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Regular visitors of my site Chinawholesalereviews.com may have noticed that I have been posting a series of reviews of wedding dresses offered by various Chinese online shops. Some may be wondering what kind of criteria I have been adopting in writing the reviews. Below I will introduce my criteria for choosing target suppliers as well as reviewing their wedding dresses.

Credibility of Suppliers

First of all, when I choose target suppliers, I put the credibility issues at the top priority. In order to introduce the best Chinese suppliers of wedding dresses to my readers, I usually select the top-rate suppliers who have a built a big name on the global market. Anyway, to warn people against those scams, I also post some reviews of the dishonest suppliers from time to time. The biggest difference is: reviews of good suppliers include all important details of the companies and the wedding gowns they supply while those of bad suppliers focus on the scam cases people have encountered with them. So far, I have published three trustworthy Chinese suppliers of wedding apparel:

Lace Mermaid Trumpet Wedding Dress

Image Courtesy of Milanoo.com


As unbeatable pricing is one of the greatest attractions of made-in-China wedding dresses, I always emphasize the prices for the wedding dresses in my reviews. Within the Chinese international market of wedding clothing, the price difference can be huge based on quality standards and stores you choose. If you are on a tight budget and want to get a really cheap wedding dress, just stick to the low price tags. Generally, you don’t have to stick to one particular supplier as every supplier offers wedding dresses at various levels of prices. You will find that you have plenty of choices and it is not hard to find your dream dress at a price you can afford. If you do not care much about pricing, I would recommend you to consider the wedding dresses for sale at Lightinthebox.com first. The site is always my favorite when it comes to introducing Chinese suppliers of wedding gowns. They have a wide range of high quality wedding dresses that come in the latest styles to choose from. Especially if you are looking for luxury wedding dresses or celebrity wedding dresses, the store is worth a try.

Quality & Manufacturers

As for quality, you need to understand that you can’t expect the same good quality wedding dresses as the designer dresses offered by local boutiques. This is simply impossible based on my knowledge. However, it is necessary to learn what kind of materials the suppliers to tailor the dresses and how good their craftsmanship is. My reviews always mention these details for your reference.

v-neck court train wedding dress

Image courtesy of Lightinthebox.com

The wedding dresses offered by Chinese online stores are either tailored by their own dressmakers (e.g. Lightinthebox.com) or the manufacturers who have built a cooperative relationship with them (e.g. Milanoo.com or Dinodirect.com). Generally, the dresses made by internal dressmakers are better guaranteed in terms of quality as the stores are able to execute a full control over the quality.

Customization Service

Every of my reviews of wedding dresses talks about the customization service the Chinese stores provide. Anyway, this service is very common and the only difference is the details of the service. For instance, some may require a small fee for extra customization needs. If you just want the dress custom-made based on your sizes without any other requirements, the service is usually completely for free.

Free Shipping

Free shipping seems to be a very powerful incentive for online shopping. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find wedding dresses that are offered with this service simply because a wedding dress is weight quite heavy. Sometimes we do find some stores offer free shipping on some select wedding dresses for promotional purposes, e.g. Milanoo Daily Madness Deals. At the same time, some websites honor deep discounts on shipping regularly, e.g. Lightinthebox.com often avails 50%-65% off shipping wedding dresses.

Alternative Sites

For every review of wedding dresses at China-bases sites, I list some of the best alternative sites where you can find similar products at close price levels. I would encourage you to also take a look at the sites in order to get the best deals possible. You know, comparing prices may help you save a lot.

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