Oct 10

Empowered by creative designs in looks or functionalities, novelty items are always popular among consumers. In particular, hidden cameras with novelty looks are extremely hot selling. For merchants, such cameras are good revenue earners while for individual consumers, they are cute enough as gifts to deliver happiness to their beloved people.

Smiley Face Hidden Camera

At AliExpress.com, I found a lovely hidden camera shaped in a smiley face at its Novelty Items channel. By a glance, it is simply a  smiley face badge generally used in the service industry or for some friendly purposes. If you look really carefully, you will find that a mini camera is inserted in the right eye of the smiley face. The smiley face camera features multi functions. In addition to being used as a camera or DV, it is also a good  PC camera as well as a long distance audio recorder. It supports data transfer with the USB cable provided. The video resolution of the camera is 1280 * 960 and the video format is AVI. With an adorable smiley look, the camera can be stuck on any place — on your door, desk, car, etc. People will get completely relaxed when they see the face and won’t notice that it is a hidden camera. Besides, the camera is easy to operate and supports TF card.

The smiley face hidden camera is offered by a Gold Supplier of AliExpress who has a high positive feedback score. It is now on sale at a low wholesale price with free shipping as well as free drop shipping. For more specifications of the novelty camera, click here >>


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