Nov 10

When it comes to buying wholesale cosplay costumes, China has some great online shops to choose from. In one of our previous posts, I introduced in detail that is a famous cosplay costume online store. In this post, I am going to review the cosplay costumes available at, another reliable China-based online shopping website.

I notice that significantly enlarged its product line of cosplay costumes and other costumes this year. Now the Costumes category has been listed as one of the most important categories, positioned in an eye-catching place at the top navigation area of This change the site made obviously tells us that the company has determined to grab the market share of wholesale cosplay costumes. Considering its unbeatable strength in the arena of online international wholesale business, I know Lightinthebox will do it well.
Wholesale Cosplay Costumes at Lightinthebox
The Cosplay Costumes category at contains a huge selection of costumes for the most popular anime and manga, including Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Ball, Ouran High School Host Club and much more. The cosplay costumes for sale there are sourced by Lightinthebox staff from top Chinese suppliers of costumes. The quality is guaranteed and the prices are reasonable. Discounts are sometimes offered on select items. In particular, you can find discounted cosplay costumes or other costumes from its Costumes Weekly Deals page. Occasionally you may also benefit from its free shipping promotion if your order value reaches a certain threshold. Some of the cosplay costumes have been rated by other customers who have bought the products. You can read such ratings or reviews for reference.

In addition to the cosplay costumes, Lightinthebox also carries a variety of cosplay wigs and other cosplay accessories so that you can buy cosplay outfits more conveniently. Like Milanoo, Lightinthebox sells some other costumes too. The Lolita Fashion and Uniforms there are especially worth taking a look. If you want to purchase trendy Lolita costumes, Lolita shoes, Lolita accessories or uniforms, you may find great deals from the listings.

Lightinthebox has been adding new products to its Cosplay Costumes zone quite regularly. To check out the newest costumes, just visit the page of Costumes New Arrivals on the site. If you have any questions about the details of the cosplay costumes at, you are encouraged to use its instant online chat. The online store has professional customer representatives to answer your questions or help you place orders.

This Lightinthebox cosplay costumes review is completely based on my personal findings. Feel free to leave your suggestions, comments or questions below to join my topic.

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