May 14

Doogee is a Chinese mobile phone brand created in March, 2013. As the third biggest self-owned brand of Shenzhen KVD Communication Equipment International Group Limited, Doogee quickly built its name on the global mobile market through online trading channels such as In only half a year, the Chinese brand has seized a significant share of the whole China export volume of cell phones and now it is definitely one of the most widely sought-after Chinese cell phone brands among international consumers.

Doogee DG2014 Android Smartphone at Banggood

Doogee DG2014 at Banggood

Since its inception, Doogee has released a number of models empowered by different standards of features to suit the various needs of users. Currently, the top-rated Android Doogee cell phones include DG650S, DG800, DG550, DG500C, DG350, DG2014 and more. The major differences among the various Doogee smartphones lie in the size of the touch screen, the pixels of the display, the thickness of the body, the CPU standard, the internal storage volume as well as the extended storage limit and the battery volume. Accordingly, the prices differ from each other with different specifications. So when you select a Doogee smartphone, do remember to check out whether the main features of a certain model fits your needs, not just considering the pricing.

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Apr 09

ZTE is one of the most famous Chinese brands of mobile phones. It is generally recognized as a typical representative of premium Chinese national manufacturer or supplier of made-in-China quality products. In the Chinese domestic market, the brand has built extensive co-operative relationships with various reputable mobile service providers such as China Telecom.

ZTE Nubia Z5S smartphone
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Nubia is an elite mobile phone brand belonging to ZTE, mainly targeting high-end cell phone users. Nubia Z5S, in particular, is getting sharply popular among the Chinese as well as the global buyers recently, simply because people noticed that Liyuan, Peng, the first lady of China, had used this made-in-China model to shoot photos during her official German trip with her husband, China’s national chairman.

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Apr 03

While is extensively recognized as a store specialized in women’s fashion and accessories, it is also a super big supplier of the latest made-in-China electronic gadgets. In particular, tablet PCs are one of its most popular categories, alongside with its Wedding & Events and Home & Garden categories. The following 7-inch Android 4.1.1 tablet PC designed for children, for example, is one of the top rated products under the Tablets category.

7 Inch Android 4.1.1 Tablet PC for Children

The key features of this lovely model include:

  • With a 7-inch multi-touch, capacitive screen, it is easy for children to use.
  • It runs an advanced Android (4.1.1) system, which allows users to download the latest apps as much as they can.
  • The 800×480 screen resolution makes the display effect of the gadget amazingly clear.
  • It can work as long as 5 hours after a full charging.
  • The dual-camera (0.3MP back camera, 0.3MP front camera) feature is particularly practical for children who love to take photos.
  • With Wi-Fi connection, the device can be used to surf the internet easily – it is not simply a gadget for playing game.
  • It is empowered with 4GB hard drive and supports extend 32GB card.
  • It supports many languages. To check if it supports your language and other details, please see the list of its specifications here.

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Nov 10

When I watched the product video of the LED light water dancing speaker at, I was instantly attracted. I believe it could be a hot-selling product and very suitable for re-selling. At the same time, it is a nice gadget for individual consumers, especially those who have little kids. Now the Christmas season is coming around the corner, I strongly recommend that you put it into your Christmas gift plan for your family or friends — every receiver would love this amazing gift!

LED Water Dancing Speakers

Let’s see the major features of the water dancing speaker with LED lighting. With a built-in fountain stored in a transparent box, the speaker is particularly designed for sounds breaking prevents. When the speaker plays music, the water would dance up and down according to rhythm of the music, with flashing LED lighting effects, looking very interesting especially in the dark. Based on real customer reviews, some babies or little kids are extremely fascinated by the astonishing effects. For how the speaker really works, you can visit the product page here and watch the video.

Every detail of the LED water dancing speaker is clearly showcased on the product page as well as in the video. It is easy to use, just like the common speakers for computers, laptops, cell phones or any other music players. It has right and left set 3.5mm plug audio cable and USB cable to for power supplying. After you connect the pair of speakers to the music playing device, they will then be ready to work. As soon as the music comes out, the water begins to dance rhythmically. I just can’t use words to describe how lovely the gadget is. The video will be a better option if you want to see the exact function of the speaker.

