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When Alibaba Group decided to launch its new global wholesale platform, many e-commerce experts in China shed doubts on the big move Alibaba was going to take. However, since AliExpress made its official debut in April 2010, all doubts have gradually gone. Today, as a giant in the arena of small wholesale business, AliExpress speaks another huge success of Alibaba.
China Wholesale Platform &

Over the past decade since its inception in 1999, has established an unbeatably big name on the global market of wholesale trade and almost all merchants know well about Comparatively, may be still a little bit strange to some businesses. If you are looking for orders in small quantities with fast shipment and secure protection, you are encouraged to learn more about AliExpress, right from here.

As the brand name indicates, AliExpress is composed of “Ali + Express”. Yes, from the very beginning, AliExpress is intended to be Alibaba’s express channel for wholesale transactions. We know, charges membership fees on suppliers and mainly provides information service between sellers and buyers. Different from, does not charge any fees on registered members (either suppliers or buyers) and inspects the whole transaction process between the two transaction parties. It’s a wholesale platform targeting small and medium-sized suppliers and buyers. There minimum orders as low as 1 item are accepted and express delivery, in some cases, fast and free shipping is offered. In addition, a vast array of item categories can be found on AliExpress—it truly is a one-stop-shop for small wholesale orders.

AliExpress Item Categories

AliExpress Escrow

AliExpress uses the Escrow service to provide complete protection on each transaction. Under the protection, buyers don’t need to worry that what they order will never arrive or what they purchase is not as described. Let’s make it simple enough: AliExpress only releases payment to the seller when the buyer is happy with the order received. Learn more about AliExpress Escrow >>

AliExpress Credibility

On the internet, we may occasionally find a few unhappy customers complaining about “AliExpress scam”. Just think about what a successful image Alibaba has built in the world, you would instantly realize that a reputed international company like Alibaba can’t in any possible rip its customers off. Some buyers may have some unpleasant experience with some individual sellers and fail to resort to AliExpress for a solution. That’s how most “AliExpress scam” complaints come out.

Here we would remind you that though AliExpress conducts a very strict policy to verify each supplier before authorizing their membership qualifications, not all suppliers are in practice qualified enough and some of them may be even dishonest. To avoid being scammed by such suppliers, you need to check the credibility of the supplier who offers items that interest you, in terms of feedback scores and ratings, supplier level and other details listed on the product detail page. If by any chance you are unhappy with the transaction, do remember to ask AliExpress for help in time.

AliExpress Shipping

On each product detail page, you can find all the shipping carriers available for the item under the “Shipping & Packing” tab. Each shipping company is listed there with detailed information including shipping cost, discount and delivery time. AliExpress provides a variety of shipping companies for buyers to choose from based on their preferences. For express delivery, the China wholesale platform offers EMS (China Post), UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, SF and more; for postal service, Air Mail (China Post) is available. However, not all these shipping methods are available on all items. It may also depend on whether the seller uses them to ship out orders. So just check the “Shipping & Packing” section as mentioned earlier.

AliExpress Payment

Currently, AliExpress accepts PayPal, Moneybookers, Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer. Some select debit cards are also accepted, including Maestro, Solo, Carte Bleue, PostePay, CartaSi, 4B and Euro6000. Meanwhile, AliExpress is adding more payment options. For details, click here >>

AliExpress Coupons

Discounts and special offers are frequently launched on, but coupons are rarely issued to all buyers, though from time to time AliExpress may send some coupons to its select customers. On the homepage of, you can see a “Promotional Products” page and an “All Promotions” page, where items on sale are all showcased there. To get the latest AliExpress coupons, you can see our updates on our AliExpress & Coupons page.

AliExpress All Promotions

As a conclusion, I should say, I myself have full confidence in AliExpress and believe it is the best China wholesale platform for small and medium-size transactions. By using AliExpress, buyers can enjoy secure and pleasant shopping with minimum costs and get quality items. Isn’t it exactly what most buyers are seeking for?

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123 Responses to “AliExpress Review: You Must Read This before Shopping at AliExpress”

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  1. Sam says:

    You can get extra savings on top for Ali express!!!
    I found this site it’s called and you get additional cash back on top of whatever Total you buy!!! There’s thousands of additional stores on it too. Just click on how to use and save for FREE!

  2. Richard D. says:

    Do not be fooled about the relatively cheap prices you see at Aliexpress compared to Ebay, Amazon, and other online retail shops. I bought some supplies from two stores in Aliexpress while my regular suppliers in Ebay and Amazon were unable to provide the items/stocks I needed.

