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Cool gadget store Gearbest.comWhen it comes to China-based online shopping sites, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity. Especially in Shenzhen, where the majority of electronic gadget factories are located, you can find online gadget shops doing international business everywhere and Gearbest.com is one of them.

Store background

Although Gearbest leaves an England-based office address on its official website for contact needs, its major operation centre as well as warehouse facilities should be positioned in Shenzhen. It is, in nature, a Chinese online international store serving global buyers. From the Norton Secured (powered by Verisign) identity verification page, I noticed that Gearbest.com belongs to SHENZHEN GLOBALEGROW E-COMMERCE CO LIMITED, a tested legitimate Chinese company owning a number of shopping sites.

Store credibility

I personally believe that Gearbest.com is a legit site after a thorough investigation into it. Here are my reasons:
1. It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.
2. The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it.
3. It accepts safe payment methods such as Paypal or credit cards.
4. I have received a quality-made product from the online store. Click here to read my review of the novelty glasses offered by Gearbest.com.

Highlights of Gearbest

What Gearbest.com impresses me most is the refreshing style of its homepage. Being simple and neat, it looks so comfortable and every product showcased there looks amazingly cool. Just as how it advertizes itself, it is a store where we can buy all kinds of cool gear, including cell phones and accessories, tablet PCs and accessories, car electronics, audio and video, LED lights, lifestyle supplies, men’s clothing and more. A total of over 100 categories are carried by the store and it is a good place to find inspiration on how to lead a cool and fashionable life with lovely gadgets.

Cool gadgets at low prices
Like other popular gadget shops such as Banggood.com or Focalprice.com, Gearbest.com offers a competitive wholesale price for each product plus worldwide free shipping. Some gadgets there are available at as low as under $1.

One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with the product purchased from the site, you can return it for a refund within 45 days of receiving the package. Also, you can send it back to the store for an exchange within 3 months of receipt. In addition, the store provides free repair and lifetime technical support.

The customer service provided by Gearbest.com is quite impressive, too. Besides 24/7 live chat service, you can reach its service staff through its USA helpline +1(899)-138-0318 for any pre-sales or after-sales issues. I always believe that a Chinese site needs courage and enough human resources to provide phone call service. As for the quality standards of its customer support, why not give it a try yourself?

Money-saving tip: do remember to search for valid Gearbest coupon codes before making payment for an order with the store.

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  1. Son says:

    Do not order merchandises from China
    The way they run business isn’t like in the U.S.
    plus cheap price=cheap stuff

  2. Redfox2000 says:

    I bought several items from Gearebest and I was greatly satisified. I had few troubles which were soon resolved by the team. My experience with Gearbest is very positive and I’ll surely buy again with confidence and I invite also all people to do the same.

  3. Joe says:

    I have purchased a number items from GearBest with great results. I currently reside in the US and checked the free shipping tab. Yes, it took quite a few days to get here, but you cannot expect to receive it next day air when it is free shipping. Due to great prices, cool gadgets, and free shipping I will be purchasing from them again.

  4. Linda D says:

    I took the risk with these guys on a pre-order of a Goblin mini atomizer and they have been good. Everything I’ve ordered has arrived and been as described. I’ve only ordered vaping supplies, temp control mods, atomizers etc, but have had no problem and been very happy with the quality.
    If you use the slowest postal option it can take up to a month for goods to arrive, but I paid the extra $2.50 to use Australia post on more recent orders and have had my stuff inside two weeks.
    Gearbest are a legitimate vendor in my opinion and provided you are prepared to wait a couple of weeks, offer very good pricing on some of their vaping supplies.

  5. gearbest.com is Fraudulent says:

    gearbest.com is fraudulent. gearbest.com is a china based fishing site.

    I have no idea how it happened, but this site captured my paypal information and made 16 fraudulent charges to my paypal account. if you are reading this and a similar situation happened to you, report the fraud to your bank and/or credit card company immediately.

    there are commenters here claiming they used and received merchandise from gearbest.com. no way, that’s internet misinformation and propaganda. point is, these commenters are disingenuous fabrications, they aren’t real.