By the way, note that the LED water speaker is available in $26.99 per pair (not per piece) at If you order 3 pairs or more in a single order, you will enjoy even better wholesale prices, which are clearly displayed there.

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Sep 30

If you are looking for a case that is not just to protect your iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S from scratches but also to showcase you unique taste, a novelty iPhone 5 case is a must-have. Among the countless China-bases online international stores, you can find such products easily and more importantly, all of the cases are for sale at can’t be lower supplier prices. You know, the majority of mobile gadget cases available at your local stores come from China, the world’s biggest manufacturing hub of electronics and accessories.

Below I’d like to introduce the best creatively looking iPhone 5 protective cases offered by trusted Chinese stores. I handpicked the styles simply based on my personal taste. So you can just take them for reference and check out the whole catalogs of iPhone 5 cases carried by these shopping sites or other sites mentioned in another post: Stylish Cases for iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S for Sale Online at Cheap Prices.

1. Retro Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 5 ($1.55, free shipping)

Retro Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 5

I love so much this cassette-shaped protective case for iPhone 5! Made of silicone, it is available in 9 colors (beige, black, blue, green, orange, purple, translucent white, white and yellow) at, a Hong Kong based online shop best known for good quality made-in-China Apple accessories. Currently the case is on sale at $1.55 only plus free shipping. See details here >>

2. Special Design Knuckle Case with Stand for iPhone 5/5S ($4.99, free expedited shipping on orders of $30)

Special Design Knuckle Case with Stand for iPhone 5/5S

The knuckle design is the very spotlight of this iPhone 5/5S polycarbonate case. It is not just protecting the mobile gadget from any hurts but also used as a stand to support the gadget. With the double functions, the price for it can’t be more reasonable. The case is offered by, a subsidiary shopping site of NYSE listed Chinese online retailer See details here >>

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Sep 22

While world top mobile brands like Apple or Samsung are all the rage these years, made-in-China mobile phones are also being widely sought-after, winning the market share by advanced features and cost-effective prices. Every year countless merchants and individuals from all over the globe buy cheap cell phones from online Chinese suppliers directly. You know, the e-commerce technology has made international online shopping unprecedentedly easy and fast.

Huawei IP57 Android 4.2 Smartphone

Be fair, even the top China cell phones can’t beat the big names in terms of performance but they are always in high demands around the world. Then why so many people buy China cell phones? The answer is simple: cell phones made in China are cheapest at price but equally rich in features. The up-to-date specifications like touch screen, WiFi, TV, dual-SIM, dual standby, 4-core CPU, transparent keyboard, quad-band etc can be easily found in the best China branded cell phones.

As a huge cell phone manufacturing base, China is no doubt the best cell phone sourcing marketplace. Seriously, when you get deeper into the China cell phone market, you will be often surprised by how awesome the cell phones are. Whether you are looking for wholesale  China cell phones or just want to buy cheap made-in-China smartphones for personal needs, the Chinese international online market is a good choice. Below is a list of the top 10 China cell phone brands based on the catalogs carried by the most popular China-based online stores of electronics or more specifically of mobile phones:

  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • Cubot
  • Zopo
  • Jiayu
  • Zte
  • Acer
  • Doogee
  • ThL

Of course, there are lots of other Chinese brands in smartphones to choose from, though their popularity may not be so widespread compared to the above ones, e.g. Freelander, Triton Note, Amoi, Apanda, Feiteng, Snowstorm, Star, Neken, iNew, FAEA, etc. Given so many great Chinese local brands in cell phones, I personally really won’t encourage you to go for iPhone clones like Sciphone. By spending the same money, you can get an equally good cell phone which won’t get you trapped in any legal problems. So why bother getting a replica phone? In practice, we can find a number of amazing Chinese cell phones without a brand. With the same good features and performance, such phones are even better than the clones, don’t you think so? At, for instance, a few non-branded cell phone models are extremely hot-selling, overwhelmed by good customer reviews. The following 4.0-inch S8190 Android 4.2 touch screen cell phone has been among the bestsellers in the cell phone category at the site for quite a long time. It is now available at only $63.32 after 33% off. Read more »