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When we shop cool iPhone 4 cases, we tend to take these basics into consideration: material, design, type and of course, price. The following guide will introduce the best iPhone 4 cases available on the global market from these aspects. If you are interested, read on to get details.

iPhone 4S Cases

The most widely used materials in unique iPhone 4 cases include silicone, aluminum, rubber and leather. It all depends on your personal preference. If you like the touch feel of leather, just choose a leather case for you iPhone 4s.
A Leather Case for iPhone 4/4s offered by, US

Then, let’s come to the design part, the key concern for the majority of iPhone 4/4s users. If you’ve been tired of simple designs or dull colors, the vast array of designs will help you out. Basically, most designs of iPhone 4 cases feature a fashionable or distinctive look. After all, the young are always the biggest group among all users of cool gadgets like iPhone 4/4s. For example, a faddish verizon iPhone 4 case with a Chinese style pattern is covered by a mysterious oriental touch, very suitable for those who love the oriental culture.


A Chinese Style Case for iPhone4 offered by, China

And, designer iPhone 4 cases have a wide range of types for customers’ choices. Now on the market, we see skin cases, incases, holster cases, incase clips, slider cases, credit card cases, etc. Among all, skin cases and incases are most common. A skin case covers the whole body of the iPhone 4/4s, from the front to the back, with cutouts of the screen, buttons, ports, light sensors and the camera. You don’t need to take it off while using the iPhone 4/4s or charging it, very easy to use. On the other hand, an incase is used to keep the cell phone from any hurt by enclosing completely or partially while it is not being used. For example, with a wallet-shape incase, you can open the “wallet” when you need to use the iPhone 4 and close it when you finish using the phone. Apparently, the protection provided by an incase is better than provided by a skin case. However, incases are not so convenient to use as skin cases are. So just balance your preference and choose the one you really love.
A Skin Case for iPhone 4 offered by, US

An Incase for iPhone 4 offered by, China

Finally, we gotta admit that most of us do not want to fork over too much money for a cell phone case, no matter how intensely we love the phone. In fact, if you take more time to look closer into the market, you will definitely find the desired custom iPhone 4/4s cases for less money. Of course, you should be patient enough as you may need to compare different cases offered by different stores, in a meticulous way. If you hate spending time on such a trivia, then just follow our recommendations—we do the research work for you.

Below are some famed shopping websites offering cute iPhone 4 cases in China and the USA. You can compare to see which one fits your taste and budget most., Shenzhen, China
Price range of iPhone 4 Cases: $1.70 ~ $3.51
Free Shipping extensively available.

Recommended styles:
Protective PU Leather Cases for iPhone 4, $3.51 + Free Shipping

Crystal Kitty Cases for iPhone 4/4s, $3.44 + Free Shipping

More iPhone 4 Cases on >>, Beijing, China
Price range of cool iPhone 4 Cases: $2.95 ~ $6.99 per piece
Free Shipping partially available.

Recommended styles:
iPhone 4/4s Aluminum Cases (5 colors per pack), $22.99


Quality Plastic White Flower Cases for iPhone 4, $3.99 + Free Shipping

More iPhone 4/4s cases on >>, Delaware, US
Price range of iPhone 4 Cases: $7.99 ~ $9.99
Designed by expert artists.

Recommended styles:


Yin Yang Man Cases for iPhone 4/4s, $7.99 + $2.00 shipping


Tweet Light Cases for iPhone 4, $7.99 + $2.00 shipping

More iPhone 4s cases on >>, Georgia, US
Price range of iPhone 4 Cases: $9.99 ~ $49.99
Free Standard Shipping available.

Recommended styles:


iPhone 4 Gelli Cases, $19.99 + Free Standard Shipping


iPhone 4 Leather Hipster, $29.99 + Free Standard Shipping

More iPhone 4/4s cases on >>, Hong Kong, China
Price range of iPhone 4 Cases: $2.99 ~ $6.99
Free Shipping partially available / Low shipping fee.

Recommended styles:


Hard Plastic Slider Cases for iPhone 4/4s, $2.99 + $5.00 shipping fee

Paw Prints Red Soft Plastic Cases for iPhone 4/4s, $2.99 + $5.00 shipping fee, plus Free USB Data Cable

More iPhone 4 cases on >>

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