  6. Mohammed says:

    GearBest is the best shopping website that I’ve ever seen. The payment is securised, I can pay my orders with different payment methods, the customer service is very kind, everytime I contact them they answer me quickly. I’ve purchased many products from Gearbest and they have a good quality also the price is very low. I like the points system so I can get a reduction on my future orders without any issue! The shipping is very fast and the order package is very good. Finally I’m very proud of being a customer of GearBest!

  7. Binary says:

    My device shipped out a day early. Which seems legit. I will see if it shows up or not soon.

  8. PZ says:

    It‘s sad to hear that some people had disappointed shopping in GearBest. Personally I can’t say anything wrong or bad about them and I really enjoy buying from them, many good deals, especially if you are looking for quality products from China and trying to compare prices on others sites, easy to use and what regarding shipping, yes, parcels delivered from China but terms I can‘t say worse compare to others. In short so far it is one of my favourites.

  9. Dave Williams says:

    Personally i have had no problems with Gearbest. They have always been as straight as an arrow to me at least. The one occasion i did have a problem when an item was damaged in the post Gearbest made good on it and replaced the item without me having to send it back.Have had terrible problems dealing with other Chinese sites, especially one beginning with “A”. So will be continuing to deal with Gearbest from now on. How they sell some of the stuff so cheap i have no idea.

  10. Martin says:

    I was very pleased and happy with my recent Gearbest purchase. The item was delivered well packaged with a good tracking system and the postage was free!

    I will not hesitate in using Gearbest in the future. Great products, excellent support and good customer service.

    Many thanks!

  11. Artur Dzhalalov says:

    You deiced whether to have business with them or not.
    3 Июль г. 11:33
    Shame on you. Ticket: T15062356420
    Order Number: W150619140224****
    Message Type: After-sale Order Enquiries /Order Tracking
    Subject: Payment
    Message: Hello, I have a question about my payment. Have you received the money? If yes, is there a problem with my order, because the status of it still processing 4 days. If you have any information about dates when its gonna ship and estimated time of delivery, please let know. Thank you.
    Ticket Status: Processing
    Full Name: Artur Dzhalalov
    Gearbest Customer Support  At :06/24/2015 09:14:54 UTC
    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your message.

    We have got the money for this order.

    We are now testing the items (QC check) for you.

    Please kindly wait 3-5 days for the order to be shipped.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime.

    We will always be here for your service.

    Best regards


    Gestbest Customer Service


    Artur Dzhalalov  At :06/24/2015 07:48:37 UTC
    Thank you for the response. I`ll wait Смайлик «smile»
    Artur Dzhalalov  At :07/01/2015 07:12:53 UTC
    Well, I waited for 5 business days( although you mentioned only 3-5 days), and nothing happened. Whats going on? I ordered new phone because my old one quit working. I had some free time, so I could make it through without a smartphone. My free time is out and I need the smartphone which i ordered and payed for. Please explain me what the problem is, so we could come up with a solution together.
    Gearbest Customer Support  At :07/03/2015 09:24:36 UTC
    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your message.

    We are trying our best to ship it.

    If you can wait, we will ship as fast as we can.

    If you do not want to wait, we can cancel and refund.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime.

    We will always be here for your service.

    Best regards


    Gestbest Customer Service


    Artur Dzhalalov  At :07/03/2015 04:15:07 UTC
    You haven`t answer my question (What is wrong?), you seem not to get the situation.
    Artur Dzhalalov  At :07/03/2015 04:28:03 UTC
    You asked me to wait and I did. No you asking me to wait again. Why would I believe you? Why would I think that you are trying your best? Of course refund is an option, but how you will refund me my time? The time that i spend waiting for you to do your job, the time that it will take you to refund, and the time that I will spend waiting for new phone? Answer all of my questions! Explain the reason of the delay, state clearly how long you want me to wait and commit to what you say and be responsible. P.S. If you think that this is not serious situation and you can keep being “nice” and politely ask me to wait, you are wrong. P.P.S Fix this Best regards Pearl Gestbest (Gearbest???) Customer Service http:www.gearbest.com
    GearBest – Best Gadgets & Electronics Deals
    Shop for Best cool gadgets including cell phones, tablet pcs, mobile accessories, flashlights, projectors, tv box, home gadgets, outdoor gear and men’s clothing at unbeatable great prices, free shipping worldwide on all orders.
    4 Июль г. 13:22
    24 hours and no response:( Talk to me people. So far it might be the worst and the only bad experience that I had with Chinese traders (first time for the 4 years I`ve been purchasing from China)
    5 Июль г. 3:45

