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When I came across the so called “AliExpress scam” complaint in one forum, I couldn’t help laughing. The angry buyer claimed that AliExpress sent him a wrong item he never ordered. Based on my knowledge about AliExpress, it is no way possible as AliExpress is only a wholesale transaction platform – it does not sell any item, not to mention ship out any item to any customer. Obviously, this buyer was either ripped off by a seller doing business on or encountered an unprofessional operation carried out by the seller.

In this case, the buyer should report the problem to AliExpress for mediation or contact the seller first to solve the problem. Given such misunderstandings about AliExpress, I think I should share all of my familiar facts about AliExpress, which may help you more clearly identify whether AliExpress scam is a reality or not.aliexpress super deals

Facts about
1. An express wholesale channel of, which was founded in 1999;
2. Officially went live in April, 2010;
3. Mainly serving small businesses, including Chinese small suppliers and global small re-sellers.
4. Accepting PayPal, credit card, MasterCard and bank transfer (TT payment);
5. Offering Escrow service to protect payment from buyers. AliExpress will only release funds to the supplier after the buyer confirms satisfactory delivery of your order. If the buyer is unhappy about the item or purchase, he or she can submit a refund request to AliExpress to ask for a refund or a solution;

6. All orders placed on AliExpress will be processed quickly, mostly within 1 week.
7. Small quantity orders are extensively accepted while for some items, minimum order quantity starts from 1 piece only;

8. AliExpress adopts a set of strict policies to verify each supplier before they are accepted as registered members and start to list their items there. In Chinese foreign trade communities, many suppliers complain that they can’t pass the censor by AliExpress and thus are not able to successfully register with the website.

But as the number of suppliers there is huge, some may willfully escape the verification by difficult-to-spot means. Before you trade with any seller, do remember to check every detail of the supplier, including feedback score, membership tier, item specifications, etc. Besides, in case any problem occurs, make sure to save a record of all communication with the supplier, which will be used as powerful evidence in the event that a dispute between you arises.

9. Once you open a dispute against a supplier, AliExpress staff will take care of the mediation work. However, the whole process may need some time as the platform needs to collect enough evidence to make an impartial ruling. So if you happen to encounter such unpleasant experience, you’d better be patient enough before AliExpress helps you solve the problem.

I personally believe that it’s unfair to spread the “AliExpress scam” voice everywhere while the company is trying its best to help you get through the issue. Nothing is born perfect — AliExpress is still young in cross-border express wholesale business and needs time to improve itself. After all, the wholesale website belongs to the world’s biggest wholesale group and its credibility is unquestionable.

My advice: shopping at should be cautious to avoid scams committed by certain suppliers – following the guidelines about how to find good sellers there may help you out; before doing enough research on the suppliers, items and services on AliExpress, never assume that the AliExpress scam complaints are 100% true, otherwise you may miss out really fantastic business opportunities; the best way to make sure you are trading with a reliable supplier and will get satisfactory item from the supplier, is to place a very small order to test all the details before you place a bigger order.


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  1. Ray Akmal Says:

    I’ve been buying a lot on Aliexpress, more than 40 times. So far I’m happy with every purchased I made (4.5/5 Stars). My advise is you must read product descriptions carefully. Compare your choice with similar product from other seller. Read the review. Communicate with the seller about specific information (Product size, quantity, choice of shipping company etc). If sellers don’t reply your message, don’t order from them, find another seller. If you suspect the price is too low, you can check seller’s website. If everything in this seller’s website is too good to be true, leave the seller. Shop in another place. Refund process and complain are easy. Seller really care for their reputation here. So, what do you expect from Aliexpress? Basic principle is apply: You got what you pay for apply here. Some products here maybe are not as you expected. But trust me, some products are extremely good.

  2. Iryna Says:

    Facts are facts, but personal experience is another story and can be totally different from your facts.
    I personally had a terrible first experience. And as customer service was helpless, no buyer protection, I am spending a few hours leaving reviews on various websites to warn other people, that’s the least I can do to save other people’s time and money.
    Here is my story…

    Aliexpress – NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Warning! Do not buy from this seller!
    Factory direct adult cartoon mascot costume, jianguang guo, xiaoyu zhu
    Address: #424 xi tianyang majuqiao tongzhou District Beijing
    Beijing 102600, telephone: 1-010-18647843108

    I just checked the rating – aliexpress entered 100% satisfaction! but when you go to the details of calculation of the rating, they use only data for the last 6 month, and don’t take into account previous negative ratings. No reviews available for now as seller sold less then 10 items, so future customers can’t be even warned!

