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Like other discount offers, limited-time offers are all about discounts and markdowns. But unlike general sales, limited-time offers last for a fixed period only, usually a very short time range. Besides, the discounts available in a limited-time offer tend to be much deeper than in an ordinary special offer. For such offers, sometimes you can even see an impossibly low price that will never come back again. Obviously, limited-time offers are the No.1 money-saving opportunity and smart shoppers will never miss them out.

Usually, limited-time offers are indicated on the homepage promotional banners too. But some online shopping shops in China have a fixed zone for different limited time-range offers. The most famous special zones of limited-time offers are:

  • Today’s Deals” on Milanoo.com. Discounts of around 50%, sometimes up to 60% are offered on select items and last for that very day only. Occasionally, some of the deals are extended to be available for 48 or 72 hours instead of 1 day only. But in most cases, the rare deals will be gone as the day ends. We’ve been watching the updates on Milanoo’s Today Deals (also called as “Daily Madness Deals“) for months and found that the super-low prices available there are really time-based. So if you find any item you want there, order before the deal is gone—don’t miss the great chance to save your money.

Milanoo Today's Deals

  • “Weekly Deals” on Vankle.com. This promotional program was launched just weeks ago by Vankle and is updated on each Tuesday (GMT +8:00). Similarly, the deals included there are offered at ultra-low prices that last for the very week only. When the week (7 days since the update date) ends, the products will be offered at regular prices again. Currently, most items included in Vankle’s Weekly Deals are apparel, sports goods or fashion jewelry.

Vankle Weekly Deals

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