    We are sorry for delay ,technology team is testing item in order to make sure it works well,so we take longer time to arrange your order.
    We will arrange shipping as soon as possible,and please wait 2-3 days to check shipping .
    Thank you for your understanding.
    5 Июль г. 11:15
    I`ll wait 3 days from today if item will not be shipped, i will take actions.
    By the way, if you really care about your customers. Pearl is not the best representative of your company. Make sure you understand one thing Pearl failed to answer my questions.
    6 Июль г. 4:06

    We are so sorry for that.We do our best to get to the forms submitted and to the appropriate channels. We understand that no one is perfect and want to do our best to improve with the feedback that’s given.
    7 Июль г. 9:50
    You send me two phone covers without a phone. You are insulting me.
    Среда 6:25

    We are sorry for this inconvenience and empathize with your frustration.

    Please follow these steps and kindly answer the following questions:

    -Does the item show any signed that it has been opened?
    -Please send us clear pictures of the box on all angles.
    -Please tell us the outer weight indicating on the box.
    -Please open a claim to your local post office stating the tracking number and the delivery date.
    Среда 8:40
    You are not following the situation.
    Items have been shipped out before display as follows:
    Shipping Information: Shipping Number:
    Artur Dzhalalov
    12636 Kipling ave south
    Savage Minnesota [Zipcode: 55378]
    T:9522016803 UF14362384366146
    Shipping Method:
    America Line(SF)
    Product Name SKU QTY Subtotal
    Stand Design TPU and PC Material Tire Pattern Protective Back Cover Case for Lenovo K3 Note 130151001 1 $4.01
    Luxury Wallet Flip Leather Case Stand Cover for Lenovo K3 Note Phone Bags Pouch 133338104 1 $5.38
    Dash and Windshield Vacuum Suction Cup Car Mount for GoPro Hero 3/2/1 DP0032601 1 $5.22

    Remaining items to be shipped:
    Product Name SKU QTY Subtotal
    Lenovo K3 Note (k50 – t5) Android 5.0 5.5 inch 4G LTE Phablet 128228801 1 $157.99
    The package should normally take 5-15 business days to arrive (approximately). However, please understand this is an estimate. The shipping speed is outside our control and is dependent on the courier company.
    Why it is 5-15 business days if I payed for expedited shipping???
    Среда 21:34

    Hi. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We will do our best to help you .Please send us your order number,phone number and name or the email address you used to order. We will then offer a solution as soon as possible. Thank you,Calista.
    Четверг 0:56
    You got to be kidding me, my PHONE number. My phone died that is why i ordered one from you. W1506191402246611. You can contact me via e-mail or facebook. Artur Dzhalalov.

    Thank you very much for your recent message.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.
    I have checked the stock availability and I’m extremely pleased to inform you that the remain item phone you have ordered are in stock and are now ready for shipping.

    We kindly ask that you wait for one or two days more for the shipment.
    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.c
    Пятница 0:22
    Make sure it would be expedited shipping,which i paid for, 3-5 business days.

    We would like to thank you for your recent order with us.
    Your order has been shipped out and shipping date is 07/07.
    The tracking number is 4205537892748927004800150300959512 and tracking site:http://www.17track.net/en/
    130151001 x 1 133338104 x 1 DP0032601 x 1
    We want to confirm you that your parcel shipped out ,maybe haven’t had time to update the website, please wait for 2-3 days.

    I have checked the stock availability and I’m extremely pleased to inform you that the items 128228801 Lenovo K3 Note (k50-t5) Android 5.0 5.5 inch 4G LTE Phablet

    you have ordered are in stock and are now ready for shipping.

    We kindly ask that you wait for one or two days more for the shipment.
    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.c
    Пятница 10:03
    This is not working The tracking number is 4205537892748927004800150300959512 and tracking site:http://www.17track.net/en
    http://www.17track.net International Registered/Parcel/EMS/Express tracking system lets you track postal shipments for over 120 countries and TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, GLS, ARAMEX.
    Понедельник 21:01
    Where is my phone?!
    3 часа назад
    I asked you a question.
    2 часа назад


    Thank you very much for your recent message.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.
    I have checked the stock availability and I’m extremely pleased to inform you that the phone you have ordered are in stock and are now ready for shipping.
    We kindly ask that you wait for one or two days more for the shipment.
    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.c
    29 мин. назад
    Are you fucking kidding me!!!!!
    You just copied previous stupid reply!!!!!!