    Here are the details to sum up my bad experience from Aliexpress;
    >The first purchase – Seller will earn your trust and even offered the goods at a discounted price. I thought this would be a good new supplier as the prices were cheap. So, I made two more purchases (which were actually just 3 days apart) after receiving the first goods.
    >The second purchase – The goods I’ve received were incomplete. They offered to send me the missing items but talk about waiting for another month and going through the long lines at our local post office again, and paying another postage fee just to claim that missing item. Really a hassle.
    >The third purchase – The good/items they sent me were not only incomplete but totally the wrong items. I’ve messaged the store several times but they wouldn’t reply. After a few days, the store closed.
    >I’ve filed a complaint via their so called “dispute’ facility. I’ve uploaded pictures and composed a detailed yet short description why I’m requesting for a partial refund.
    Yes, just partial not a total refund because a total refund would be impossible (BTW, they would only allow a few number of characters for you to explain). After a long wait, I received a message that my dispute was “invalid”. I won’t be getting ANY refund.

    I’m disappointed with the dishonest stores at Ali, but Aliexpress itself (with its dispute funtion) is just pure evil the way they allow or condone such stores to operate.

    One last thing. Buying from a “top-rated” or stores with 4 or five stars rating is not a guarantee as one of the commenters here have pointed out. One store from which I purchased is a top-rated store. Also, this review is not about receiving a shitty product. It’s about NOT receiving the items that I’ve paid for.

  3. noobkiller says:

    and read the fuckin reviews, if there is no rated star coz nobody bought it… do not fuckin try it… it will be scam… are people rly needed to get told of stuff like this omg?

    how u people get successfull to work in your pants….

  4. noobkiller says:

    horde of failbobs what the fuck, ordered so much stuff from ali to austria, 2 phones, some android tv boxes, some pants, stuff for the bike, everything worked like a charm if ur not a jerk…. of course they dont fuckin care, they sell shit for like 2$ which is at our stores for like 50$ so dont blame them to not take care of a repair that is 2$ worth…. buy another one and be happy of our throw away community… it is how it is… dont expect too much … *eyeroll*

  5. Zed says:

    Scammers. For 3 purchased items – two are dammaged, one was old and used and selled as new. The Customer service can’t help, the sellers not answered for mails. The sellers companies are scammers (for example Shop2788206 Store) and aliexpress not blocked him. They cooperate – that I am sure, that aliexpress is scammer too.

  6. Dean Yeagerbouski says:

    One word for Aliexpress – Don’t.
    It was an iffy situation until about six months ago. since the probability of receiving, getting what you ordered, getting fake goods or a whole series of other excuses is about 100%

  7. Suey says:

    Re : 42. Joe

    Same here, they disabled my account and not informed me. I go to those online chat, those agents told me that they would get it resolved but none and terminated my account.

    The email : ↓
    Hi Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting AliExpress.

    This is a follow-up email in regards to your disabled account that I sent out to our support.

    We regret to inform you that your AliExpress account has been terminated because you have continued to violate the Buyer Protection Program rules.

    Some of the reasons why your account has been terminated may include:

    · Claiming that an item is ‘not as described’ when the item condition is consistent with the description in the listing.
    · Claiming an item hasn’t been received when it has arrived.
    · Opening a case when you have already received a refund from the seller or reimbursement from your payment provider.
    · Opening a case against a seller to retaliate following previous disputes.
    · Threatening to open a case against a seller in order to get a discount or additional goods and services, when the item arrived in the described condition.
    · A pattern of excessively opening Buyer Protection cases.

    To learn more visit: Rules about Abusing the Buyer Protection Program (

    You don’t have to worry, you can still manage your orders through this link:

    If you have any further question, please visit our Help Center at

    AliExpress Customer Service Team​


  8. Suey says:

    Never go to Aliexpress, completely scam!

    As the items are not as description or lost, then you complain to Aliexpress, they will block your account. You will be unable to open a claim. Waiting for over 60 days, all the items are likely will not be arrived and as you report the items for not arrived, they will blame the buyer not the seller.The 100% refund policy and buyer protection is fake. They spoiled those replica sellers and inferior/defect items sold on their website.

  9. Joe says:

    Their should be a minus on the stars, I order items from AliExpress and I got some, but did not get other items after I placing a complaint and waiting over two 2 month
    there resolution is a scam, now I know how the owner is a billionaire he is scamming us from our money.
    Below is their resolution blocking my account and basically saying I am lying.

