Dec 21

Days ago, one of my readers e-mailed me and left a comment about her strange experience with, from which she believes that the site is a fraud. As she claimed, her order was cancelled the next day and she received a message from the Aliexpress Order Verification Team, requiring her to provide the following information:

  1. A copy of the business license or ID card
  2. A photocopy of the front-side of the card
  3. A copy of the card bank statement

She has tried to contact the Aliexpress service people to question the reasons for requiring the private information. Unfortunately she fails to reach anyone from the site.


Here is my reply to her comment regarding the issue left at my blog:


Hi XXX (name omitted to protect our reader’s private information),

As a third-party review site, we like you don’t exactly know why had asked you for the private information you mentioned about. From our own personal experience, we guess your order might have been detected as “abnormal” and they might be doing so to confirm on the ownership of the card and in order to avoid credit card fraud.

My husband has encountered similar situations with Paypal and a hosting service provider, both of which are based in the United States. His accounts were detected as “abnormal” and the companies asked him to provide the same information in order to unlock his accounts. Out of trust in the world renowned companies, he submitted the required information and got his accounts unlocked finally.

I understand that when you do not trust an international shopping site, it is very necessary to use extreme caution. Besides, I agree with you that the site should provide a way for users who have doubts for the requirement to ask questions and to confirm on the safety. Unfortunately gives users a really bad experience in this respect. If any Aliexpress people can see this comment, tell the customer service department to improve the service!

However, as a Chinese who has the ambition to introduce to the world the best China-based online shopping websites, I don’t agree that the site is a fraud. My reasons:

  • Aliexpress is the most famous international transaction website for small and medium-sized businesses in China, especially among the Chinese suppliers;
  • The site does belong to, the world top e-commerce website;
  • I personally have some honest and hard-working friends and old colleagues currently working for the site. I don’t believe people with such integrity would join a fraud site, which may destroy their career prospect.

I know Aliexpress has many negative or bad reviews, which can be found everywhere on the internet. As a person having worked for a site similar to, it is nothing strange to me. If you want to shop with a Chinese site with less negative reviews, you are encouraged to choose the online suppliers like or instead of an online transaction platform like The former type of shopping sites is responsible for everything related to a transaction, from pre-sales service to after-sales service. And they themselves verify the quality of the products as they have their own warehouses. Once a dispute occurs, they are able to solve your problem in a much more efficient way. Different from such sites, has to side with either seller or buyer when a dispute happens. As a result the other side is always unhappy, you know.

Thank you for trusting us by emailing us and leaving comments here about your story with It is my shame that I can’t answer your questions. Anyway, now I am very concerned about the case and will do some research on this topic to uncover the facts in case more readers are bothered by the same situation.

Best regards,


2 Responses to “Reply to Readers: Is a Fraud?”

  1. victoria says:

    Aliexpress is a definite scam. I just got 230.00 stolen when i purchased and returned a horrible wig. The vendor used my account to write a fraudulent review and picture then stopped emailing me. The company was “Top Fashion hair Co” and Grace its the seller. I will never buy from this site again and i tell everyone I know, about these scammers. The customer service chat online doesn’t do anything but say they will let their “tallest leader” know. This is the worst site ever, do not waste your time or money!!!!

  2. vides says:

    AliExpress (Alibaba) shall fatal practice for clients / consumers “nice and cheap and minimum guarantee, absolutely no quality.” The system of consumer protection are some funny game in writing complaints in which the consumer is an intruder. Administration “Alibaba” is not effective surveillance system quality goods sold here. There are no guarantees and there is no system to punish fraudulent practices pseudo sellers. I bought almost a year ago, a few things to my motorcycle. Every thing contained any manufacturing defects which, in practice, there is a danger. I bought my mirror chrome motorcycle from a Chinese seller: “Luis YT Motor Co.Ltd” in May 2014 year ( order No 62027987580191 ) .From sience about 7 months systematically peeling chrome from surfaces . Seller “Luis” replied laconically that guarantees is only for 7 days and/or sometimes three months !!!!!! The scandal, scandal and again SCANDAL !!! Although I wanted to just replace the mirrors on other free from defects (I sent some photos overlooking flaws) – a lack of response of the Chinese seller. Consumer protection system is a deception, crap, and only the logo. They just posted a letter (the same to me and to the seller’s) they asked about frendly solution this matter……… Who today is the most important: the customer with cash and satisfaction or bad salesman / cheat (with a bad reputation) and without customers ?? !!
    AliExpress ( Alibaba) stosuje fatalną praktykę dla klientów / konsumentów : ” miło i tanio oraz minimum gwarancji , absolutnie bez jakości” . System ochrony konsumenta to jakaś śmieszna gra w pisanie żażaleń w której konsument jest intruzem . Administracja “Alibaba” ma nieskuteczny system nadzorowania jakości dóbr sprzedawanych tutaj . Brak gwarancji i brak systemu karania oszukańczych praktyk pseudo sprzedawców szczególnie tych z Chin i Hong – Kong . Ja kupiłem blisko rok temu kilka rzeczy do mojego motocykla. Każda rzecz zawierała jakieś wady produkcyjne które w praktyce stwarzają niebezpieczeństwo podczas jazdy . Między inymi kupiłem lusterka chromowane do mojego motocykla od chińskiego sprzedawcy : “Luis YT Motor Co.Ltd ” w maju 2014 roku. Po około 7 miesiącach chrom systematycznie zaczął łuszczyć się na powierzchni . Sprzedawca “Luis” lakonicznie odpisał że daje gwarancję tylko 7 dni a czasami 3 miesiące!!!!!! SKANDAL , SKANDAL i jeszcze raz SKANDAL!!! Pomimo że ja chciałem tylko wymienić te lusterka na inne wolne od wad (wysłałem kilka zdjęc z widokiem wad ) – brak odpowiedzi chińskiego sprzedawcy . System protekcji konsumenta to oszukaństwo , bzdura i tylko logo . Oni napisali tylko list ( ten sam do mnie i do sprzedającego ) z prośbą / informacją do polubownej ugody………Kto w dzisiejszych czasach jest najważniejszy : klient z pieniędzmi i satysfakcją , czy marny sprzedawca / oszukaniec ( ze złą reputacją) i bez klientów??!!

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