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

    I mean we will ship your remian phone these 2 days.c
    I`ve heard that before and nothing happend.
    Do you understand that it has been almost one month since I`ve ordered the phone.
    And stop saying that you are sorry; your lies insult me.

    We will ship it asap.
    Thank you.
    Your name please.

    Ship it today, Calista. Asap is not your case. Almost one month!!! Ship it today. You said it`s in stock. I don`t fucking get it why da fuck you can`t send it. I`m am not going to let you guys off.

    Thank you for placing an order with us.

    I called the related people to ship your order today.c
    I`m waiting for conformation and tracking number
    A real conformation with a real tracking number, not this BS We would like to thank you for your recent order with us.
    Your order has been shipped out and shipping date is 07/07.
    The tracking number is 4205537892748927004800150300959512 and tracking site:http://www.17track.net/en/
    http://www.17track.net International Registered/Parcel/EMS/Express tracking system lets you track postal shipments for over 120 countries and TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, GLS, ARAMEX.

  12. Brandon Van Houten says:

    HearBest has been one of the best online stores I have ever used. Such low prices and free shipping !! Their Service to responding and shipping and payment are great they get back to you very quickly. I would recommend them to everyone.

  13. VG says:

    Ordered Elephone P7000 from Gearbest on 30th May in pre-sale which was supposed to end on 20th June…. since then they keep extending the pre-sale. Everytime I ask “when are you shipping”, I get a reply “please wait”.

    On top of that they keep getting orders for more, without telling prospective Buyers that they may have to wait for 2-3 months or longer…. Buyers beware.

  14. George says:

    Finding real reviews for this site is difficult. While I will possibly order from GB in the future, It will only be for small items as the item quality and CS are very poor. They wish to get ONLY GOOD REVIEWS of their site. They only publish good reviews of their products.
    I had an issue with a product and they were ignoring the support ticket until they sent me another ticket with “Please review our site favorably” request – which I could not given they did not respond to my original defective item ticket. Now I am getting the run-around on the return.

  15. sam says:

    Not a good site,over a month now and still waiting. These people need to be reported and stop stealing people money.

  16. Cassios says:

    I am extremely pleased with all the purchases made in Gearbest. The products bought today are of great quality, for this reason I keep buying from you guys. Not to mention the low prices and promotions made by Gearbest, no other site gives customers this kind of gift.

  17. Charlie says:

    After months of trying to get my order or a refund this is how the handel their business. So you decide. My order was placed on March 11 2015

    :04/07/2015 10:57:52 CST Thank you very much for your recent message.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

    I have checked the stock availability and I’m extremely pleased to inform you that the item you have ordered is in stock now and will arrange to ship it.

    We kindly ask that you wait for one or two days more before you receive the shipping information. You can see the shipping information when you log into our website and review your order or you can contact with us again and we will give you the delivery information along with the website where you can track the progress of the package.

    Thank you for your patience and kind support.

    Best Regards


    Me-Strange how the items are suddenly in stock when I inquired about my purchase. It has been 3 weeks with no updates or anything. Not sure if I would ever purchase anything else from you or recommend you to anyone else.

    Them-Thank you very much for your contact.

    We need to receive the item from our supplier,sometimes the stock will out of our control.

    The delivery information of your order:
    customers:Cxxxxxx Hxxxxxx, shipping address: xxxxxxxxxxxxx, city:xxxxx, state:TX, zip_code:xxxxxx, country:US, phone:512-xxx-xxxx
    reference number: CN14283027882873, shipping method: China Post Unregistered, shipping date: April 07,2015 17:34:32 PM PST, estimated time: 10-25 business days
    sku*quantity: 119570901 * 2

    04/22/2015 09:36:29 CST I still have not recieved my orders, Please refund me my funds.

    04/23/2015 05:28:09 CST Thank you very much for your contact.

    We are extremely sorry that you have not received your order yet.

    Although most orders sent with this service provider can arrive between 10 and 25 working days, some orders can be delivered up to 45-60 days after their dispatch . This is why we use 60 days to consider the package lost.