    We have noticed irregular activities being carried out by your account which violate the AliExpress Buyer Protection Program rules.

    Accordingly, we regret to inform you that we have terminated your account. You will still be able to access your account and ongoing order will stay remain, however the buying, dispute, feedback privileges has been taken out.

    So basically thanks for your money, and good by. I feel like an idiot for trusting AliExpress

  10. Barbara says:

    This site sells fake copies of copyrighted designs. Do not buy!!!!

  11. Derek says:

    I bought a hoodie for my son from AliExpress. It ran at least 2 sizes small. They not only refused a refund/partial refund but wouldn’t exchange even if I paid shipping. Is this even legal. Never heard of anyone refusing an exchange. Customer Service kept telling me how much I will enjoy the product in very broken English. Stephen said “I believe your girl will be nice looking when she wear it. because I also buy one, and I was a girl too.” WHAT???
    Never heard of anything like this company. Will NEVER do business with them again.

  12. Michael says:

    I was trying to send a gift to a friend of mine in Ukraine from Texas. If you have never tried this, you will find it is very hard to accomplish. AliExpress has reviews that says you can pay them and they will get it delivered. I spend the time with my friends and put in several orders. My bank called me to verify payment and I agreed. We waited several days with it getting closer to the holidays. Finally I received an email that said they had canceled all of my purchases. “We are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel your order for security reasons. To make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking My Appeal for further verification.”

    After reading the documentation they were requesting … My drivers license, Social Security Card, and Pasport. Next they wanted all one Bank statement?

    Who does this? I don’t even provide this to the American government. Amazon and eBay do not even request this to sell or buy?

    I tried to question this issue. They have no phone number to call. The one email address I have found is for buyers questioning sellers on their site. Not questioning AliExpress bad behavior.

    I tried chat and was told that I did not have a choice. I hate to tell them that I always have a choice. I have chosen to let the world know about their scam of a website and will buy my products from reputable websites.

    Buyers beware! SCAM SITE!!!!!!

  13. John Webb says:

    Their website is complete crap. I can not log on. I received a low cost part broken in the mail.
    They do not tell me who the seller is.

    They want you to sign on to launch a dispute
    When I try to set up an account the website says I can’t because I have an account.
    Site sends you a link to reset your password that does not work.

    They appear to have no email, phone or other way to resolve this problem.

  14. L says:

    I buy online a lot. After seeing that AliExpress promoted international shipping – I ordered about 30 items in August 2016 to be delivered to me in Berlin, Germany. Only 3 arrived. I was told to wait long after delivery times posted came / went – giving the missing items until December to show up. In December, I complained and started asking for refunds – with proof in the tracking showing the items never were even allowed in Germany and were returned to the sellers. So does AliExpress return the money for the all items I never received? No. Instead, they terminated my account so that I could no longer even be able to make a claim for refunds. They sited a policy that said nothing specifically other than accounts can be terminated on their whim / will – and I did nothing but ask for refunds for items never received – which was backed up by the tracking info on the site itself. AliExpress may not have customs issues elsewhere – but it certainly should never falsely claim they can ship to (thus sell to) German buyers. I have never experienced such a scam website before. Never buy from AliExpress – they are a scam. I will now be taking this situation to my credit card company. I will also be writing posts about my experience in as many places as I can this weekend to try to help other avoid losing their money like I did. This is the first time I ever bought anything that was not delivered – let alone approx 27 items that were not delivered.
    In short: AliExpress is Total Scam Site That Steals Buyers Money For Products Not Delivered… AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!

  15. MrT says:

    This is like a scam site, some sellers don’t provide any repair warranty and Aliexpress doesn’t care at all.
    I bought a phone to GoTop Smartphone and they don’t want to repair it because it’s already used.

  16. ethbarry says:

    aliexpress demanded that I validate my mastercard by giving them my social security number and a copy of my drivers license. since that’s a recipe for identity theft, I have completely dropped them. I will never buy there again. Also: Practically all the products I got from them are either defective or very low quality. Stay away from them.

  17. Nasser says:

    they stool my money and insulted me and they protect the seller who cheated me. customer service is so rude and they never give any solution and there is no method to contact any higher management. NEVER BUY FROM ALIEXPRESS

  18. alza68 says:

    Aliexpress is the most enticing market due to variety and price abatement. Unfortunately, the trading platform (Aliexpress) is rather seller oriented and biased. Their products are as described and the arrival of the merchandise may tally or take a bit longer than the expected date of arrival. ” No refund” if it is the latter case, as described in their buyers protection, but wait.