    Got bad quality and impossible to use product with missing parts.
    Opened a dispute, but as it was my first time and I didn`t know the details, agreed to ship it back before checking the rate for shipping. The size of the box is quite large, so shipping costs same as I paid – $200, there was no sense to ship it back.
    I didn`t have any buttons to change my dispute.
    Asked seller to change it, they refused. Plus it was hard to understand seller’s response…
    Asked support to help – no help, just promises.
    Now I lost $200, have product that I can`t even sell as it doesn`t have some details and can`t be used properly due to poor quality.
    Where is customer protection? Never aliexpress again!!!

  3. JIm Says:

    I have a question for everyone that is saying that they are not able to get refunds… What is stopping you from calling your credit card bank and having the payment reversed? I have never had an issue where my bank has refused to reverse the payment based on a problem with an order.

  4. Clair Says:

    I think you are wrong in your opening statement about this company(Aliexpress) to laugh at others and what they have gone through. I have ordered many things from this company and have experience a lot of aggravation of orders sent out wrong. I have concluded that either some of there workers are on drugs are not same to sent out orders after orders wrong. Either wrong item, missing item. I received with much of the order wrong. You leave instruction but they don’t pay attention. This is not the first time either I have had problems many times. I have even had there vendor not response to there mail and the customer service virtual agent is no help at all.

  5. san Says:

    Total scam.
    I never recieved my goods.
    invalid tracking ID.
    customer support of not help.


  6. Hassan Says:


    i just buy many thing from aliexpress
    he give me tracking id … but i receved my item in 10 to 12 days from aliexpress to pakistan
    its best for me …. 1 time i don’t receve item from upto 35+ days they call deput and give me back my full money ….
    not scam its best for me….


    may ny bohat c chizy li hein aliexpress sy
    mujy trck ID bhi milta hai jaha sy trck krty hein k hamari chiz kaha hai is waqat …. lakin kam sy kam bhi 10 sy 12 din lag jaty hein ye baat thori si kharab hai ye mujy ali express sy pakistan tak 10 sy 12 din laty hein… mary liye best hai aliexpress … 1 dafa mujy mari chiz ni mili wo bhi 35 sy opr k din ho gay yani aik month sy zayada pher may ny refun yani deput par click kar k apny pasy wapis lay liye …

  7. Ibraheem T. Bayo Says:

    On 9th of september, 2015, an internet fraudster used my MASTER CARD to do online purchase with you (Your Company/ Merchant) through your platform (web address) without my authority, I immediately reported the case to my bank (Zenith Bank, Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria) who promise to liase with you to nab the fraudster. I am yet to here from the bank. There is a need to help in this fight to expose the fraudster if really your company is having integrity. The details of the transaction are:At Exactly 16:08 Nigeria time on 9/9/2015 I received an alertz of N29,757.98 which made me to realize that I had lost my ATM card. I reported immediately to the nearest Zenith Bank (Kubwa Branch, Abuja). I demanded that my ATM card be blocked which the customer care officer claimed she did. However, as she was blocking the card (right there) I received another alertz of N81,516.26 at exactly 16:11 Nigeria time. The two alertz respectively came with reference numbers: 49700923 and 49703872. Shortly after, I received a zenSecure alertz informing me to use a set of particular numbers as my one time password to finish up the fraudulent transactions which I never used.

    It was said to me by the customer care that the transactions were on hold (Implying investigation is to be carried out) after I had lodged official complaint, four different forms were given to me which I filled and submitted on the subject matter.

  8. LOVE LOVE Says:

    I think to those people who thinks AliExpress scam them. I tell you, you did not follow the terms and condition and you did not their process. I am their buyer for a long time I never experienced what you have experienced because I know their process

  9. Lito ocampo Says:

    Please do not trust this, this is a certified chinese scammer

    HAN ELECTRONIC CO. LIMITED is a professional supplier for all kinds of world famous IC electronics components, our company has achieved great successful businesses from all over the world based on best quality ,competitive price, fast delivery and excellent after-sale service. Pls offer us a chance to service for you!
    Any more questions or concerns, pls feel free to contact us.
    Best Regards

  10. Mary Says:

    DEFINITELY A SCAM!! I bought a jacket on AliExpress, colour not as shown and “loose fit” as advertised was tight fit. Asked to return it and get money back, had to “enter a dispute” and the Ali Express Case Management Team ignored my photo and entreaties, and awarded against me – $A78 down the drain! I registered a complaint with Dept. of Fair Trading and, and will continue to do so until this Ali Express website gets closed down. Please everyone with a complaint against AliExpress, contact and register your complaint with them. The more complaints the more likely they are to shut them down. Ebay is fine, but this mob ais definitely shonky.

  11. MnMira Says:

    I have been scammed at this moment of writing by store called Sunshine Age.

    This is what happened:

    1. I selected dress of choice, then paid via credit card.

    2. Seller messaged me saying that the size i wanted is out of stock.

    3. I replied that I only want that size, and if it is out of stock, I would cancel my order.

    4. The trick here is that to cancel the order, you have to put up a “cancellation request” which needs to be approved by the seller. So i did that and selected reason “Item out of stock”.