    We shipped on April 07,2015.Therefore your delivery deadline will expire on June 07,2015.

    Based on our policy we can offer compensation on that date .

    Please free to contact us on that date if you haven’t received the package, we will offer you a compensation.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.Hope you will receive your package soon.

    If any problem,please feel free to contact us anytime.

    Best Regards,


    06/09/2015 03:58:32 CST Ok enough is enough, This order is now way over 60 days old and I demand reembursement NOW.
    Here are the order numbers and the amounts.
    WW1503190459185853 $34.76 and WW1503150557456790 for $12.44.

    06/14/2015 05:54:41 CST

    I am sorry for this unusual delay to reply you and we will make sure it does not happen again.

    We apologize with this delay and sincerely regret you have not received your order.

    Unfortunately it appears that your order has been lost on the way.

    After reviewing your order, we found out you haven’t purchased any insurance during the check-out.
    We will still do our best to help you.

    Therefore here are the best solutions we can offer you:

    1)Refund 50% of the product to your paypal account or credit card
    The product value is USD $34.76 and $12.44,we can refund $17.38 and $6.22 back to you.

    2) 70% refund to GB wallet
    In that case we refund USD $24.33 and $8.7 on your wallet for further shopping on our store

    3) Reship the order
    We can reship the order.For this, please kindly send us 50%($23) of the order value so that we can arrange the shipment.

    Please kindly let us know your decision.

    Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    We appreciate your understanding.

    Best Regards

    You Decide for yourself.

  18. Fast Eddie says:

    Horrible experience. They cannot give me a more definitive response to my questions,

    Let me give you a run down of the timeline:

    3/19 – Order Placed on Pre-order
    3/28 – Funds removed from account
    4/17 – Item still not arrived, inquiry sent
    End April – Told item was not in stock, wait til early May
    Early May – Told item was actually in stock, mistake made, wait 1 week
    5/18 – Told QC check incomplete, told to wait more
    5/20 – Told that the item will be shipped the following week
    5/29 – Told to wait longer
    5/31 – Told to wait longer, there is no stock til early June.

    Keep note…to this date…I have WAITED 73 DAYS since Pre-Order, (57 days since the actual release of the item, April 4th). And they still have no answers for me. It’s been a heck of a back and fourth. And completely frustrating. Not to mention they still have my funds and are slow to refund.

    To save …I wanna say 4 Dollars from somewhere else I could have purchased…not worth the hassle.

    DO NOT! I warn you…DO NOT! Buy from this site…You may not ever get your item.

  19. MIke says:

    I found this site by accident and only later found out it is based in China. No where on the site does it indicate you are dealing with an international vendor. In my case, they use some mailing system that you can not track your order. After waiting 3 weeks, I contacted company and was told to “wait patiently up to 45 days and if order still not arrive, contact my local post office”. Low and behold, order arrived today, 26 days after placing my order. Woohoo. So if you want to be patient and wait up to 45 days or longer to get your order, this is the place for you.

  20. Alan says:

    I have read all of these reviews and I am furious over the way these customers have been treated. I purchased a watch for just $24.03 incl insurance. I ordered it on the 17th of May, they say it shipped on the 19th, however unable to track item. Get no response from their stupid tickets, cannot call them you get message to leave a ticket or message and they will get right back , unable to get on chat, you are told how many are in front of you and then when it gets down to about two you are disconnected! Is it possible that we can contact the F.C.C or a Dept of Internet Security and request based on their activities to have them banned from all contact with U.S.A. internet facilities. It sure would be a good thing to do! I’d gladly put my name on that list!

  21. Shaz says:

    Made the mistake of ordering a phone from them recently. Days after receiving said phone the screen became distorted and heavily pixelated. I contacted them on instructions on how to return the faulty phone based on the mentioned issues. After countless messages on their ticketing system, I am still getting the most generic responses (time wasters). I have asked for instructions how to proceed numerous times. They gave 3 options, one of them being I could return the phone and they would replace however I would be responsible for return shipping. That in itself is unfair but I could suck it up. But now, half a dozen messages later, now they have repeated that same message and have tagged on that for me to get the phone returned, I will also need to pay $40 USD. What a freaking joke. I told them they can stick it and I will be contacting paypal. See what their next generic come back is.

