Jun 22

A chic and cool dress is a necessity for a beach trip, isn’t it? Every year when the summer is approaching, beach dresses become crazily hot selling among both fashion store merchants and individual consumers. If you are looking for latest styles in beach dresses, you may be interested in the hottest deals on beach dresses for summer 2012 below, which are all collected from the most popular Chinese international online shops.

Beach Dresses for Summer 2012 at Dinodirect.com
See more beach dresses for summer 2012 at Dinodirect.com >>

These beach dresses are now on sale with up to 50% off at Dinodirect.com. The after-discount price is as low as $9.99 plus free shipping to any destination around the world. Their collection of beach girls’ hot picks also includes a variety of trendy jumpsuits, beach shoes and swimsuits. Dinodirect is particularly well known for offering authentic Chinese branded products at reasonable prices. The company is rather huge with over 1,000 employees and they have good reputation on the global market. Read the full review of Dinodirect.com >>

Beach Dresses for Summer 2012 at Milanoo
See more beach dresses for summer 2012 at Milanoo.com >>

Look at the beautiful beach dresses! At Milanoo.com, I find more than 300 styles in dresses for the beach. The prices for the dresses range from $7.99 to $24.99. Very attractive prices, aren’t they? If you pay close attention to their promotional campaigns, you will save even more. In particular, you are encouraged to check out their Daily Madness zone where you can get rare discounts that will last for one day only.

Beach Dresses for Summer 2012 at Lightinthebox
See more beach dresses for summer 2012 at Lightinthebox.com >>

When I saw the beach dresses at Lightinthebox, I was completely fascinated! Standing out by designs and quality, the fashion products offered by Lightinthebox.com are particularly suitable for those who have a special taste of styling and do not care much about pricing. Generally, the summer beach dresses are available at between $29.99 and $59.99. Discounts are frequently offered on select dresses. By checking out regularly their themed promotions on summer dresses, you will stay up to date with the latest deals. I notice that some statement pieces have got many customer reviews – you can read the reviews to learn more about the details of their products or services.

The Bottom Line

Low pricing and deep discounts are definitely the biggest attractions of made-in-China beach dresses, especially those offered direct by suppliers based in China. You know, in the United States, it is hard to avoid made-in-China products as they are almost everywhere, from the famous supermarket to the ordinary small stores. They are already very cheap. However, after you compare their prices with those at Chinese online shops, you will find that they are not that cheap because you have much cheaper options!

Honestly, I don’t think the beach dresses produced in China are generally high quality, including those for sale in the US stores. Anyway, they can at least endure a whole summer. And the best thing is, you can buy a dozen of beach dresses on a very small budget and then you don’t have to repeat styles on your trips to the beaches. So my advice: when you shop for fashionable beach dresses online from China, ignore the quality part and just stick to the pricing as well as styles.

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