


Hi XXX (name omitted to protect our reader’s private information),

As a third-party review site, we like you don’t exactly know why had asked you for the private information you mentioned about. From our own personal experience, we guess your order might have been detected as “abnormal” and they might be doing so to confirm on the ownership of the card and in order to avoid credit card fraud.

My husband has encountered similar situations with Paypal and a hosting service provider, both of which are based in the United States. His accounts were detected as “abnormal” and the companies asked him to provide the same information in order to unlock his accounts. Out of trust in the world renowned companies, he submitted the required information and got his accounts unlocked finally.

I understand that when you do not trust an international shopping site, it is very necessary to use extreme caution. Besides, I agree with you that the site should provide a way for users who have doubts for the requirement to ask questions and to confirm on the safety. Unfortunately gives users a really bad experience in this respect. If any Aliexpress people can see this comment, tell the customer service department to improve the service!

However, as a Chinese who has the ambition to introduce to the world the best China-based online shopping websites, I don’t agree that the site is a fraud. My reasons:

  • Aliexpress is the most famous international transaction website for small and medium-sized businesses in China, especially among the Chinese suppliers;
  • The site does belong to, the world top e-commerce website;
  • I personally have some honest and hard-working friends and old colleagues currently working for the site. I don’t believe people with such integrity would join a fraud site, which may destroy their career prospect.

I know Aliexpress has many negative or bad reviews, which can be found everywhere on the internet. As a person having worked for a site similar to, it is nothing strange to me. If you want to shop with a Chinese site with less negative reviews, you are encouraged to choose the online suppliers like or instead of an online transaction platform like The former type of shopping sites is responsible for everything related to a transaction, from pre-sales service to after-sales service. And they themselves verify the quality of the products as they have their own warehouses. Once a dispute occurs, they are able to solve your problem in a much more efficient way. Different from such sites, has to side with either seller or buyer when a dispute happens. As a result the other side is always unhappy, you know.

Thank you for trusting us by emailing us and leaving comments here about your story with It is my shame that I can’t answer your questions. Anyway, now I am very concerned about the case and will do some research on this topic to uncover the facts in case more readers are bothered by the same situation.

Best regards,


Dec 16

China Retail Marketplace brand shopping site
On November 11, 2011, the daily turnover of Taobaoshangcheng ( reached 5.2 billion RMB (about 0.8 billion USD);

On December 12, 2011, the daily turnover of reached 4.38 billion RMB (about 0.69 billion USD).

Taobao, the biggest domestic retail online marketplace in China, hits the world with the two miracles.

Since 1993, November 11 (1111) has been observed as Singles’ Day among Chinese young people to celebrate singlehood. In recent years, the Chinese culture holiday has been getting more social attention and become a great event for promotions. Now the Singles Day in China is often compared to the Black Friday in the United States. This year, Taobao made the holiday a hilarious shopping spree by offering 50% off products available at its brand channel As it is reported, on the Singles’ Day, because too many shoppers surfed the online store to snap deals, the Taobao site almost collapsed. At the same time, the site’s huge turnover on that day enables the world to re-recognize the powerful consumption capacity of the Chinese.

Soon Taobao launched another crazy sale on December 12 (1212) and invited some of the merchants to join the one-of-the-year promotional activity. Again, Taobao achieved another breathtaking daily turnover, which further proved the enormous purchasing power of Chinese people. This time, the promotion covered the most wanted items for one’s daily life, including women’s apparel, home and garden products, consumer electronics, computers and laptops, communications products, men’s apparel, baby and kids, shoes, cosmetics, intimate apparel, movie tickets and more.


Belonging to Alibaba Group, is the most popular online retail shopping website across China. There you can find a huge number of sellers or stores offering various products at different prices. Transactions made through the platform are protected by the AliPay payment service provided by Taobao. In particular, is the brand shopping centre with certified brand sellers only. For instance, Lightinthebox has a domestic wedding apparel store at The site targets the Chinese domestic market only and basically focuses on retail business, while its sister site targets the international market and specializes in small and medium-sized wholesale business.