    The issue arises when a defective commodity is despatched by the seller, if no solution can be achieved from the vendor, taking the issue to the dispute team is a gamble on this platform. They require evidence for any issue that arise from the buyer. The evidence is either pictures or video recordings. The latter is often prefered by the team ( Dispute centre aliexpress). The evidence require instruments, eg (battery capacitor measurement). Usually, these instruments are available at the sellers country, buyers country or their vicinity may not have these instruments. if at all, you manage to procure the same and record the evidence, the next step is to submit to their platform. If internet connections are erratic, 7 hours of continuous wait is required merely to upload, once the upload is complete you are taken to the login page and the video is removed. The entire process has to be reiterated and failure ensues. Frankly, the video can never be uploaded on their platform.

    If you complain further, about their system, they close the case in favour of the seller. I do believe, if by sheer chance, was able to upload the recording(Evidence) on their platform, they would have ruled the verdict in favour of the seller. Their buyers protection is a farce

    I believe buying on Aliexpress is a sheer gamble. If the product turns to your liking then all is well, if on the contrary, the refund is a distant dream, to be precise the money is lost. They do not offer the customer to return the product to the seller and refund but merely reward the seller with the money for the defective goods.

  19. susan says:

    This is about a seller called Coolcept…. All the checks I did on him said he was legit and I even bought a sample pair of shoes first just in case the quality was poor. The sample shoes were lovely and I went ahead and purchased 50 pairs of shoes for my small business . The shoes arrived all squashed in one box and 29 pairs were damaged . Burn marks, dirty, glue over them, jagged and torn inner soles, heels not put on correctly and the list goes on. A lot of email ping pong with an offer to refund 10%. Blaming staff for the quality of the shoes. He wanted me to get shoes fixed and he would pay half, or sell as damaged and he would pay half the difference . I would never sell defective, poor quality shoes to my customers. Thats just not right.
    The offer should have been a full refund plus apology, as he sent the shoes knowing they were faulty. Once again after many emails an offer to refund if I send the shoes back at my cost.
    Since I live in Australia, the cost of the sending the shoes is so expensive its not worth it as I will still be out of pocket .. If you do send the shoes back, you only have 9 days for the seller to receive them, which is total crap as when you buy the item, the seller has up to 60 days for you to receive them. This is just another example of how they want to rip the buyer off. The seller banks on the customer not sending the shoes back and he gets paid and you end up with crappy shoes that you can’t wear or sell. Aliexpress is all for the seller and their buyer protection is crap. Aliexpress will always favour the seller… Don’t buy from Coolcept. If you do, be prepared to lose your money. There is always one bad apple in a barrel and this company is it.

  20. Abigail says:

    Bridal Dress 2016
    store No: Store No.1684376


  21. Anita says:

    I have had a few very bad experiences with aliexpress. My advice is never buy from this website. They are a scam and we should be able to go to someone in our counrty who can stop these people from doing the wrong thing. Way too many people are getting ripped off.

  22. Hubert says:

    I purchased some items from a supplier, it was listed as free shipping. When it came there was a 23 dollars charge and the intitial order total was 35 dollars. So I put in a dispute with the supplier, The supplier told me the free shipping was from Aliexpress so it had to be handled through them. i put in a dispute, it took over a month for them to get back to me. At that point they told me it was a charge for duty. I checked when i signed for the parcel and paid, and the delivery person as well as the person i checked with at Canada Post told me it was a forwarded charge from the Sender. Aliepxress then told me that they would give me a coupon to offset my loses. They never gave it to me, And the customer service people i talked to 5 times told me the same story every time, “we are so sorry, don’t worry it will be fixed , someone will be in touch in 2 to 3 days” Never heard back and can’t talk to a supervisor. So I say stay away, use Ebay where you have recourse.

  23. Steven says:

    I bought O2 Lambda sensors for my Mazda 6 from Aliexpress. The sensors did not work properly so I complained after a while Aliexpress closed the dispute and I lost my money. I have since bought OEM sensors and my car is fixed. Don’t buy from Alibaba or ALiexpress you will be dissapointed. If it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t true. Cheap nasty and no come backs was my experience, I will stick with Ebay and Amazon rather.

