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Cool gadget store Gearbest.comWhen it comes to China-based online shopping sites, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity. Especially in Shenzhen, where the majority of electronic gadget factories are located, you can find online gadget shops doing international business everywhere and is one of them.

Store background

Although Gearbest leaves an England-based office address on its official website for contact needs, its major operation centre as well as warehouse facilities should be positioned in Shenzhen. It is, in nature, a Chinese online international store serving global buyers. From the Norton Secured (powered by Verisign) identity verification page, I noticed that belongs to SHENZHEN GLOBALEGROW E-COMMERCE CO LIMITED, a tested legitimate Chinese company owning a number of shopping sites.

Store credibility

I personally believe that is a legit site after a thorough investigation into it. Here are my reasons:
1. It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.
2. The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it.
3. It accepts safe payment methods such as Paypal or credit cards.
4. I have received a quality-made product from the online store. Click here to read my review of the novelty glasses offered by

Highlights of Gearbest

What impresses me most is the refreshing style of its homepage. Being simple and neat, it looks so comfortable and every product showcased there looks amazingly cool. Just as how it advertizes itself, it is a store where we can buy all kinds of cool gear, including cell phones and accessories, tablet PCs and accessories, car electronics, audio and video, LED lights, lifestyle supplies, men’s clothing and more. A total of over 100 categories are carried by the store and it is a good place to find inspiration on how to lead a cool and fashionable life with lovely gadgets.

Cool gadgets at low prices
Like other popular gadget shops such as or, offers a competitive wholesale price for each product plus worldwide free shipping. Some gadgets there are available at as low as under $1.

One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with the product purchased from the site, you can return it for a refund within 45 days of receiving the package. Also, you can send it back to the store for an exchange within 3 months of receipt. In addition, the store provides free repair and lifetime technical support.

The customer service provided by is quite impressive, too. Besides 24/7 live chat service, you can reach its service staff through its USA helpline +1(899)-138-0318 for any pre-sales or after-sales issues. I always believe that a Chinese site needs courage and enough human resources to provide phone call service. As for the quality standards of its customer support, why not give it a try yourself?

Money-saving tip: do remember to search for valid Gearbest coupon codes before making payment for an order with the store.

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  1. Good afternoon.
    Sorry for the bad English, I use a translator.

    My order WP1607040844320305 (Geek Vape Griffin 25 RTA Top airflow)
    I live in Russia and this is my first order on Gearbest.

    Dispatch the next day. The order came quickly (within 2 weeks). Packaged very well.

    The goods are very satisfied. This is one of the best tanks at the moment. It has a large volume (6 ml), the assembly quality, stylish appearance and the ability to install a spiral. Very tasty and gives a lot of steam, very convenient base for installation spirals. Packaging is also pleased. Very comfortable triple key, many Oring spare and plug for the installation of a spiral.
    Buck fully justifies its price (27$)

    Cons in the tank no. Is that a little flows through the air duct. But I think the problem is that I do not quite correctly set wool.

    Buying and very pleased with the site. I recommend to all

  2. I ordered on (order number Jun 15 W1606150819416453, Mar 08 W1603080831430798)

    I got all my products as I expected them to be, all electronics work and the ones I bought as gifts for friends were loved by them as well. Not quite sure I understand the issues some people are reporting with this site but I had such a great experience I have already ordered more products for myself and have more saved for my next order.

  3. Hello,
    about half a year ago i first ordered stuff at (Laserpointer, Order#: WP1605151142235141). I Used to order china-stuff at aliexpress, but it was cheaper at Gearbest, so i switched the platform. It went all pretty smooth and the package was delivered to germany within like 11 days, which was way faster, than my previous experiences with china-settled selling companies. Since that day i ordered about 30 items via and eberything was fine so far. They delivered in time and if something was wrong i didn’t have to hesitate contacting the excellent consumer support. I would recommend to everyone who is interested in China gadgets and stuff. Regards, Niels

  4. Hi all. I want to share the experience of buying on-huge selection. In giving the confirmation number of my order number:W1605061734409162 from 07 may 2016 31 may 2016. Bought a bracelet xiaomi Mi Band 1C. The price of the bracelet was lower than other online stores in China. Order was sent the next day with track number. The parcel was mail in the Netherlands to my country for 24 days which is pretty good. The bracelet came sealed in factory wrap never been opened as in some other stores. In the end, I can recommend the store-a huge selection shop by low prices, fast delivery and easy navigation. Now buy only tested on personal experience pozitivnom-huge selection.

