Mar 05

When you are in search of a functional and trendy cell phones, iPhone 3GS must be a good choice. As one of the world’s leading cell phone brands, iPhone 3GS comes with its own unique charm. It combines three big powerful functions in one:a revolutionary mobile phone, a touchable wide-screen cell phone and a breakthrough Internet device .

iPhone 3GS is the newest model of Apple iPhone series, which features a 3.5 inch multi-touch screen, up to two times running speed than iPhone 3G, supports camera, MP3 and MP4 players, Bluetooth,digital compass, and other multimedia functions.

In addition to the performance of the cell phone, the first and foremost thing that customers concern about is its price. Some of my friends really like iPhone 3GS, but are often turned down by its high price. I guess that is why iPhone 3GS clones are so widely sought-after. These iPhone 3GS clones can never outshine the real iPhone 3GS in terms of quality, but we gotta admit that their great features especially their low prices are really attractive to users.

Why said iPhone 3GS is a breakthrough Internet device?
iPhone 3GS specializes in multi-task operation, so you can call others while sending e-mails or searching on the Internet. It also offers Google’s innovative map service and incredible iPhone map software, so that users have access to the map experience of pocket-size device: view maps and satellite images, or get traffic information and directions. In fact,most people who live in big city will be in great need for this function, since traffic is so heavy. Moreover, getting more traffic information may avoid traffic jam. Sometimes, when you get lost in the big city, this cell phone will help you much.

What new experience iPhone 3GS brings?
With powerful voice control function, iPhone 3GS will dial for you when you just say the name or number. Furthermore, it’s multilingual–that means it can identify several kinds of language, like Chinese, Cantonese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc. In terms of music control, you can get more wonderful experience from iPhone 3GS. By shaking, you can change songs you like,and just say the name of the performer, it can play the songs immediately.

I have ever seen and used different cell phones, however, after I got iPhone 3GS home, I really believe it is the most technologically advanced and one that I like best. Some people will always criticize that its color is too monotonous. Funny enough, iPhone 3GS clones have a range of colors to choose from.

Apparently, iPhone 3GS is well ahead of most of the other mobile phones. It is more user-friendly and people can get amazing experiencing using this fantastic and cool mobile phone.

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