Jun 27

Confusing Store Name

When you see the website domain name, you may, like me, think that it is definitely a wholesale website, no matter what it sells. However, the site states clearly in its company info introduction: ”wholesale4ever.com is a B2C e-Commerce website serving Chinese sellers and global buyers.” This is really confusing! I was wondering how the Wholesale4ever.com staff could use such a weird name while the site is intended for retail business. The only explanation is: they are not professional.

Anyway, today on the Chinese international e-commerce arena, it is very common for websites to do wholesale and retail business at the same time. Many famous online shops do this way too: Lightinthebox.com, Dinodirect.com, Milanoo.com, Chinavasion.com, Focalprice.com, to name just a few. The only difference is: they won’t use such a confusing domain name or store name for their business! If I were the boss of Wholesale4ever.com, I would at least revise the company description in order not to mislead potential buyers.

Legitimate or A Scammer?

I searched Google as well as Baidu (the biggest Chinese search engine) for related information about Wholesale4ever but found almost nothing. The site is ranked globally 2,463,050 at Alex, which means it is a small site with few visits. Like Fangtrade.com (click to see review), it should be owned by an individual businessman instead of a company, if it is legitimate.

Based on my research, Wholesale4ever has set up a store at Aliexpress.com, the famous Chinese international trading platform connecting countless suppliers and buyers. This further proves that the site is an individual-owned shopping website. In China, such websites can be found everywhere. While a few of them are scammers selling nothing or crap quality products to steal people’s money, most are doing serious business with global buyers by offering products whose quality is worth or even exceeds the pricing.

The best way to identify their legitimacy is to do a ton of research, as I always mention. Then, you can place a tiny order to test the water. That way you won’t lose much money even if you encounter dishonest sellers. Likewise, if you do want to trade with Wholesale4ever.com but are not sure about whether they are reliable or not, start with buying something very cheap. After you receive the goods, you can check the quality and make the next move. To minimize risks of shopping at such an unknown site, I would encourage you to enlarge your order gradually rather than significantly.

Basic Info

Wholesale4ever.com offers all kinds of apparel, mainly including costumes, catsuits & zentai, fancy dresses, sexy lingerie, wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and more special occasion dresses. They also carry a range of clothing accessories like shoes.

The head office of the site is based in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, while their contact phone number they indicate on the contact page belongs to Zhejiang Province. Another confusing point! Furthermore, I’ve tried the phone number and was prompted that the number has stopped working. This is too bad. I won’t trust a site that leaves an invalid contact number for their customers.

Better Alternatives

If you find it hard to trust the site but do want to buy something available there, you can consider some Chinese alternative sites which are similar to Wholesale4ever.com but are tested trustful. Here are my personal recommendations:

  • Milanoo.com: for cosplay costumes, catsuits and zentai, fancy dresses, sexy lingerie, Lolita clothing, wedding dresses and fashion shoes;
  • Lightinthebox.com: for wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses & stylish shoes
  • Dinodirect.com: for everything except cosplay costumes or catsuits & zentai.
  • Aliexpress.com: for everything

To help people find reliable Chinese suppliers, you are more than welcomed to join us by adding your comments to this Wholesale4ever.com review. Especially if you have any shopping experience with the site to share with us, you can post it below.



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