Nov 10

When it comes to buying wholesale cosplay costumes, China has some great online shops to choose from. In one of our previous posts, I introduced in detail that is a famous cosplay costume online store. In this post, I am going to review the cosplay costumes available at, another reliable China-based online shopping website.

I notice that significantly enlarged its product line of cosplay costumes and other costumes this year. Now the Costumes category has been listed as one of the most important categories, positioned in an eye-catching place at the top navigation area of This change the site made obviously tells us that the company has determined to grab the market share of wholesale cosplay costumes. Considering its unbeatable strength in the arena of online international wholesale business, I know Lightinthebox will do it well.
Wholesale Cosplay Costumes at Lightinthebox
The Cosplay Costumes category at contains a huge selection of costumes for the most popular anime and manga, including Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Ball, Ouran High School Host Club and much more. The cosplay costumes for sale there are sourced by Lightinthebox staff from top Chinese suppliers of costumes. The quality is guaranteed and the prices are reasonable. Discounts are sometimes offered on select items. In particular, you can find discounted cosplay costumes or other costumes from its Costumes Weekly Deals page. Occasionally you may also benefit from its free shipping promotion if your order value reaches a certain threshold. Some of the cosplay costumes have been rated by other customers who have bought the products. You can read such ratings or reviews for reference.

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Sep 07

As cosplay is getting popular around the world, the demand for cosplay costumes is growing really fast. Whether you are a cospaly fan or a re-seller of cosplay costumes, you may want to know where to shop cosplay costumes for sale online at low wholesale prices. China is extensively regarded as the best place to purchase such products. We know one popular China-based international online store that offers a vast array of cheap wholesale cosplay costumes: Even when you place a retail order there, you will get an equally attractive price for the costume you buy.

Headquartered in the Chengdu, Sichuan, Milanoo impresses global buyers by cheap wholesale fashion products and it is usually viewed as a fashion store. Now carrying a huge selection of fashion and accessories, Milanoo is indeed a professional fashion shop dedicated to providing the world with quality apparel and accessories at reasonable prices. But rare people know that the company started its business by selling cheap wholesale cosplay costumes.

Wholesale Cosplay Costumes for Sale Online at Milanoo

Even today, the cosplay costumes for sale online at are one of the biggest and hottest categories there. I always say Milanoo is a one-stop shop for cosplay costumes. I do not brag. On the site, you can find a great variety of cosplay costumes for popular Japanese or American manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies. Besides, Milanoo has a wide range of cosplay accessories to choose from, including cosplay shoes, cosplay wigs and more. Furthermore, by checking out the catalog of wholesale cosplay costumes there, you may be inspired by some great cosplay costume ideas. If you want to purchase quality and cheap cosplay costumes for women, men or kids, Milanoo is definitely worth considering.

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Sep 11


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This year, Halloween will fall on Oct. 31, 2010. It’s only one month plus ahead from now, and re-sellers have already started their stock-ups on essential and cheap Halloween supplies. As a traditional festival celebrated among almost all English speaking countries and beyond, Halloween is definitely one of the best-adored nights of the year for many people.

Today, Halloween is not any more a festival for kids only. Both adults and kids are expecting to have great fun with the thrill-dominating festival. Given the vast range of cheap Halloween supplies available on the global market, more and more creative Halloween ideas spring up to make the night sinister, frightening or dark, the very essence of the Halloween spirit. As always, the temporary fascination towards darkness and horror, the joy of dressing up and the extraordinary flavor of candy and fruit are sure to delight all Halloween fanatics. A range of Halloween essentials are needed to make a hilarious Halloween night, and costumes, hair wigs as well as masks are the most basic. Yes, the most interesting part of Halloween, is to frighten others by dressing up in fancy outfits!

Of course, there are a multitude of other Halloween accessories and Halloween props to add even more spice to the night of horrors. From jack-o-lanterns to pumpkin lamps to creepy Halloween candles, anything sinister, mischievous and sure to thrill others is popular.

