Aliexpress Valentine’s Day 2013 Deals: Play Games to Win Coupons

Compared to general online stores, wholesale trading sites such as usually launch their promotions for a particular holiday or festival much earlier so that the merchants who shop the sites for their business can stock up on holiday supplies in time to earn money. Now the Valentine’s Day 2013 is just about one month away. I noticed that had already released their first round of sales (mainly on jewelry and watches) for this special day.

Valid from January 9, 2013 at 00:00:01 AM PST to January 14, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PST

Seller Coupon for Valentines Day 2013
On their game page for the Valentine’s Day 2013, you can press the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to aim Cupid’s bow at the hearts, which are running up from the bottom and disappearing soon. Then, click the Spacebar to shoot the running heart you’ve aimed at before it is gone. The game is over once you get a seller coupon. I’ve tried the game myself. It is really fun. Keep in mind that to successfully shoot the heart, you should press the Spacebar for 0.5 second before you release it. Otherwise you may let the target slip away. For details about how to play the game, you can view their instructions indicated below the game.

The coupons won from the game are different in terms of face value on different days, from January 9 to January 14. On the first two days, you can win a $3 coupon; on the following two days you can win a $5 coupon, and on the last two days of the promotion you can shoot for a $15 coupon. The coupon you get is only redeemable for the designated product shown at the window (as shown in the image above) which prompts that you have successfully gained the coupon. Also you should be aware that the deal is only available on January 15 and do remember to grab it by using the coupon that day if you are interested in it. In addition to the value reduced by the coupon, the price of the product is also greatly slashed down that day with a 50% or a 60% discount. This means by using the coupon to place the order on the item that day, you can make double savings!

In order to find the deal of interest, you are encouraged to keep shooting and to win more seller coupons as your backups. Every time you win a coupon, add the designated item into your shopping cart first. On January 15, select the ones you want to buy and place the orders with the coupons.

Valid from January 9, 2013 at 00:00:01 AM PST to January 13, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PST
Light A Start Coupon
Unlike the seller coupons introduced above, this coupon is offered by instead of Aliexpress suppliers. It can be used on any order of any item sitewide as long as it meets the value threshold required by the site. This one is very easy to get: just by pressing the “Light Today’s Star” button at the right top of the promotion page, you will see a prompt telling you how many starts you’ve lighten and how much value the coupon is. The coupon values varies based on how many days you’ve consecutively lighten the star, ranging from $2 to $15. The more you light the star, the higher value you will get. In order to attain the best value of the coupon, keep lighting the star every day from January 9 to January 13. The coupon will be distributed to your Aliexpress account on January 14.

promotion rules
To read more details about the rules of the promotion, please click here.

Both of the coupons won can be used on order placed on January 15, 2013 only. Note that based on Aliexpress Coupons Terms and Conditions, only one coupon can been redeemed per order. This means even if you have won two coupons from different campaigns, you are now allowed to combine the coupons for a single order. So you should make clear about which coupon adds the most value to your purchase and use the right one to save more cost.

This post is just a beginning of sharing Valentine’s Day promotions from Chinese stores. More information on discount codes, coupon codes or sales for Valentine’s Day 2013 released by more shops will be updated at my site. Please visit back here regularly if you are interested in getting the best 2013 Valentine’s Day deals from Chinese sites.

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