iPhone 3GS Review – It Opens a Whole New World for You

When you are in search of a functional and trendy cell phones, iPhone 3GS must be a good choice. As one of the world’s leading cell phone brands, iPhone 3GS comes with its own unique charm. It combines three big powerful functions in one:a revolutionary mobile phone, a touchable wide-screen cell phone and a breakthrough Internet device .

iPhone 3GS is the newest model of Apple iPhone series, which features a 3.5 inch multi-touch screen, up to two times running speed than iPhone 3G, supports camera, MP3 and MP4 players, Bluetooth,digital compass, and other multimedia functions.

In addition to the performance of the cell phone, the first and foremost thing that customers concern about is its price. Some of my friends really like iPhone 3GS, but are often turned down by its high price. I guess that is why iPhone 3GS clones are so widely sought-after. These iPhone 3GS clones can never outshine the real iPhone 3GS in terms of quality, but we gotta admit that their great features especially their low prices are really attractive to users. Continue reading iPhone 3GS Review – It Opens a Whole New World for You

BestOfferBuy Review: Facts You Must Know about BestOfferBuy.com

China Wholesale Shopping Website BestOfferBuy.com

Based in China, BestOfferBuy is a Singapore online shopping company mainly offering all kinds of electronics and accessories. The China wholesale shopping website has been serving global customers since 2003 and has built a remarkable customer base around.

Is shopping at BestOfferBuy.com legitimate and safe?

Safe Shopping at BestOfferBuy

Boasting of more than 60,000 products and over half a million customers, BestOfferBuy.com is a proven legitimate company which enjoys a good reputation on the global market. Shopping at BestOfferBuy.com is safe – the site is verified by McAFee Secure and VeriSign on a daily base so you don’t have to worry that you may pay your money on a phishing site or your private information may be exposed by an illegal party. For first-time purchasers, if you are still not confident enough shopping with the wholesale website, you are encouraged to choose PayPal as your payment method. You know, being an authoritative and reliable payment service provider, PayPal provides protection for buyers. In the case you feel you are cheated by a dishonest seller, you can get your money back by claiming to PayPal.

What are the main products BestOfferBuy sells?

Main Product Lines at BestOfferBuy

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Decorative HD Spy Camera Clocks for Home or Office

A stylish clock can not only tell us the time, but also decorate our home or office. On ChinaVasion.com, we happen to find the following decorative HD spy camera clock. After taking a thorough look at its specifications, we thought it might be a great item for both re-sellers and end consumers.

Decorative HD Spy Camera Clocks

As the decorative HD spy camera clock features a fashionable look and is priced at about $38 or even lower for wholesale orders, re-sellers can get high margins with the item. For individual shoppers, isn’t it great to get a lovely clock at such a low wholesale price? Though ChinaVasion is a wholesale electronic website, retail orders are generally accepted too. Of course, the China based online wholesale shopping website offers discounts of various levels based on order quantities. The more you order, the deeper discount you will get from them. For example, if you buy just one piece of the HD spy camera clock, you may have to pay a little more. But you will definitely get a very competitive wholesale price, even for a single-piece order.

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DavisMicro Cell Phones Review: Two Classic Styles of DavisMicro Cell Phones

Two Classic Styles of DavisMicro Cell Phones

It can be concluded that easy-to-use and multi-functional are the two main features of DavisMicro cell phones as a whole. Besides, DavisMicro obviously takes advantage of its reasonable wholesale price and kind service, winning more and more cell phone buyers and its market share in the sphere of China wholesale cell phones is getting bigger and bigger.

For youngsters, their permanent pursuit for cell phone is more than a cell phone—what they want is high speed, strong functions, abundant entertainments, slim shape and so on. This segment of users may be impressed deeply by the following two kinds of new cell phones now available on DavisMicro.com.

WiFi Cell Phones

WiFi is a wireless technology that can provide high speed network connectivity. Compared with the Bluetooth technology, WiFi covers larger regions and provides higher speed of connectivity. Therefore, nowadays WiFi cell phones become the new trend in the mobile communication field. Within the areas WIFI covers,users can surf the internet quickly, answer or dial the phone at anytime and anywhere, with no worry about the slow speed or high communication costs. Take the I9 3GS WiFi cell phone as an example: this WiFi functioned cell phone’s quad band is GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ so it is available in the regions where these four frequencies are supported.
DavisMicro WiFi Cell Phones

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