Dec 09

If you are a regular shopper of, you may have noticed that almost every category has a list of top sellers listed on the left navigation. These AliExpress top sellers are verified by and rated basically in terms of positive feedback percentage, seller tier, sale volume, customer service and more. As such suppliers have a proven record of good reputation, trading with them is generally more hassle-free.

Based on my findings, the AliExpress Top Sellers have a positive customer feedback percentage as high as 100% — so far 93% seems to be the lowest standard among such suppliers. In addition, the top sellers usually have a much higher orders completed rate as well as a much bigger feedback quantity over the past 6 months.

AliExpress Top Sellers

You can check out the details of the top-rated suppliers by visiting their stores. In the store homepage of each store, you can find the product listing, top-selling products, feedback score, TrustPass Profile, About Us and Contact Details of the seller at the top navigation. Below is the list of featured products the seller offers, most of which are on-sale products or best-selling products.

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Apr 28

AliExpress Premier Zone

On April 25, 2011, as a part of the AliExpress 1-year anniversary celebration, the new section AliExpress Premier was officially launched. Here are the major features of the AliExpress Premier:

  • All suppliers there are licensed so you can be 100% confident in trading with them.
  • All products offered on Premier are genuine name brand items. If you find a fake, you can get 3x your money back. It’s guaranteed!
  • All orders will be shipped within 24 hours of the confirmation of your payment.
  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the item you purchased, you can return the shipment without covering the shipping fee.

As is a transaction platform for small wholesale orders connecting various suppliers and buyers, it may take some time to filter out reliable or dependable suppliers there. The AliExpress Premier channel may help you save the time. All suppliers there are selected and verified carefully by a professional team of AliExpress. They have a proven record of doing honest business with buyers from all over the world. Besides, these suppliers provide good quality items as well as satisfactory services and have earned a high reputation among their customers.

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Apr 24

The long-expected AliExpress 1st Anniversary Sale finally started! From April 24 to April 30 (GMT -7), 2011, buyers can enjoy huge discounts and exclusive benefits from the following promotions or campaigns:

1. Gaga Deals: Up to 80% Off

During the AliExpress 1st Anniversary Sale period, the wholesale platform offers up to 80% off a selection of items each day. The on-sale items are limited in quantity and available for 8-hours only so buyers need to hurry to grab the deals!
AliExpress Gaga Deals

Please note that you need to make the payment for the deal you’ve grabbed from the Gaga Deals within 24 hours of placing the order. Otherwise, the order will be automatically cancelled.

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Apr 20

When you visit the Wholesale Women’s Dresses category at AliExpress, I guess you may be wowed by the large quantity of dresses for sale there: over 300,000 items! Yes, you can’t find such a huge selection of women’s dresses anywhere else. As the biggest wholesale transaction platform for small orders, AliExpress has thousands of verified Chinese suppliers who offer various kinds of women’s dresses at different prices on the site. That’s why the company has many styles in women’s dresses to choose from. As a result, it’s more likely to find best priced women’s dresses there thanks to the intense competition among so many sellers.

Wholesale Women's Dresses on AliExpress

Different from and, AliExpress is not a supplier selling products to global buyers with its own warehouse. Instead, it’s a safe trading platform connecting the world’s biggest numbers of suppliers and buyers. By providing escrow payment protection service, AliExpress inspects the whole transaction process between sellers and buyers to ensure customers’ peace of mind when trading with foreign suppliers.

The cheap wholesale women’s dresses on AliExpress are sorted into 6 categories: evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, casual dresses, career dresses and other dresses. As AliExpress has an exclusive channel for wedding supplies, wedding dresses are not included in its Wholesale Women’s Dresses category.

Shopping for women’s dresses has pros and cons. On the one hand, with so many dresses and suppliers to choose from, you are more likely to find your desired styles and buy them at ideal prices. On the other hand, you may have to spend more time and energy to negotiate with different suppliers, in order to find the most reliable business partners who may supply you with the best priced items on a long-term base. Anyway, the best way to test the water is to place some sample orders with suppliers you have an interest in before you make big deals with them.

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