Jan 13

As a young shopping site of electronic gadgets, Tmart.com is not so widely known as the industry leaders like Dealextreme.com, Focalprice.com or Lightinthebox.com. Besides, we see negative reviews against them show up on the Internet from time to time. It is nothing surprising to us, honestly.

Made-in-China electronics are extremely cheap in terms of pricing while their quality standards vary significantly. Many people are disappointed by the gadgets purchased from Chinese suppliers, which are not as solid as they have expected. While consumer electronics are one of the biggest categories in the Chinese foreign trade arena, complaints against this category also rank the highest in terms of quantity. If you feel it is unbelievable, just try researching by searching the web for reviews of some popular Chinese sites that offer electronics, you will agree with me.

As a business with an official license, Tmart has been selling products to global buyers for two years. To be fair, it is not a top name and is far from perfect, but it is truly a legitimate company. If you are looking for low priced gadgets from China, it is worth checking out along with other Chinese online stores of electronics. I always encourage buyers to compare sites as many as possible in order to find the best deals. Of course, if you never purchase from a particular site before, do remember to start with a small order to test the water first. As for Tmart.com, my attitude is the same.

The site carry an amazing selection of products at extremely low prices. Addition to their major category electronics and accessories, they also have health & beauty, toys & hobbies, sports & outdoors, apparel, holiday supplies & gifts and more. They claim the products are offered at manufacturer prices. After comparing some typical electronic gadgets including tablet PCs, flashlights, Bluetooth headphones, wireless optical mouse and a few more available at the site with those for sale at their competing sites, I found that they are not overstating.

Below is a list of coupon codes on select categories issued for their 2nd anniversary promotion. The offers end January 15. If you are interested in any of the offers, you may need to hurry up. To check out the deals, visit the promotional page here.

10% OFF on All iPhone Accessories
Coupon Code: 2NDIPHONE

10% OFF on All Wii Accessories
Coupon Code: 2NDWII

5% OFF on All Flashlights
Coupon Code: 2NDLIGHT

5% OFF on All Shower Heads
Coupon Code: 2NDSHOWER

$5 OFF $50+ for All iPad Accessories
Coupon Code: 2NDIPAD

15% OFF $15+ for All Mice & Presenters
Coupon Code: 2NDMICE

$5 OFF $30+ for All Memory Cards
Coupon Code: 2NDCARD

$3 OFF $30+ for All Car Lights
Coupon Code: 2NDCAR

$3 OFF $30+ for All Electronics
Coupon Code: 2NDELEC

$5 OFF $35+ for All Jewelry & Accessories
Coupon Code: 2NDJEWEL

15% OFF $100+ for All Tattoos & Body Art
Coupon Code: 2NDTATTOO

20% OFF $55+ for All Musical Instruments
Coupon Code: 2NDMUSIC

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