  24. Katie says:

    I purchased a bag from alliexpress well what a mistake. It never arrived do seller agreed to refund money. Once I agreed he refused to pay. I spoke to alliexpress supposedly online chat but reAlly no help. I went to give seller feedback which obviously was negative. Surprise surprise there were problems uploading it. Spoke again to online help to help solve so I could at least write feedback to warn future buyers . They promised to help but never heard from alliexpress again. So all I can say only spend on this site if you are willing to loose your money

  25. Tammy says:

    I have purchased many things from Aliexpress. Some were just ok. others were poor quality and when you dispute your case they do not offer a resolution. They just close the dispute and obviously pretend like you never opened a dispute in the first place. One seller in particular store OXO v…johnny gu is a SCAMMER from the moment you order. My order from her was torn apart and raveled and they acted like it was my fault. I even sent in pictures of the defective merchandise. Then they tell me they will add my name to “blacklist” with other sellers. DO NOT BUY FROM OXO v and the team of johnny gu.

  26. Allan says:

    Horrible experience when I actually received a defective orange pi computer. Don’t waste your time trying to file a dispute. Both the retailer and will ask you to record and submit a video based on their respective requirements. Eventually, the same results: Reject.

    They don’t care about your negative ratings, reviews or complaints, simply because they can choose not to publish them on their own website. That’s why they refuse to take any responsibilities, but your $$$. What a joke!

  27. Emily says:

    In the first, they will give you refund for smaller item in order to make you trust them and order more items. Once you order over $20. Then they will treat you like you are in China.

    In here, I will tell you how you can get a full refund and what they are most afraid of.

    “I ordered a yellow bag. But it came with dirty lines, green stained, tear off handles, many scratches, deep lines etc. Even the seller wrote back that there is problem with the bag after the seller saw the evidences. But this evil seller demand to return the garbage bag back to China with my own expense. Therefore, I filed a dispute. during the dispute, the aliexpress management team gave me a judgement for full refund without return the bag. I told them, i can return the bag if the seller send me return postage. Then the evil seller posted blue bag photos and wrote back to me, “why did you bought it even after you saw the pictures” So i wrote back “Why did you post blue bag photos while I bought a Yellow bag?” Then the stupid aliexpress management team took the evil seller’s hand up high by changing their OWN judgement. Come one who changed their own reviews? The only reason the aliexpress do this because the seller is Chinese. I even wrote back to Aliexpress, “once you sell goods in the US, you must follow the US consumer law” But Aliexpress did not care. Therefore, I am telling all US buyer, if you need to file a dispute. Step 1. Just post photos as evidences and write your complains to Aliexpress dispute first. Step 2. You must file a dispute from your credit card company who are more fair and knows US consumer law. The reason you need to file a dispute to your credit card company is even main Aliexpress is located in China, they have their US company filed as an Aliexpress corporation. Therefore, US aliexpress cannot act like bully. So If you are US buyer, have your own protection by filing the issue to your credit card company. ALiexpress really hate when customer file a dispute directly to customer’s credit card company. Then Aliexpress will frozen your dispute directly to credit card company. However, Once they did like frozen dispute will result money back to your credit card statement right away by your credit card company. I use Chase. They are being fair and gave me the credit right away. Aliexpress is doing there business like US buyers are in China. so they use Chinese ruling for defective item has to be returned by buyer’s expense even if the sell sent you a defective item and the seller and aliexpress will force you take the partial refund by saying that there are still values. Still values!! that is their excuse for partial refund. As a concussion, You have to know your protection from your own credit card company. So follow my step and do not need to spent 30 days of unnecessary process of getting unfair judgement. They are the company who even change their OWN Judgement.

    They have been prove that they are not trustable. I asked them WHY did you changed own judgement ?
    They did not answer me back. I asked them why did you took the blue bag photos even if you do know that I bought a Yellow bag?
    Why the innocent buyer has to pay more for the return shipping? they did not write back to me.
    I wish I can post their original judgement after their saw numbers of evidence pictures.

    Alos you cannot directly contact them!! Their excuse is they do not want their employee contact to buyer. It means they do not want to hear from the buyer!!!

  28. Tom says:

    Terrible experience when I actually got a defective product. Try to file a dispute, from my experience your just wasting your time. Bought a kindle replacement screen where the connector on the ribbon cable kept coming out of circuit board. Sent them the requested photos to no avail. Just got canned responses from the seller. I had done all the thing they suggested , which did not work. Was in dispute for weeks and weeks. Finally got response I didn’t send enough “evidence”. Boy some “buyer protection” they advertise. Never again will I buy a product fro AliExpress, guess I was just lucky on the other 9 items . System itself is very cumbersome and many of links don’t work.

