Dec 28

Since the Google Nexus S was released in December, 2010, the cell phone has been all the rage among smartphone fanatics. At the same time, a wide range of Google Nexus S accessories have been storming into the market.

Now on some world renowned online retail shops like Amazon, you can find a huge selection of Google Nexus S accessories that come in different functions. Looking back into the history of every popular mobile gadget, we will find that every time when a new and extremely hot-selling mobile device comes into the market, its related accessories will become an equally hot market trend soon.

Google Nexus S Accessories

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Aug 04

When we shop cool iPhone 4 cases, we tend to take these basics into consideration: material, design, type and of course, price. The following guide will introduce the best iPhone 4 cases available on the global market from these aspects. If you are interested, read on to get details.

iPhone 4S Cases

The most widely used materials in unique iPhone 4 cases include silicone, aluminum, rubber and leather. It all depends on your personal preference. If you like the touch feel of leather, just choose a leather case for you iPhone 4s.
A Leather Case for iPhone 4/4s offered by, US

Then, let’s come to the design part, the key concern for the majority of iPhone 4/4s users. If you’ve been tired of simple designs or dull colors, the vast array of designs will help you out. Basically, most designs of iPhone 4 cases feature a fashionable or distinctive look. After all, the young are always the biggest group among all users of cool gadgets like iPhone 4/4s. For example, a faddish verizon iPhone 4 case with a Chinese style pattern is covered by a mysterious oriental touch, very suitable for those who love the oriental culture.


A Chinese Style Case for iPhone4 offered by, China
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May 03

Established in 2006, DavisMicro or Davis Micro (also named as “BrandsDragon”) is a China wholesale shopping store dedicated to providing high quality cell phones and electronics at a competitive price to its customers. or belongs to Yilutong Trading Co. Ltd, a legitimate company located in Shenzhen. Dropshipping to worldwide destinations is one of the best featured services the China wholesale shopping marketplace offers.

China Wholesale Shopping Website DavisMicro

Item Catalog
From the extensive displays of cell phones on their homepage, I immediately realized that the biggest item category of or should be cell phones. And later I found my impression didn’t lie. There you can find any model of China cell phones, from Wi-Fi cell phones, TV cell phones, to GPS cell phones, Java cell phones, etc, you can find almost everything in the cell phone world. In addition to the huge catalog of cell phones and related products, there is also a long list of categories about all kinds of electronics, including music players, GPS devices, computer accessories, flash memory drives, Bluetooth headsets, baby monitors, security equipment, etc.

DavisMicro Wholesale Cell Phones

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Feb 19

Cell phone accessories have won warm praise from customers in all fields after entering the market. Nowadays, as cell phones become increasingly common all over the word, cell phone accessories of various types are extremely popular and have developed a strong market.

Cell phone skin stickers: protect and personalize your cell phone

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