    5. Seller insisted that I must change the reason to “Buyer do not want order” as it will affect their store ratings. I refused.

    6. For 3 weeks, they kept asking me to change the reason or else they would not approve my cancellation. I still refused, and to do that would not be truthful.

    7. By the end of the 3 weeks, their stock arrived, they rejected my cancellation request, and I got an email that they shipped out the item.

    8. HOWEVER the catch here is that they gave me another person’s tracking number. So I went to trace it, called my local post office, and which i got the delivery and contact details of the other buyer.

    9. The other buyer had bought the same dress, but different color, from another store called Shenzhen E-Store. It seems that both stores are related as they will give each other tracking numbers.

    10. So now, I did not receive my dress, and my money has been taken, and i need to wait for freaking 10 days before I can even open a dispute.

    The other buyer was telling me that even if you open a dispute, it is possible that they can delay the case, reject, or cause some other problems for you until your BUYER PROTECTION PERIOD is OVER. That’s when you lose.

    Very tricky, cunning, scamming online website.

  12. John Says:

    Hello, yes, I confirm that Aliexpress is a scam. I am an A3 buyer with about 240 orders. Aliexpress unveil, disclosured about 50 aliexpress buyer in a cc. That as a generic answer that I had tried to fraud them!!! Aliexpress combine generic answers with real ones. I will probably make this public.

    But this is how it works they protect the sellers. Doenst matter if they send you the wrong item. Let say you order Lamp A and you get Lamp B, their answer will be, well it is a lamp and you can use it? What is the problem? It is like that. So if the seller wants to lie they do it and they get away with it too. Compare the european standards they do not care about hazards with electricty or anything else for that matter so your house could easily burn down with things from aliexpress.

    Well I will go buy stuff from amazon or ebay now. I do not trust aliexpress anymore since they revealed my email to 50 other dissatisfied customer which aliexpress writing this “. We also found that AliExpress Trade Security Department have informed you that your AliExpress account has been terminated because of continued violation”…

    We are 50 people who can see each other emails and aliexpress couldnt care less. The only one that has violated is aliexpress.

    And again aliexpress has alot of copyrighted items and other things with very low quality. So you need to know how to buy and what to buy.

  13. Kevin Says:

    Placed an order with aliexpress on Dec. 4th / 2015. My CC was charged the full amount on Dec. 9th. I received an email on Dec. 27th stating my order was cancelled for non payment. Aliexpress claims they never received payment, yet my CC company tells me they did. Overseas company so it looks like I haven’t got much recourse. Lesson learned.

  14. Esther J Says:

    i bought a coat November 29th and after seller lied and delayed coat was finally sent, custom asked for payment proof and invoice, I provided payment proof and seller provided a nameless invoice so custom rejected the invoice, due to delay as I was traveling I canceled order and up till now seller refuse to accept cancellation. Case has been escalated and now seller says they will not accept the returned coat (which I never even RECIEVED) that I must provide another address from another country. (As if I’m the presidents daughter). So that they will send the coat to. This is going against the seller guarantee that states that if item is not RECIEVED in 23days I will get my full refund. Up till now we’re still on it. I CANT AFFORD to lose that money. I already spoke to a lawyer about it and luckily I have enough proof and evidence. Order number:71260834784143. Seller : BF-FUR. (Advice: stay away from this seller. They are trouble).

  15. Jerry G Says:

    Such hate! Unbelievable!!

    I have done business with Aliexpress for almost 3 years and have NEVER had any serious problems with any seller, received a different product or ripped off my money. It takes a little bit of common sense and practice to be safe when buying online and it’s not too different from buying from eBay or Amazon.

    1) People don’t take the time to evaluate. They don’t take a look at the seller’s rep, check their products’ pictures, or skim through the reviews and feedback. Aliexpress is not good or bad – there are good and bad SELLERS and Ali is but a commerce platform. Many people fail to realize that and that’s where most of the issues start. There really are scammers and bad sellers out there (just like any other country), but if you don’t learn to tell the difference, you’ll end up scammed by them. Because you didn’t take the time to do your research.

    2) People are awfully IMPATIENT. I live in the Americas and believing my package will arrive in two weeks time by using plain air mail is downright stupid. This includes all folk who frantically check their tracking numbers every 15 minutes. If you’re not willing to wait, don’t buy from China. Period. I have had to wait as long as 90 days to receive an order because of all the factors that come into play: shipping method, destination, country’s customs and import policies. Every process is different. But people waht their parcels and they want them “NOW”. Tough luck.

    3) People don’t understand customs. They don’t realize once an order enters their country’s post system a whole new process begins – package may be restrained, put on hold, pay taxes etc. and it’s out of the seller’s control. Complaining to the seller about a package that was lost by your local postman is absurd and unfair. Again, a little reading of the basic guidelines for international shipping could save a lot of trouble, which isn’t the case because of #2) above.

