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Since iPhone 4 was released on June 24, 2010 in some countries, iPhone 4 accessories are delivered one after another, at amazing speed. China, the manufacturing hub of cell phone accessories, has been contributing to the world market the largest share of iPhone 4 accessories. Currently, the best-selling iPhone 4s accessories include cases, screen guards, pouches, armbands and earphones. Below we’re going to introduce some of the hottest iPhone 4 accessories offered by a few reliable online stores. If you are looking for helpful yet cheap iPhone 4 accessories, the following guide may inspire you a little bit.

iPhone 4S Cases

1. iPhone 4 Cases
The iPhone 4 cases available on the global market are made of different materials for different purposes, though their common and ultimate purpose is to protect the iPhone 4 from scratching and grime. Both patterns and shapes of iPhone 4 cases tend to feature a classic or stylish look. Such cases are created for styling the iPhone 4 while protecting it. Also, by using a cool case, the holder can easily personalize his or her iPhone 4s, showcasing his or her unique taste through the gadget. Read Phone 4 Cases Shopping Guide >>

red-heart-flower-soft-plastic-iphone-4-cases leather-case-cover-for-iphone-4

4-pc-chinese-style-iphone-4-cases whale-tail-iphone-4-cases

2. iPhone 4 Screen Guards
Theoretically, every iPhone 4s holder, or even every cell phone holder would use a screen guard to protect the screen of the phone. As we know, the screen section of a cell phone is usually the most vulnerable to scratches or other hurts. As a cell phone user, you can go without a case or other accessories, but you can’t go without a screen guard protecting. Just by putting the transparent film over the screen, the screen won’t easily get dirty or scratched. As iPhone 4 screen guards are comparatively cheap, we would suggest you buy at least several pieces of screen guard protectors for you iPhone 4—you may need to change the film over a period of time, and what’s important, you will get a wholesale price or discount for buying more than 1 piece.

davismicro-iphone-4-screen-guards lightinthebox-iphone-4-screen-guards uxcell-iphone-4-screen-guards

3. iPhone 4 Pouches
iPhone 4 pouches are usually made of soft materials like leather and cotton. Similar to iPhone 4s cases, they are meant for protecting the cell phone. For example, an iPhone 4 sock is a typical pouch used to store the phone while it is free from use, for example, when you put it in your handbag or in the desk drawer. iPhone 4 pouches are generally recognized as a girly item for females only, but some are designed in a manly fashion for males who pursuit a free and unique lifestyle.

faux-leather-iphone-4-pouch pink-string-iphone-4-pouches-by-uxcell

4. iPhone 4 Armbands
An armband helps a lot for sports fans who need to take their iPhone 4 at hand while doing sports. Technically, iPhone 4 armbands are not so widely sought-after as other iPhone 4 accessories. However, they are a must-have for those who can’t get going without their mobile device during a workout, an exercise, a jogging or any other sports. For this reason, most iPhone 4 accessories suppliers would not miss iPhone 4s armbands in their showcases.

uxcell-iphone-4-armbands lightinthebox-iphone-4-armbands

5. iPhone 4 Earphones
The reason for the popularity of iPhone 4 earphones cannot be simpler. Yes, right. The original earphone for the iPhone 4 will stop working one day and it’s too expensive to buy the same one from Apple. As a result, quality but cheap iPhone 4 earphones offered by manufactures and suppliers worldwide are meant to become the perfect alternatives. As long as they are compatible with the iPhone 4s device, of course.

lightinthebox-4-pcs-earphones davismicro-iphone-4-earphones

If the above mentioned best buys on iPhone 4s accessories still can’t satisfy you, please keep close to our future updates. We will keep digging out more useful information about shopping great iPhone 4 accessories for our readers.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Irwin Arthurs says:

    Great, I buy a case from case mate,is flexible for my iphone. The only downfall is you can see your finger smudges on the case.

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