  29. Francois BONIN says:

    Their Alipay system is ultra protected , and until know i was not able to pay anything with my Visa
    card, it worked only one time with my e.cartebleue(visa).when you want to pay 50% chances that the system is”too busy”…try again!

  30. Tomasz says:

    I have purchased recently from the Aliexpress vendor called “Best Partner Mall” a small tube preamp, which regrettably arrived incomplete, without the mains transformer, despite the seller’s product description stating the transformer will be included. Without one, the items is useless, and these transformers are not readily procurable where I reside.
    I have tried to resolve the matter with the seller, but received only rudeness and insolence, he hasn’t even expressed any will to make things good by any means.
    The Aliexpress’ dispute process is a joke – after ten days since |I have filed the claim I still have not heard from them, and when I try to contact Aliexpress, all I get is a robot writing back predefined, token sentences.

  31. Ted says:

    Few months ago I ordered and paid for a set of car seat covers. They never arrived. I was given the option of ordering the car seat covers again or getting my money back. I unfortunately ordered them again. To cut a long story short now after a few months I neither have the covers nor my money. High-tech highway robbery is the name of their game.

  32. oscar moya says:


  33. Louis says:


    * Purchased from Aliexpress seller: ‘Cnimperssion’ (Cnimperssion W)
    * Item purchased : Virtual Screen Video Glasses
    * Purchased on: 28/Jan/2015
    * Cost: $108.88 USD ($140 AUD)
    * Item arrived on: 26/Feb/2015
    * Item found to be faulty: defective LCD screen
    * On 28/Feb/2015 ‘Cnimperssion W’ indicated to return item for refund
    * Item posted back to seller on 2/Mar/2015 (scan of tracking receipt sent to seller)
    * Refund was never forth-coming from seller, dispute opened with Aliexpress on 15/Mar/2015
    * documentation provided to Aliexpress (bank record of purchase, postage receipt)
    * On 17/Apr/2015 Aliexpress closed the dispute and DID NOT RETURN MY MONEY / NOR SEND REPLACEMENT ITEM
    * Seller location: China, Guangdong
    * Order Number: 65604502599684

    So if you buy anything from Aliexpress, just be aware you have no protection from the Aliexpress parent company, and there are unscrupulous sellers on the site.

  34. Jose Carlos Garcia Tapia says:

    AliExpress is really the greatest cheating website on earth, all due to the allowance of fraudulent online shops.
    And… the order number which is ‘out of stock’, in fact not existing, remain published in AliExpress, even if I did mention this to be fraudulent advertising.
    We are cured and will no longer trust AliExpress, nor any of your advertisers, because it is FRAUDE OF THE PUREST CLASS!
    Due to your fraudulent web pages I loose not only the banking transfer to the AliExpress account, fees USD 40.- but also a USD 15.- fee charged by AliPay to refund and not primarily listed on their website.
    It seems he AliExpress founder Jack Ma became one of the richest persons of China… as I experience by corruption!
    Be sure this will not be without reply… a fierce reply is what AliExpress and their fraudulent Chinese bunch of sellers and AliPay deserve!

  35. Dirk van Ostaden says:

    Fraud of the purest class!

    Three days ago I did file a complaint referring a Seller and his online store… until today no correct solution.
    I did buy the article mentioned, to hear after payment that it is out of stock, meanwhile is advertised a stock of 999 pieces… none were available

    Correctly I did send payment with a high banking fee, the latter one seems not to be guaranteed by your Money Back Guarantee, but despite several complaints filed at the AliExpress help line, the item is still advertised and alive on their website.

    This way AliExpress is co-operating with fraudulent sellers, due to lack of correct organization buyers become financial losers.

    Also I did file a complaint with no response from AliExpress.

    I did try to solve the problem with the seller, offered was to change my order for another item for sale, also advertised with stock of 999 pieces, also this in not true!

    I did mention this seriously but both items are still advertised and there is no stock at all!

    How can you tell AliExpress “We want you to shop with confidence. That’s why we provide guarantees that ensure you’ll receive your item on time and as described.”

    – Confirmed is that the item is not shipped, despite the seller provides a fake tracking number
    – Items remain advertised, knowing AliExpress they are out of stock and as a result luring more buyers into the tentacles of a fraudulent seller.

