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Tablet PCs at Ahappydeal.comWhen it comes to sourcing consumer electronics from China, Shenzhen is definitely a can’t-missed-out name – the city is the biggest manufacturing hub of various kinds of consumer electronics made for both the Chinese domestic market and the global market.

To purchase consumer electronics in wholesale quantities, the best way is to shop online with trusted suppliers based in Shenzhen. The shopping websites you use are not necessarily based there though. At the same time, just as the way I introduced in the previous post by which you can shop made-in-China jewelry efficiently (read it here), you can also choose to cooperate with a partner locating in the city. That is, to find a dependable partner in China to arrange the sourcing and the logistics for your wholesale or retail business in your own country. With the help of the partner, you can save more cost and the quality of the products you purchase can be better verified.Apple Accessories at Focalprice.com

Actually I have published a post titled “Huaqiangbei: the Biggest Marketplace of Electronics and Digital Products in China” (read the full post here), which introduced Shenzhen’s most famous wholesale electronics marketplace. If you could find a supplier running business in Huaqiangbei, that would be good. However, for online business, it does not matter much where exactly the office is located. As long as the supplier is based in Shenzhen, or any other place nearing the city, it could be a better choice as it means that the cost is reduced without the Chinese domestic shipping fee and that it is much more convenient for the supplier to source the products of your interest from the physical wholesale marketplaces.

As for best sites of wholesale consumer electronics, one of my old articles listed some long ago. I found that the information provided there is somewhat out of date and it is necessary to give it a update here. In addition to the sites mentioned in that post (Aliexpress.com, Chinavasion.com, Lightinthebox.com, Lightake.com and more), there are some other Chinese sites famous for made-in-China consumer electronics. Here is the list:

Touch Screen Cell Phones at EforchinaConsumer electronics are the major fields of most of the sites mentioned above. You can use the sites to compare prices on the same or similar products so that you can save more. Although these sites are comparatively trustworthy, they are not complaint-free at all. If you search negative reviews against any of the sites, you will find quite a number of results that may dishearten you. Keep in mind that using extreme caution is the rule when trading with Chinese suppliers. However, you don’t have to be over worried about the risks, either. Most Chinese merchants are doing serious business to earn money by honest service and hard work. Just do research as much as possible and then start with smaller investments to test the water. Trust me, everything will be just fine.

Finally, I want to remind you that although most sites listed above offer drop shipping service, I personally don’t encourage you to use the service at the start-up stage of your cooperation. In case the quality of the products does not meet the standards expected by you or your customers, you should have the orders sent to your address so that you can check the condition and quality standards of the items before you sell them to your customers. After you are completely confident in the products sourced from a certain Chinese supplier, you can try their drop shipping service to further reduce cost and time.

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