Jul 23

The weekend is coming and just a few minutes ago, Lightinthebox Weekend Deals made its debut. The so called “Weekend Deals” are selected from the vast array of items on Lightinthebox and offered at super low prices only available for this weekend. That is, the great deals will be gone as the weekend ends. If you happen see this information, you are lucky; if you find the wanted items from the Weekend Deals, you are even luckier. You won’t know how much you can save until you see the deals.

Below are some of the top offers we select from the first issue of Lightinthebox Weekend Deals. Just check them out and enjoy the weekend!

Peandant MP3 Players  Game Music Players Classic Pleated Dresses

BBQ Grills  Wireless Headphones  Tents

Sexy Mini Dresses  Denim Lace Dresses  Chiffon Dresses


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