Essential and Cheap Halloween Supplies for A Frightening Night


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This year, Halloween will fall on Oct. 31, 2010. It’s only one month plus ahead from now, and re-sellers have already started their stock-ups on essential and cheap Halloween supplies. As a traditional festival celebrated among almost all English speaking countries and beyond, Halloween is definitely one of the best-adored nights of the year for many people.

Today, Halloween is not any more a festival for kids only. Both adults and kids are expecting to have great fun with the thrill-dominating festival. Given the vast range of cheap Halloween supplies available on the global market, more and more creative Halloween ideas spring up to make the night sinister, frightening or dark, the very essence of the Halloween spirit. As always, the temporary fascination towards darkness and horror, the joy of dressing up and the extraordinary flavor of candy and fruit are sure to delight all Halloween fanatics. A range of Halloween essentials are needed to make a hilarious Halloween night, and costumes, hair wigs as well as masks are the most basic. Yes, the most interesting part of Halloween, is to frighten others by dressing up in fancy outfits!

Of course, there are a multitude of other Halloween accessories and Halloween props to add even more spice to the night of horrors. From jack-o-lanterns to pumpkin lamps to creepy Halloween candles, anything sinister, mischievous and sure to thrill others is popular.

China, the manufacturing hub of various products for all famous festivals, has the greatest selection of Halloween supplies for global buyers to choose from. In addition, the Halloween essentials offered by Chinese suppliers are lowest in pricing. Considered the best place to find Halloween supplies, China attracts re-sale merchants all over the world every year. In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has been developing unprecedentedly fast in China. With the huge range of Halloween goods, the unbeatable price advantage and the convenience of shopping online, even end consumers who look for cheap Halloween supplies for themselves or for their families choose to shop direct from China.

We’ve selected some of the trusted Chinese online marketplaces for your reference below: AliExpress, Lightinthebox and Milanoo. All of them feature proven credibility and have got a significant market share of the Halloween supplies. On the other hand, each of the China wholesale marketplaces is empowered with its distinctive advantages.

AliExpress Halloween Supplies:

Avatar Masks Halloween Party Masks on AliExpress Ghost Halloween Masks

Halloween Ghost Costumes on Aliexpress Spider Halloween Costumes for Women Jack-o-Lanterns on Aliexpress


AliExpress is a transaction platform connecting Chinese suppliers and global buyers and provides protection on each transaction. The website does not sell or ship out items itself, and can’t control or guarantee the item quality.


  • The wholesale platform belongs to, the world’s biggest marketplace of global wholesale trade. Shopping there is more safe, hassle-free and fast.
  • You have more options of suppliers and items to choose from. From Halloween costumes to Halloween masks to Halloween accessories—everything about Halloween can be easily founded there.
  • You are more likely to get the lowest prices given the range of choices.

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Lightinthebox Halloween Supplies:

Halloween Light and Sound Skeleton Lanterns Halloween Punklinhead Jewelry USB Flash Drive Classic Halloween Masks

LED Flashing OX Head Horn Lights Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Halloween Wigs Rubber Horrific Tooth and Finger Sets


The product line of Halloween supplies is limited to Halloween costumes, hair wigs and masks only, and the price it offers is not so competitive.


The Chinese online store has been winning much applause for its premium quality of both items and services. Unlike AliExpress, Lightinthebox has full control on every item it offers. It only selects quality items from best suppliers and checks in detail very item before putting it into its inventory. Also, it double checks each item before sending it to the customer.

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Milanoo Halloween Supplies:

Black and Gray Halloween Batman Costumes Black and Silver Metallic Halloween Costumes on Milanoo Black and Silver Spiderman Costumes

Sexy Fairy Fantasy Halloween CostumesSoul Eater Blair Halloween Costumes Super Man Halloween Costumes on Milanoo


  • As a still young company, Milanoo is not as mature as AliExpress and Lightinthebox and as a result, you may occasional encounter some minor problems shopping there. However, we do see that Milanoo is trying hard to improve and has been making progress. Especially over the past six months, the online store was developing really fast.
  • Its product range of Halloween supplies is quite limited just like Lightinthebox.


  • Though offering varieties of items, Milanoo is particularly famous for its costumes. There you can find a lot of sexy costumes and Halloween costumes inspired by famous characters from movies, books and television. For instance, the spiderman costumes for Halloween are in extremely high demand there.
  • Special offers on costumes are very frequently launched. If lucky enough, you may get a desired Halloween costume for an impossible price that will never come back again.

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