  22. Anthony Richardson says:

    Very poor service received recently. Purchased a phone from them and they made the mistake of not setting it up for international use. When I notified them of the situation, they offered me 30 USD (on a 250 device). Yes, I am serious.

    Do not buy from these people.

  23. garry williams says:

    Made two seperate orders, got shipping numbers claiming to be from Netherlands. NO trace of them online !. NOT amused and will not be using them again, paypal claim back next stop.

  24. Zen says:

    They are clueless.

  25. Jeff B. says:

    I made the mistake of buying a phone from these people. After 6 months of problems, I tried to return the phone for warranty service. They tried to get me to take it to a local shop saying they would pay half the cost! I told them I wanted them to fix it! I shipped it to them per their instructions and got delivery confirmation. Gearbest claims they didn’t receive it.
    Moral of the story? Buy from a local company where you can TAKE IT TO A PERSON! Gearbest will take your money and then ignore your warranty claim. What to they care? They’re in China! What are you going to do?

  26. Stefan Beese says:

    Its Horrible! I ordered two remote helicopters from them as a gift for my kids. They arrived within 18 and 20 days as two seperate shipments. Both helicopter cages where completely damaged and warped due to missing packaging protection or a secondary box. I filed two tickets , send all documentation in form from photos of unboxing these and the damages on the items..I asked for sending new items imideately but Customer service responded with an automatic mail and then nothing right after. No apologies or up dates on any actions they will take.
    We tried their live chat and US numbers. No customer service available as stated on the website (24/7 customer service!) This is a Absolutely unprofessional service..Never again!

  27. Kel says:

    I went to order an item from their deals page… the posted coupon code did not discount correctly for the price named. Contacted GB in email and via question on the item- they pulled the item from their webpage! Afterwards, found the item for the same price at a competitors site- GB said they would price match, but only gave the same coupon as before- still $20 more than their “deal” they would not honor. Now I see they bait and switch frequently with other reviews. I have another order “in the mail” from them, have to wonder if it will ever arrive.

  28. Sha says:

    The worst company I have ever delt with….

  29. GoodHear says:

    This is a Bullshit Service…They seems to be fraud and its been over a month since i received my small product…the customer service person itself says that the shipping is rediculous and it takes atleast 2 months.to get product if you are lucky..beware of buying anything from this site..just check for the product in ebay and buy at a lesser cost and more reliable shipping service…Pls beware of this site..gearbest.com ..they are nowdays placing lot of ads and deceiving people..they should be stopped..Pls help in spreading about this service..they are cheating people in a large scale by self inducted good review in various posts.by the time people realize it, they would have brought at least 1 product..

  30. Theodora says:

    I bought two tablets one of which has a problem charging. They’re asking me to send it back and pay shipping to send and take it back which is about $60 while the tablet cost me $48. otherwise they want me to pay 80% of the cost for a new one or if I have it serviced they will give me 25% of repair cost!! That’s ridiculous. The customer service people are unacceptable. On top of that they didn’t even publish my poor review on their site, that’s why all reviews are 5 star.

  31. Oli says:

    Avoid to shop with gearbest !!!!!

    I purchased an item on Feb 9th. Today is March 31st and I still not have my product.

    Support told me that I get my money back if the item not arrive after 45 days. I asked for refund but now they dont want to refund me.

    Is this a behavior of an international company who say he is one of the market leaders.

    It looks like they collecting money from credit cards and if they have enough they will disappear.

    Shame on them. I contact paypal and ask them to check the potential fraud.

    Never again gearbeat.

  32. phil says:

    fasttech is another china based co. that is very very slow delivery and most of their products are not in stock & they don’t answer your calls. they say that they are restocking my items for weeks at a time & finally after having to cancel my orders 3 times & use they money or credit they gave me on something else. after a month finally got the coils i ordered & the mod i ordered they still say restocking. i’ll never order here again!!! i’ll pay the little bit extra & only buy in the USA only from now on as i have in the past & never had an issue with any order! hope this helps people & thanks for all the other replies.

