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Days ago, I got an email from a reader asking me about the credibility of a China online store. I have never heard of the site before. By the first glance at the web address the reader provided, I did not feel good as it looks not at all professional, something like “ying2008” (a person’s name plus the year number). Anyway, to help the reader better identify whether it is a scammer or not, I paid a visit to the online shop and then shared what I’ve found about the store with the reader by email. In case more readers have similar concerns, I decide to introduce some must-read tips that may help you find reliable China online retail or wholesale stores.

China online storesFirst of all, I think it necessary to define what kind of China online shops is “reliable”. When you trade with a Chinese online shopping website, don’t expect that it is completely complaint-free. I have emphasized this point again and again in my previous posts on this site. Even the most reputable international stores based in China have complaints or negative reviews, e.g. AliExpress.com, DinoDirect.com (see DinoDirect Review), Lightinthebox.com, etc. Generally, Chinese global web stores are more likely to be rated as unsatisfactory in terms of item quality and customer service standards, especially for electronic products. But it doesn’t mean that all made-in-China products are craps, nor that all customer service of China stores sucks. Customers’ expectations are usually a big reason for bad reviews. Based on my knowledge, what really matters is that the store is a legitimate company doing serious and honest business. Only on this condition should you further explore the other details of the shop before you make a shopping decision there.

Third-party reviews or customer reviews are helpful for identifying the legitimacy of a store. On ChinaWholesaleReviews.com, we have posted many research-based reviews of a number of the most popular China wholesale (and/or retail) stores that specialize in various product lines. You can use the search box to find if the store you are interested in has been reviewed here. If you find no results, it does not necessary mean that it is unlawful – we are still working hard to expose the basic facts of more stores that are legitimate.

You are encouraged to also search the web for real reviews posted by old customers of the store. Again, if you discover some negative reviews, don’t freak out. Be patient and go ahead to prowl for more related reviews. Reading reviews especially bad reviews can help you learn more details about certain products or services provided by the store. While presenting the imperfections of the store, unhappy voices prove that the store does exist and does sell real products and ship them to customers. As we know, scammers generally disappear overnight after they successfully get the money. On the contrary, if you find rare or no reviews (bad or good) of the shop, chances are whether the store is too small to have any customer yet or it is simply a scammer.

In addition to reviews, below I have more tips for evaluating the reliability of a China online store:

  • Take a quick tour to the shopping website to see if it is professional in language, layout and product listings;
  • Find the contact information and try the phone number to confirm whether it works or not;
  • See which payment options are available and always choose the safer one. Paypal is the best choice while Western Union or bank transfer is highly risky. If the store only accepts Western Union or bank transfer, beware.
  • If you find a store on a transaction platform like AliExpress.com, make sure your payment is under protection provided by the platform.
  • Always place a small order first to test the water before you invest big money.

Wholesale Platform AliExpress.com

Front Page of AliExpress.com

4 Responses to “Must-Read Tips for Finding Reliable China Online Stores”

  1. Vicky Says:

    PLease advice on this website, look profesional however as you mentioned, they only accept TT or Western Union as their payment method.

  2. cherian thomaskutty Says:

    my experiance with :ali express was slightly bitter.I paid $20.00 for a product from ali express and it was acknowledged by them and promised to send the item.A customer executive also replied through e-mail regarding this.
    Final result neither the product nor the money i got back.

  3. cherian thomaskutty Says:

    you may note my e-mail dated 20Th septamber2013,8.35am,I have mentioned my bitter experiance with “ali express”.By sheer overlook I have quoted “ali express” in place of “pabbos.com”.While publishing the mail you are requested to correct it.The inconveniance caused is regretted

  4. Napoleon Says:

    I received an emails in my inbox telling me about some online shops in China. I was reluctant to buy from them but one of them did convinced (http://www.laplandltd.com) so I did a Bank transfer to their account in china of which they said they are going to send me the goods with DHL and they are going to pay for the shipping cost but later call me and told me that the goods has been confiscated by Chinese customs officers and that I should pay $368 before they can release the goods for shipping

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