China, the manufacturing hub of various products for all famous festivals, has the greatest selection of Halloween supplies for global buyers to choose from. In addition, the Halloween essentials offered by Chinese suppliers are lowest in pricing. Considered the best place to find Halloween supplies, China attracts re-sale merchants all over the world every year. In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has been developing unprecedentedly fast in China. With the huge range of Halloween goods, the unbeatable price advantage and the convenience of shopping online, even end consumers who look for cheap Halloween supplies for themselves or for their families choose to shop direct from China.

We’ve selected some of the trusted Chinese online marketplaces for your reference below: AliExpress, Lightinthebox and Milanoo. All of them feature proven credibility and have got a significant market share of the Halloween supplies. On the other hand, each of the China wholesale marketplaces is empowered with its distinctive advantages.

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Jun 03

Where to Get the Best and Cheapest Wholesale Cosplay Costumes?

Today cosplay costumes have become more and more widely sought-after around the world and businesses related to wholesale cosplay costumes are also rising rapidly both in quantity and in revenue volume. In particular, cosplay costumes and cosplay accessories for the popular Japanese anime and Manga like Naruto, Bleach, Final Fantasy, Chobits, Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon, One Piece and more are extremely hot-selling in the world’s market of wholesale cosplay clothing and accessories. This post is about to introduce some information about cosplay shopping online.

Like other China wholesale clothing, cosplay costumes from China are highly competitively in prices as well as in quality and variety. Currently, there are a number of online wholesale stores offering cosplay costumes and cosplay accessories. And Lightinthebox is one of them. On, you will find a wide range of cool cosplay costumes (about 700 items) like Lolita cosplay costumes and Naruto cosplay costumes. Also, there you can see a lot of cheap cosplay wigs for sale. For instance, a Kingdom Hearts II Sora Cosplay Wig is offered at $39.99 only. But according to our knowledge, unlike dresses and cell phones, cosplay clothing is not the major revenue source of Lighitnthebox. As a result, promotions on cosply items are not so regular.
Wholesale Cosplay Costumes on Lightinthebox

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Wholesale Cosplay Wigs on Lightinthebox

View Wholesale Cosplay Wigs on Lightinthebox >>

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May 19

Grab Milanoo Daily Madness Deals before They Are Gone

Whether you are a Milanoo regular shopper or not, once you shop there, you can never miss their Daily Madness Deals (or Today’s Deals). The saying is not over the top at all—the prices can go really mad! For example, in their Daily Madness Deals, you can find a wedding dress priced at just $88.49, saving $108.5 compared with its original price $196.99. Examples like this are very common in Milanoo Daily Madness Deals as they are supposed to make buyers mad about the low prices and eventually make them hard to resist the great deals.

Normally, Milanoo Daily Madness Deals are updated on a daily base, but sometimes they are refreshed every two or three days. On the top of their Daily Madness Deals page on, you will see a count-down clock there indicating how much time is left for the following deals. All the deals there are for 1 day only (occasionally for 2 or 3 days), and they will be gone upon the deadline. So if you find any item you are interested in there, make sure to order it before the deadline; otherwise you will have to pay much more the same item—this is serious! Also, for any of the Milanoo Daily Madness Deals, the price you see is the final cost you need to pay for the item if you order it. All items there are offered for free shipping and no other extra fee will be charged.

For the China wholesale website, this is probably its non-profit offer launched for some marketing purpose; but for the buyers, this is definitely a wonderful chance to save on your cost. Not every buyer knows the secret of shopping smart on Milanoo–if you are one of them, I would suggest you from now on don’t ignore Milanoo Daily Madness Deals for they can really help you make huge savings, especially if you are a store owner looking for target items for your inventory.

For today, Milanoo Daily Madness Deals include items as follows:

1. Wedding Apparel Deals
Milanoo Wedding Apparel Daily Madness Deals

See more Milanoo Wedding Apparel Daily Madness Deals>>

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Sep 16


Halloween is coming soon and if you want to get an amazing Halloween costume, I recommend you have a try on LightInTheBox’s Halloween costumes’ selection. All the costumes look so amazing that you won’t be disappointed. The prices for these costumes are attractively low and for now, the international trade website is offering a $10 coupon on these deals. Don’t let the money-saving opportunity slip away!

For details, go check out their fun Halloween Cosplay Costumes Sale!

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