  33. ant Ron says:

    I wouldn’t deal with GearrBest if they were giving the products out for free. They are incompetent, unfair, unreliable cheats and thieves

  34. Sam says:

    Because I have a problem with the gearbest.com order I placed, I’m out searching for other’s experience. Wish I’d looked for info about gearbest.com before placing the order! No where on their site do they say that they are located in China and that items are sent from China. The customer service number they list is a NYC area code which is the only indication of a location but they are in China. That in and of itself should be a clue that it’s a bit shady. Their shipping times listed are six to fourteen days for US. That’s never going to happen China to the states with regular post so that is misleading. It seems as though they know that if they came right out and said on their site we are located in China and it will take a month or more to get something you order from us that they know they will loose business because even if the price is a few dollars less than eBay or Amazon waiting over a month for the item is rarely worth it. So they don’t say that they are in China and get a lot of negative customer experiences instead. It would be better if they were honest and said we are located in China and it will likely take over a month for your item to get to you.

  35. Ronald Swager says:

    Waited over 7 weeks for delivery. Package has still not arrived.
    I was given either a fraudulent or invalid tracking number which proved useless. They ignored my requests for a correct tracking number.

    Further contacts with customer support have resulted in nothing but generic form replies and no action.

    I will be filing a fraud complaint against both GearBest and PayPal.

  36. Christopher says:

    I ordered DJ-361 headphones from here in Mid January, its almost mid march and they still haven’t arrived, the 45 day mark has passed, I want my headphones. I could’ve gotten them off DealsMachine but Gearbest seemed like a good choice. I better get my headphones or I’m done with Gearbest and DealsMachine will have gained a new customer.

  37. its interesting and a must read. totally honest. says:

    i ordered a smartwatch from gearbest and first when i paid for it, kit said ‘error, go back and check the shipping address.’ and when i did everything was correct. but at that moment i had to go out with my brother so i decided to just pay when i came back. the amazing thing is after 10-15 minutes later, i got an email from my bank stating that i paid 83 dollars for a smartwatch from gearbest, and i saw that 83 dollars was deducted from my account. so i was confused but decided to let it go. after 5 days or so i got an email saying that i had an order waiting to be paid from gearbest. i called my bank i was registered in and they said that i didnt get a refund and that i still had to pay inorder to get my package. what surprised me was that the 83 dollars was deducted email……. no longer was there even though i paid and i know i paid because i didnt use my credit card for a while so the amount was the same as after i paid!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont think i will be getting my order as im getting the impression that this site is fake.

  38. robert says:

    I have been working as affiliate with the most of chinese wholesalers since 1995, and as for me gear best is one of the best company currently on the market, that for their prices, ultra competitive, and their shipments (very fast).
    I’m sorry to hear that other people have had problems with GB, because till now with my custommers it was always all OK.

  39. Dissappointed says:

    I purchased an item from this store through my credit card and have been waiting a month. Eventually i logged into my account to see what happened and they’re asking me for a scan of my personal ID and my credit card?? Who asks for that and why? I told them i am not comfortable scanning my ID and credit card for them and that they shouldn’t have charged my credit card if they were not going to ship out the item i purchased. Im really disappointed this seems to be a fraudulent site.

  40. Eddie says:

    I ordered a rather expensive item that did not ship for 1 week. A week later tracking says “alert” I contacted them via online chat the agent told me I had an incorrect tracking number and he gave a new tracking number, when I tracked it this package was going to france not the US where I live! When I told him this and asked why he was lying he replied “no” and ended the chat. I have since opened 3 tickets and they ignore my concern with the lying agent, blame customs and close the ticket. DO NOT BUY HERE! Customer service is the worst

  41. Tina says:

    People should know that GearBest is a fraudulent company based in China with any order taking over a month to get to you (in US). On top of that, the tablet I received was USED and BROKEN–no wi-fi service. Wanted me to pay $25 to return a $60 product for a refund. What utterly criminal and deceitful behavior. Shame on you!

  42. USAbuyer1 says:

    “On 12/2/14 I had placed the order and asked if I needed to upgrade shipping to get the package before 12/24/14. Their site says 14days business days from processing and ship date.
    2.On 12/3/14 the replied stating that it is in stock and is ready for shipping. They did not reply to the question of if it will get to me in time.
    3. On 12/3/14 I replied to them again and asked the same question and asked do I need to change shipping methods to get the package by 12/24/14
    4. On 12/12/14 (9 days later) they send me a message stating that the package has finally shipped.
    5. On 12/24/14 I sent them a message and said that their package must be lost and their tracking system does not work very well and that I would like to cancel the order.
    6. On 12/25/14 They just suggested that I check the post office.
    7. On 1/2/15 The package has still not been received. package finally showed up on 1/7/2015.