  36. Erwin Anthony R says:

    Scammer & Fraudulent Seller

    Store name: Worldwide Trade Limited Store No.931882

    Websites: (Order Number: 65436525269739)

    Case Number: 417974466
    Contact Information
    Company Name:

    Cherry Xu

    Website/Product Url:
    Contact Person:

    Maggie Ch


    Last known address:

    1D30,Longsheng Phone Accessory City,Huafa bei Road,Futian,Shenzhen,China 518000

    Attn:Liu danjian

    Phone:+86 13637850234


    1D50,Longsheng Phone Accessory City,Huafa bei Road,Futian,Shenzhen,China 518000


    Phone:+86 13631554375

    If something happened with the goods The seller will ask for send back the goods. After buyer send back the goods, the seller will deny that has received the goods. With this reason, seller will not refund the money.

    I suspect that the seller deliberately provide wrong address. because the seller give a different address to me.

    Send back tracking number : EE153572277ID

    Same complaint:
    Scammer & Fraudulent Seller

    Store name: Worldwide Trade Limited Store No.931882

    Websites: (Order Number: 65436525269739)

    Case Number: 417974466
    Contact Information
    Company Name:

    Cherry Xu

    Website/Product Url:
    Contact Person:

    Maggie Ch


    Last known address:

    1D30,Longsheng Phone Accessory City,Huafa bei Road,Futian,Shenzhen,China 518000

    Attn:Liu danjian

    Phone:+86 13637850234


    1D50,Longsheng Phone Accessory City,Huafa bei Road,Futian,Shenzhen,China 518000


    Phone:+86 13631554375

    If something happened with the goods The seller will ask for send back the goods. After buyer send back the goods, the seller will deny that has received the goods. With this reason, seller will not refund the money.

    I suspect that the seller deliberately provide wrong address. because the seller give a different address to me.

    Send back tracking number : EE153572277ID

    Same complaint:

  37. Noora says:

    My first order to aliexpress was Labradorite chakra stone at USD 14.24. The communication with the sales was really aweful, she said the item was sold out after i have received the tracking no and she suggested me to open dispute and said they would refund my money. It sounded weird and no make sense to me since they sent me the tracking no, but i was still hoping they returned my money.
    My second order were jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces from different stones) total 8 pcs from different suppliers, items delivered to Bali for almost 2 months.
    My third order were again few jewelry, wallet and some iphone cases, items delivereed to Bali for 6 weeks.
    My last order were iphone cases and iphone screen protector and they delivered in 3 weeks.
    So total item i purchased from aliexpress were 22 item at USD 95.07

    I have been wondering what happen to my first order since i have written several emails to the sales and direct supplier ZIHAN Crystal Jewelry Co., LTD and no respond at all and it has been almost 4 months since i placed my first order to aliexpress.

    People commented on my purchased items, for 5 iphone cases are excellent product with good cost and i do agree. Comment for jewelry, people doubted the accuracy of real plate of silver and gold and stone. I concluded my self that all the plates and stones are fake even they came very pretty look and persistence detail of jewelry.

    I have no idea if i should recommend this online shopping site to anyone or not

  38. Alfred Swan says:


  39. mommylyss says:

    Aliexpress is the official BEST website EVER!!! Not only do I literally buy everything from there, they are cheap, good quality, and you can get pretty much anything on this site. I have never had a bad order. Sure some orders may take longer than others to get to the destination but it is worth it in the end. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this site. I have been a loyal customer for about 2 years now and I still haven’t found a better website that has everything I need for the cheap prices and good quality. LOVE IT!

  40. GRACE ICHEMATI says:

    i have bought a lot of items on this site but some sellers i must say are giving this company a very bad name. on two occasions i have ordered for items and the bad one was sent to me. the last one i ordered for was a tablet with sim but till now i have not seen the item and i have not seen my money. the so called tracking number the company send was a fake one as that number does not exist. i advice alibaba to be very careful in dealing with sellers who are not honest. i have not made any order this year because of my last experience. than you.

