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As the most famous manufacturing hub of all kinds of electronics, China has a lot of online stores that offer wholesale electronics. In this post I am going to introduce some top wholesale electronics online shopping sites based in this country.
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Before I talk about the names of the specific stores selling wholesale electronics, I would like to remind you that if you are looking for genuine name brand electronics, don’t consider China wholesale online shopping websites. Likewise, if any Chinese supplier tells you that he or she offers world renowned branded electronics like Apple iPad, chances are they are fakes. My advice is: when you see the price of a so-called name brand electronic gadget is too good to be true, don’t trust it. Then, what kinds of wholesale electronics are the best-selling on the China wholesale shopping websites? Made-in-China electronics that are designed and manufactured with popular features are definitely the bestsellers. Such products are generally advanced in features and functions while extremely cheap in pricing. Being good to use and easy to afford, these types of electronics are very popular among common consumers. With high re-sell margins, they are usually the best options among electronic store owners who purchase them for their inventories and then sell them at good prices.

However, top wholesale electronics online shopping sites don’t necessarily mean that they just target store owners or merchants. Now more and more individual consumers choose to purchase products from online wholesale stores, attracted by the great wholesale prices. It has become a fashion, actually. Likewise, most China wholesale stores that offer electronics accept retail orders – even if you buy one piece of item only, you will get an equally low wholesale price.

When it comes to shopping for wholesale electronics at China online stores, the first and foremost issue is security. You must first of all make sure that the stores you are going to buy electronics from are reliable and legit. Anyway, as this may require you to do a lot of research work, below I will list some of the trusted and top wholesale electronics online shopping sites located in China for your reference.

  • Miniinthebox.com: When it comes to buying small electronic gadgets from China, Miininthebox.com is particularly worth checking out. Just as the domain name suggests, the site is doing very well in supplying gadgets that are small in both sizes and prices. Plus, their subsidiary relationship with the top Chinese international online retailer Lightinthebox.com further makes the site a good choice. When shopping with the site, you don’t need to worry about issues like security, returns, refunds or any other pre-sales and after-sales services. Just check out the catalogs, find out what you want, and then place the order. It rarely happens that you would be unsatisfied with the prices they offer.Discounted Chinese Tablet PC Freelander
  • Focalprice.com: Based in Shenzhen, the professional electronic shopping site was founded by a genius Chinese young man who had made big money from selling electronic gadgets at eBay. They are experienced in sourcing the best quality consumer electronics from reliable manufacturers at best prices. As a result they are capable of offering the most competitive prices to their customers all around the world. They are not the biggest in the arena of Chinese electronic gadget foreign trading, but absolutely one of the fastest growing. There you can find a paradise of cool gadgets including Apple accessories, cell phones, tablets, car accessories and more.

  • AliExpress.com: As part of the world’s biggest B2B company Alibaba.com, AliExpress is a famous wholesale transaction platform for small and medium-sized orders. The wholesale shopping website has thousands of verified Chinese suppliers and over 10 million products to choose from. Wholesale electronics are one of the major categories there, including camera & photo, home audio & video equipment, portable audio & video, gaming & accessories, accessories & parts for electronic gadgets and more. All transactions made through the site are covered with AliExpress buyer protection service for free.
  • Lightinthebox.com: At the first glance, Lightinthebox looks like a fashion store as the site offers a huge selection of fashion products. On the homepage of Lightinthebox.com, you can see a lot of featured promotions about fashion products are posted there every day. The various kinds of special occasion dresses available there are really gorgeous and extremely popular on the global market. Actually Lightinthebox is also famous for supplying quality wholesale electronics, including cell phones, car DVD players, security systems and more. In the China international wholesale arena, Lightinthebox is widely recognized as one of the top wholesale electronics online shopping sites.
  • ChinaVasion.com: If you are looking for high-end made-in-China electronics, this wholesale electronics shopping site is a great choice. Based in Shenzhen, ChinaVasion has been offering a variety of advanced electronics to global customers for years. Great features and reasonable prices are the biggest attractions of the electronics for sale at ChinaVasion.com.
  • Priceangels.com: The site looks pretty much the same as Focalprice.com in all aspects, except that Focalprice may enjoy a better popularity than Priceangels.com on the global market. The biggest difference between them should be the exact products they carry. When you fail to find out an electronic gadget at Focalprice.com, you may get it at Priceangels.com and vice versa. On the other hand, they also have some products that are exactly the same. For such products, just use the sites to compare the prices for the best deals.
  • Dinodirect.com: Like Aliexpress.com, Dinodirect.com is extraordinarily huge in terms of product range while unlike the former, it runs based on a totally different business model. It is literally like an online shopping mall with its own warehouses, sales, service people and checkout systems. All pre-sales and after-sales issues will be taken care of by its own staff instead of any individual sellers. The pricing for the consumer electronic gadgets line is quite Okay though not highly competitive. The bestsellers within the line of the site are tablet PCs and cell phones.
  • Ahappydeal.com: I don’t mean to rank the site the bottom while I actually mention them at the end of the list. By doing so I just hope that you won’t miss them because you are tired of reading the long list and guess you may like me, scroll down to the bottom to find something good. I’ve known Ahappydeal.com for many years and it is one of my best recommended Chinese websites when it comes to cheap made-in-China electronic products. Their product variety may be not so impressive but their pricing is definitely the rock bottom one.

More reliable Chinese websites of consumer electronic gadgets will be added here as soon as I find them. 

Images courtesy of Miniinthebox.com and Focalprice.com

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    Hi, i came across this site called Fondsale.com and they have good prices for their branded products. Actually too good but when I tried to google reviews about it I couldn’t find any negative comments. Have you heard about it?

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