  5. Hi!!
    I’m from Mexico and would like to share my experience with
    I started to buy online three months ago. I bought in different websites, but eventually ended up choosing to buy only Gearbest. Delivery times are lower, prices are fair, the customer service is excellent, the products are well packaged, are of good quality and are as is noted in its description.
    My most recent orders are: W1606152249323284 (cell phone), W1606201919040120 (cooler fan), W1606222047545152 (men watch) and W1607031716241711( a car cam).
    All my orders where free shipping and they arrived to Mexico in less than a month, which is faster shipping than in an other sites!
    In an order, I wrote my address wrong, they noticed it and contacted me to help me correct my mistake.

    I am very pleased with

  6. i got Original Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband with White LED (order W1602020909462481)
    best price for this deveice on GearBest.
    I try to found most of cheaper pricing and GearBest one of them.

    All the product was carefully wrapped and came in perfect working order! I am very pleased with They sell a variety of quality products and are very customer oriented.

  7. I ordered MINI 0806 X44 1.5 inch 1296P Ambarella A7LA50 GPS Car Camera Camcorder – BLACK
    (order numb.WW1510260817099688)
    It arrived promptly, and the products were as described. It’s very small device with GPS module. the pictures and videos taken were of great quality Full HD real !!!.
    Prices were extremely competitive. The product on Gearbest was much cheaper than on the other sites.

  8. Hello!
    I’m from Bulgaria. I recently bought Mini PC from Guerbet. Out quite successful.
    CPU is Intel Z3736F, 4 yadren.Dve operating systems – Windows and Android. memory
    2GB RAM. and ROM 32db. 4 USB, HDMI, LAN, SD card slot, Headset, Bluetooth and Uaerles.
    It works fast?
    See order WW1507020559004816.
    For questions

    Аз съм от България. Наскоро си закупих Мини компютър от Гербест. Излезе доста сполучлив.
    Процесора е на Интел Z3736F, 4 ядрен.Две операционни системи – Уиндоус и Андроид. Памет
    RAM 2ГБ. и ROM 32ГБ. 4 USB, HDMI, LAN, Слот за SD карта, Слушалки, Блутут и Уаерлес.
    Работи бързо?
    Виж ордер WW1507020559004816.
    За въпроси

  9. This is an honest and unbiased review.

    I ordered GitUp Git2 2K WiFi Action Camera (Pro Packing) and an Original SJCAM Foldable Selfie Stick (Order number: W1604101708301349) on April 11, 2016 06:08:30 AM for $109.80.

    It arrived promptly, and the products were as described. I have also put my camera and selfie stick to the test, both underwater and on land, and found that the pictures and videos taken were of great quality.

    I am very satisfied, and would highly recommend to other consumers.

  10. I’m from Canada and would like to share my experience with I have been ordering from their website for a little over a year. My most recent orders: W1606141440096627 ( A cell phone) W1607092239177572 ( A tablet) W1607172246287275 ( A Android TV Box) All ordered in the last month and a half. All my orders arrived to Canada in between 2-3 weeks which is very fast shipping to Canada!

    All the products were carefully wrapped and came in perfect working order! I am very pleased with They sell a variety of quality products and are very customer oriented.