  41. Jim says:

    I was excited to find AliExpress and jumped on board. Bad mistake. This is just a front for Chinese businesses to make people feel safe. When push comes to shove, they side with the seller and you can kiss your escrow goodbye. The continuous ink supply I ordered for my printer would not even work in the printer. The seller wanted me to make modifications to the printer to see if I could make it work. I told him I wouldn’t do that. The product was represented as being for my printer and it clearly was not. With modifications, I could make a lot of ink cartridges work in my printer – ridiculous. In the end, I escalated the complaint and got $9 of my $60 back. That doesn’t begin to even pay me for the weeks I spent trying to work with the seller to make the thing work. I wasn’t about to pay to return the product, and the seller refused to do so, saying it cost too much. He didn’t bother to say that during the sale. The invoice that arrived with the product states that it cost $20. So, instead of paying $60 for the product with free shipping, I was paying $20 for the product and $40 for shipping (something I would have never done). Bottom line – the seller still made money on the deal and I got soaked for $51 plus all the time and effort I spent trying to make their product work. I thought the Chinese were supposed to be honorable people, but it is obvious that AliExpress and its vendors are not.

  42. bryfly says:

    Have previously purchased Phones via Chinese suppliers and all went great, Had seen Ali Express mentioned so thought I would try them out, all seem to happen efficiently and quickly to start with. Then I realised I had a fake tracking numbers, trying to contact Ali Express is virtually impossible their auto system stops you actually talking to a human being at Ali express.

    Luckily have only spent £50 which it looks like I may have lost, even though not fully explored the so called Ali Express Dispute system comments here and in other places suggest that it will get me nowhere ………. Do not use Ali Express … have been warned

  43. JPL says:

    First of all, you know you should be weary when the “testimonies” of satisfied customers with pictures, are pictures ripped off other websites : vs

    This aliexpress’s doing, not it’s sellers.

    Second, yes you may have a good experience here and there. But the important point is reliability. And it is not reliable. Even the positive reviewers here cannot say different. It’s hit and miss and so far the odds are fifty fifty at best.

    Sellers can and will swindle you. Forget about warranty at the end of the sale, the seller is free to ignore you and you have no recourse. Dispute “process” is automated and a joke. Anything outside their pre-programmed cases and you are on your own with someone that is not at all motivated by repeat customers.

    They have literally thousands of sellers ready to find a way to manipulate the system.

    It’s a great concept, just very badly implemented. There is a reason they refuse Paypal now, because Paypal would intercede in the customer’s behalf and withdraw payment is Aliexpress didn’t respond. And well do you really want to take the odd chance of saving a few bucks, to get completely ripped off? Well flip a coin and those are your chances.

    Oh and if there is a Seller you should avoid, I can name at least one: Lydia Liu.

  44. Rath5 says:

    Perfect Place to buy item if you are smart! most of the review are mostly only form people who need to vent their anger because had bad luck with the site! Or blind buyers who just buy because it’s cheep XD (then get a bad item)
    As for me, every thing was great! All you need to do is look for ratings and comments! NONE is faked! Yes you can have something bad happen even from a seller with a 99% rating. It can happen in any online store! The item are real as-well if you do your research! people forget all online stores in any country is an open place for bad and good people to sell and scam!
    What’s really funny is Most of the buyers that like the site Aliexpress do no comment of review on many sites like these because they are happy browsing Aliexpress for items. The people with their time consumed in sites like these are people who are not too smart and think everything is bad because they had a bad run in with shady sellers…. *sigh* -_-
    Do us all a favor and stick to shopping, buy going to the actual store. if it’s not their then be TOUGH! Your only gonna be scammed online!

  45. Borislav says:

    Aliexpress is just a SCAM. Never buy there.

  46. Jacquelin Cauchon says:

    Never never again Aliexpress. Never had any problems with Ebay for 12 years now but as Aliexpress had good prices I tried it and bought 2 android tablets 108.00$ received I with a screen defect, the seller asked to return it for replacement and even if they had a one year waranty they charge 10$ plus 28$ shipping to replace it, practicly the price of the tablet so I bought another one from another Aliexpress 5 stars seller on June 17 and now it’s July 31 and it never got out of China and today it disapered from the ChinaPost site, I asked for a refund but they say that it’s too late as I have waited to long so as I want a tablet I bought it last week from Ebay for 10$ more also in China and surprise it’s arrived in Vancouver Canada this morning, I think that there is a lot of bad, I will not use the other word, sellers at Aliexpress and you undestand that I will never never buy anything from them anymore.

  47. Rene Andreasen says:

    You can take the money and stuff it where you want. I have no respect for ALIEXPRESS
    I have sent proof that the seller had sent an used item instead of a new item as advertised but you say that is ok to cheat the costumers this way.
    Therefore it is a waste of time to complain to you and all that you say about costumer protection is nothing of value.
    To tell me to that i am a liar and take the word of a dishonest seller would seem to be acceptable to you.

    Rene Andreasen

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