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Discount offers are one of the most common special offers. All Chinese online stores offer discounts on various items regularly or irregularly. However, different stores may display their discount information in different forms or places. If you want to find out the discount offers in a new online store, our special instructions below may help you out.

Most often, you can find discount offers from the banners posted on the homepages of different websites, usually at the middle top, the most visible place. Of course, discount offers can also be found on other banners positioned in other places, or in some featured sections. Some stores even put the logo labeled with specific discount amount right on some product images on the homepages. For example, on the homepage of Lightinthebox.com, when you see a product image marked with a “10% off” logo, it means the product is currently on sale with a 10% discount.

Lightinthebox Discount Offer

However, sometimes discounts are not shown in the form of specific percentages of discounts like mentioned above. Instead, a cut-down price will be shown under its original price (usually with a slash mark) to indicate the exact promotional price for the item. Both Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com often showcase their discount offers in this way.

Milanoo Special Offer

Also, discount or cut-down priced deals can be found in some fixed zones like the “Deals” zone on Lightinthebox.com, the “On Sale” zone on Milanoo.com and the “Specials” zone on Chinavasion.com. Based on our research, such zones with discount offers are generally updated on a weekly base and many stores choose to update the special zone on each Tuesday.

Chinavasion Special Zone

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