    Their best features are: 1. Quality products 2. Excellent customer service 3. Price – they have the best prices! 4. Fast shipping! Even to Canada! 5. Free Shipping! I have had no problems with them or their products but if I did I know that they would take care of me because they have a great customer service team! I look forward to ordering from them again! David J

  11. Hello!
    I’m from Bulgaria. Already two years of shopping This is my last contract. Smartphone. I received the phone at a low price / promotion /. Camera has all the extras as their expensive counterparts. On delivery and payment do not have any comments. Recommended by me.
    If you have difficulty writing –

    Аз съм от България. Вече 2 години пазарувам от Това е последната ми поръчка. Смартфон. Получих телефона на ниска цена /промоция/. Апарата има всички екстри като на скъпите си събратя. Относно доставката и начин на плащане нямам никакви забележки. Препоръчано от мен.
    Ако срещнете затруднения пишете –

  12. They are amazing.
    An enormous amount of items to buy, really fast delivery and a good assistance.
    I bought a lot of items and they are amazing.
    For example i bought some xiaomi products really useful and cheap.
    When i don’t understand something about products they can give a lot of information about them.
    Really safe method of payment.
    I really love GearBest

  13. gearbest is one of my favorite shopping site its so easy to buy there and you earn points for each order and review. the prices are way chipper than other sites and stores and their support is very good too.


  14. So far i’ve made only one purchase with Gearbest, but i’ll definitely will buy much more from this e-shop. I like their bonus system so much! It provokes me to spend more money on some goods, but on the other hand i get bonus points which may serve as kind of personal discount.

    Speaking exactly about my order, it was order W1606061558490259 i’ve bought Mad Hatter V2 RDA with the most profitable price. It was the lowest i’ve found in the Internet. I’ve expected some time flaws due to popularity of this dripper and the lowest price, but it went smoothly and i got my order in time. Soon i’ll buy some other atty with Gearbest and most of desirable attys have really low price at Gearbest. As a result, Gearbest got me as a regular customer.

  15. Hello the first I have to say abaout GearBest is they have te best client atention you will never be alone, I use to import productos to México city tomy clients of my webpage and somtimes my clients change somthing like the model or the color and I have to make the changes in the GearBest and always have a fast atention and a good solution from gearbest.
    The second is the price: they have the lowest prices definitely.
    And the third: the delivery time and the shipping metod for example this order Order No.:W1606240203443388 couse i buy 3 products the expedited shipping was free, and arrived just in 4 days after delivery, and this is another thing you always know the delivery time becouse you can see in the product Description the date they can make the delivery and also see the Shipping Cost before you buy.
    I found the best solution in GearBest to import products to México.

  16. My first order with GearBest went smoothly. I had ordered a pair of walkie talkies (T-668). The shipping was free and the item arrived in about 15 days and that is usually the time it takes for shipment from overseas. The item was as described, and I had no problems whatsoever. Will definitely be buying more from them.

  17. Hello dear buyers,
    I’m a user from Bulgaria and I’ve come here to share my experiences with
    At least for me it is one of the best Chinese online stores! I have more than 10 orders from Gearbest always, everything is arrive on time … Especially my last order (RM-LC2010 1080P FHD 5MP Car Rearview Camera Monitor DVR) order number W1606232257532894 for $ 25.59 came to me in Bulgaria only for 12 days !!! The products are always in good quality, well packaged and support of the site is at a high level and solve problems within 24 hours. So I recommend to all my friends highly!!!

  18. Delivery in this store is very fast. In Ukraine, the product comes for 15-25 days, shipping faster than in many other stores. Product quality at the highest level. With regard to return, I can say that the store is doing everything possible so that the customer was satisfied with the maintenance service. I recommend this store.
    I buy mostly gadgets.

  19. Great shop. Very fast delivery, and all my items are solid quality.
    I am very satisfied.
    Highly recommended!

  20. So this is my humble share of my experience with I’ve been registerd with this store since Jun 2016 and had a great experience with them so far.
    Yes, like somebody says some Items hang at a Postal Service as “Item is pre-advised” but sooner or later they begin tracking, and finally 2-3 weeks later I get the item. For instance:
    W1606250337086141 Delivered
    W1606240345236409 Delivered
    W1606240340493171 Delivered
    W1606240332043732 Delivered

    And two more to receive yet.

    I had a question to their Customer Service: The reply was not so quick but clear.
    So overall, this store is great, have a lot of good reviews, reliable and prices are VERY competitive, which is a great thing for us, customers. Would definitely buy more and recommend to all my friends!

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