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Coupon codes are applied very extensively nowadays, especially in online shopping. Just simply by entering the coupon code at checkout, a buyer can instantly get a certain discount on the order. For buyers, coupon codes with different face values are a great way to save money. As a result, a good number of regular shoppers tend to search for coupon codes before they place an order with some store. If you have such a habit, you are obviously not alone.

Coupon Codes

Among all famed China-based online shopping stores, two websites stand out in terms of the frequency of coupon offering: and Some of their coupon offers are advertised on the inserted banners underneath the header section of the homepages while some are sent to their potential clients by newsletter or promotional email. Still, coupon codes are not as frequently issued by the two companies as other types of promotions are. So, when shopping from Lightinthebox or Milanoo, chances of saving cost with coupon codes are comparatively rare. Once you get the chance, never miss it out.

Today many third parties start to share coupon information offered by different companies on the Internet. For instance, on our website, you can see our Coupon Codes section and Coupon Codes & Promotions category are updated regularly with the latest coupon info collected from a number of China-based or US-based online stores. If you want to get the latest coupon codes launched by such stores, you can just check the updates on our website. Or, you can search more info elsewhere, of course.

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