    I will never shop overseas again Expect over a months wait if not longer!

  43. Jim D says:

    You might save a few bucks with GearBest, but if you expect to receive your order in a reasonable time-frame, or you prefer some minimum level of customer service, you’re wasting your time!

    I placed an order on January 1 and paid with PayPal. On January 6, my order status was still showing as “Processing.” I tried several times to call their “24/7 Super Support Center,” but they didn’t answer their phone. After 25-30 minutes, a “Live Chat” rep (Larry) finally came online. After chatting back and forth for a while, he admitted that it could take 7-25 more business days for me to receive my order.

    I requested that GearBest cancel my order and give me a full refund ASAP. Larry agreed. I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

    Very disappointing transaction!

  44. 29ayush says:

    Guys This Is The Worst Site ever made for online shopping as i think.
    At least i had the worst shopping experience with it .

    Its Been 25 days and i have still not received my order .
    First They Don’t Reply To Tickets
    And If They Do They Have Just One Thing “Keep Patience”
    They Offer GB Points For Your Wait ( As i come to know by my experience and other reviews) but guys its waste coz what will you do of them if you dont receive your orders
    You Will Just Be Giving Them More Of Your Money To Steal
    So I Came To Warn And Share My Experience
    Whatever The Case Maybe However Cheap You Find The Product on this website just dont shop from it
    Safe Shopping
    Ayush Mittal
    Order No.: WW1412042328347526

  45. Chris says:

    I placed an order with Gear-best since 10th December and made payment through PayPal. Even though PayPal is a secured payment site, they still ask that I send proof of my id and card details to prove I am the true owner of the payment before they will ship my goods. I refused at first but eventually sent this info. They have been promising to ship my goods since, spending time on their online chatting site, because no one would answer their phones, which I also found to be fruitless. I raised a claim with PayPal, and now they’re threatening not to ship goods till I remove the claim. I will not because it’s my only chance I have of getting my money back. They are not reliable and cannot be trusted. I question how authentic they are. Customer service extremely poor.

  46. dustin says:

    They canceled over 2000 orders due to an error on their end while having an 85% off sale they decided not to honor that sale canceled all the orders and returned the money without an explanation neadless to say i will never shop there again nor will i recomend it ti anyone

  47. Tom says:

    I am in the US. I placed my first (and last) order and selected the slowest shipping option as I regularly do with Amazon. I did not realize that this meant that the order would be “mailed” from China. After waiting a month, I submitted a trouble ticket. They promptly informed me that no action would be taken until 45 days had passed. After 45 days, I still had not received my order and added to my ticket. I am now waiting for a refund.

  48. leiji says:

    “The worst shopping experience I had.

    1)Took almost 1 month to ship to USA. Their web page said about 10-12 days to USA.

    2) The phone arrived was dead, never charging or powering up. I tried various adapters, cables. Now I have to pay international shipping rate to mail back in order to get refund. I am not sure they will honor.

    3) The comments on their site are too good to be true. The products they shipped not confirming the reviews. Am I the only person getting the default product?

    4)Their custom support is not responsive. You have to call to get response.

    5) will update on the refund.

    Advice, save your trouble and headache and buy on Amazon.”

  49. Bonnie says:

    You are saying that Gear Best is a Chinese Company Then why when I am wanting to know where an order is They say that it is shipped from Warehouse in Netherlands That is all I can get out of the as I am waiting for an item that was ordered beginning of August They say online that from time of order to approved payment recieved & shipped & recieved by customer is Suppossed to be 25 days I keep emailing them (because they’re tracking page does not work ) & they keep telling ” wait 3 day order shipped from Netherlands ” so do you know a better way to contact these people & get a real answer?

  50. Florence says:

    DO NOT buy from Gearbest. I just experienced the worst online shopping ever. I bought a few things, two cheap watches arrived after a month, then a smashed camera which was poorly packaged…I was asked for another $5 for them to reship….then 40 days after ordering, I was told the phone I bought was out of stock….Still waiting for refund…They wait a long time to communicate to make the transaction outside of the 45 days Paypal dispute limitations.

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