Jun 29

In China, there are many shopping sites that sell women’s apparel. Most of these sites also offer women’s swimwear. Particularly, some of them focus on swimming apparel, such as Cupshe. Anyway, plenty of the same swimwear is available at different sites. Once you see a swimsuit at a site, it is easy to find it at another site. The women’s swimsuits offered by the online stores are all very cheap. They are generally priced at between $5 and $20. Below lists 10 relatively reliable Chinese shopping sites for cheap swimwear.

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Aug 23

Based in China, Catwalk88.com is an international fashion brand created by Mike Mikkelborg, who had worked as an advanced officer for a number of well-known European fashion companies for two decades before he started his own business. By locating its head offices in China, the company is able to minimize the cost so that its customers can enjoy the top designed fashion products at easily affordable prices.

Simple Elegant Dresses by Top Chinese Fashion Brand

Simplicity is the key theme of the clothing offered by Catwalk88.com. From apparel like tops, bottoms or dresses to fashion accessories like shoes, bags, sunglasses or jewelry, Catwalk88 has a range of refreshing styles defined by simple beauty and elegance. Nothing is over-the-top or hilariously eye-catching. Instead, every piece of fashionable products there looks so quietly decent that every low-key fashionistas would be instantly, fascinated. Besides, even the least fashion conscious women could be attempted to try on the style as they seem to fit all body types. I personally love this kind of designs as it save me a lot of time finding the right fitting clothes or fashion accessories.

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Aug 17

Just as its name indicates, Baginc.com is a shopping destination for all kinds of bags. If you are looking for fashionable handbags, purses, wallets, shoulder bags, totes, clutches, evening bags, top handle bags, cross-body bags or messengers, satchels or backpacks, you will find tons of styles to choose from there.

Skull Knuckle Box Clutch

The bags available at Baginc.com are designed based on the latest trends dominating the high streets. Note that they are not genuine designer handbags for which we need to pay thousands of dollars or even more. They are technically copies of the name brand bags though the store might have kept the infringement problems within the gray area by adding some variations. Anyway, don’t be naïve to believe that they are designer bags. As always, when we see something too good to be true, they are probably not true. All bags do not have any logos and with some minor differences, they are actually not exactly the same as the original ones.

From my personal angle, the Baginc.com site should be particularly suitable for those who love high-end handbags with superior designs and great quality but don’t think it necessary to invest such big money in a luxury designer bag. Most of the trendy bags for sale at the site are priced at between $30 and $200. Plus, they offer free shipping for orders of $99.

They claim that the images of the products there are all shot based on the actual finished products. From the pictures, it seems the fabrics used are quite good. Generally, we can instantly tell whether the quality is good or not from the looks though misconception may occur. To test the actual quality of the bags, you might need to buy one and check every detail in person.

Though retail business is their major revenue earner, they also take care of wholesale orders and you can get lower prices for bulk orders. Besides, they also provide drop-shipping service. Click here to learn more details.

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Aug 13

When I discovered the Chinese international online fashion store Zlz.com, I was instantly shocked by the three-letter-only domain name. Based on my experience, it is not easy to get such a short domain name for an online store unless they are very powerful in terms of investment capital.

I did more research on the company out of curiosity and found something that might interest those who want to shop there. Zlz.com was registered in 2000 while updated in January, 2013. Its current owner is a Chinese who leaves a US contact address though. This may mean the store purchased the domain name earlier this year for their online business, which also implies that the store should be quite young in terms of years of establishment.

Zlz Clothing at Cheap Prices

It is nothing surprising to me as I am witnessing tons of new China-based online stores coming up to grab the market share every year. Besides, new stores may have some exclusive advantages to benefit customers as long as they are legitimate and really want to expand their business. For instance, they tend to offer worldwide free shipping and lower prices. When they grow up and become a widely known online shop, they might no longer provide free shipping service and will also raise the prices. Milanoo.com, another well-known online boutique like Zlz.com, is a typical example of this kind.

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Aug 04

Honestly, I had never heard of Maykool.com until I discovered the site in a third-party customer review forum last week. It was the amazing range of fashion products that aroused my interest into digging out some useful information about them just in case some individual fashion shoppers might want to buy things there.

Safety & Scam

After a quick tour to scanning the key sections of the shopping website, I got an impression that it should be run by some individual businessman or businesswoman who had worked for an export company for years before he/she decided to start his/her own business. I guess the team should be quite small – probably only 20 around employees.

Based on the Whois domain name registration record, the name Maykool.com was created in September, 2012, which implies that this site itself is still very young. Anyway, I am not sure whether the site owner was using another domain name to do the online business before adopting Maykool.com.
Maykool Alexa Global Ranking
The Alexa website analysis shows that the site is ranked around 170, 000 globally. Based on my estimate, it should host 2,000 to 3000 visits each day. The traffic is not impressive at all compared to big shopping sites like Lightinthebox.com (read review). However, it at least proves that every day the site is visited by quite a number of visitors and chances are rare that it is a phishing site or any other types of illegal sites.

China Fashion Dresses at Maykool.comWhen I tried to use terms like “Maykool scams”, “Maykool negative reviews” or “Maykool complaints” to search Google to confirm the credibility of the website, I got few results. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that it is too perfect to be reviewed negatively against. I am more inclined to believe that the major reason for such phenomenon is because the users of the website are still very limited in terms of quantity.

Then I tried other keywords such as “Maykool” and “Maykool reviews” and this time I got closely related results, which are all positive or neutral. It seems the site is trying to make use of all kinds of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to enlarge their customer base. Such marketing efforts convince me that Maykool.com is led by someone quite familiar with the cross-border online trading industry and sensitive to the latest e-commerce marketing approaches.

Product Range

The site is all about women’s fashion, including dresses, swimsuits, shoes, clubwear, skirts, T-shirts, shirts & blouses, vests & basics, outerwear, sweaters, shorts & rompers, pants, lingerie and hosiery. Most of the fashionable pieces are for meant to create daily looks instead of special occasion looks. If you are looking for evening dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses or other formal dresses, it is not the place; but if you are seeking affordable stylish outfits for common occasions, it may deserve a look.

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Jul 29

In the Chinese online fashion foreign trading industry, Sammydress.com is not as famous as the big players like Lightinthebox.com or Aliexpress.com. However, it is also true that this Chinese store has a significant customer base which is growing constantly these years. Just in case more buyers are interested in trading with this site and want to confirm whether it is legitimate or not, I decide to give a detailed review of Sammydress.com.

Under 10USD Summer Dresses Deals

Before you read ahead, please note that all the information provided below is based on my personal research and just for your reference only. If it contains any errors, please contact me or leave your comment at the end of the post.

Sammydress Scam

Just as we decide to start shopping with any Chinese online store, the first and foremost question is: Is Sammydress.com a legit company or a scam? I don’t mean to convince you that there is no problem with the legitimacy of Sammydress.com but based on my knowledge, the site does exists with an official business license and has been serving buyers from all over the world for years. Most negative reviews claiming Sammydress is a scam point to the product quality or service standards of the site instead of the level of shopping safety.

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