    On a final note, people should GROW UP! Calling all chinese businesses, sellers, and even worse, the chinese people in general, “fakes”, “frauds”, and “POS” is absolutely imbecilic and abusive. Judging a whole nation for ONE simple problem you may even have caused yourself? Then you shouldn’t even using the internet at all. It’s unfair to label honest traders and sellers who are simply trying to make a living just because of one bad experience.

  16. Fortunato B. Says:

    Sorry for my English. I am Italian with a very good feedback on ebay, never had big problems on the shopping site. Unfortunately I had a very bad idea, in late July 2015, after consulting with friends to buy a pair of IP cam 320 €. I chose a vendor, it seemed correct, however it is detected in time a criminal. He sent me a single cam (completely different model no ip cam) the other never delivered .. I wrote immediately. (They have provided false addresses for returning the package, numbers tel nonexistent). I returned to the cam wrong return address, indicated in the package receive (in addition to having paid customs duties on arrival and the shipment cost 50 €). We are in January the package is abandoned because the seller in cahoots with crowds of aliexpress .. Wait terminate the terms of the dispute to receive the money, which aliexpress froze until now .. This is not a market but a honest people Bay of thieves …
    No falsehood what I say, I can provide 157 kb of messages and photos relating to the receipt and shipment of products.
    Stay away from this market
    They are in possession of a license to steal from honest people

  17. roxy Says:

    What Jerry G said is true.And never buy costly things,thinking you’ll be saving money.Want cheap product,get cheap quality.My advice is to stay below 10 $ for an item/pack,so if an order is lost on the way (it happens),it won’t be so bad,compared to 100 $ orders.Want quality,go to a local store.Oh,wait,i forgot to tell you :most of the things sold in your local store,supermarket,mall,etc (if not all) are made in China,or in an other asian country.You can get a faulty item from the start,let’s say,a samsung phone,because the factories don’t test every single item,just one from a lot,so you’re either lucky or not.Do a little research and have faith that your order will arrive,if not,dispute or just never buy anything.And another thing: there are chinese vendors on Amazon/Ebay,and i distrust more a private seller who sells second hand than a chinese store.

  18. Sam Says:

    @C Never ever buy any well known brand from Aliexpress. 0% of them is genuine. On Aliexpress you only buy Chinese brand which are a lot cheaper.

  19. Silvia Says:

    I bought a pair of “leather” shoes shoes from AliExpress, store Bonus time (Store No.727479):

    The description says “Upper Material: leather”

    I received synthetic leather shoes. I contacted the seller and they answer:

    “This shoes is not leather but also good quality , and we have sold this shoes a lot….”

    I tried to return them and get my money back but they didn’t agree. I escalated the case and the AliExpress team close my case because my close pictures of the shoes and the seller admitting that “this shoes are not leather…” was not enough prove that the shoes are not leather.
    They also told me that I should have sent them a picture of the label from the product that shows the composition of this. But the shoes have not a single label inside!

    I tried to contact AliExpress customer services in the online chat. The person there could understand that the seller saying that the shoes are not leather should be enough prove and he was going to report it to the “deciding team”. No one has contacted me…

    Is there anything I could do?

  20. Petr Says:

    Hello a want share me expirience with Aliexpress too.//Sorry for my english//

    11.11.2015 i bought on aliexpress tablet in value 140.72U$,
    Aliexpress give me discount 10$, i make payment via paypal 130.72$ .
    Merchant information : New Times Technology Co., Ltd ( ) .
    After cca 21 days i received tablet with lower configuration (in value about 40$) and with wrong ship time (i pay for faster delivery 6$).
    I started dispute process with merchant , Merchant agree with sending product back to China.
    I send back tablet with full equipment and with original container. I payd 20$ for post services with insurance (covering forfeit and damage package).
    Merchant received package and uploaded on web video with damaged and dirty package.
    I could not verify whether the damaged Shipment received by traders from the post office or destroy it to avoid paying the full amount of your refund.
    After opening package tablet had broken display.I requested after the commencement of vendors claim to the post office.
    Since he took over the already damaged consignment can I make a complaint.
    He denied this and sought compensation for damage to the display.
    The complaint was forwarded to aliexpress custom service and ruled in favor of the seller. AliExpress send me back compensation only $ 95.42.
    If you look evaluated this seller cheating This way all customers (some even detect fraud.) AliExpress that tolerates and allows dealers to rob other consumers. …

  21. Mr T Says:

    I use AliExpress as lot.
    I have used Coupon 1 time.
    I have maybe ordered in aliexpress 30 times. Everytime the item come.
    But when i used my 5usd Coupon, the item never came, i got refound for what i paid, but not the Coupon… it`s only 5 usd, i dont care, but i belive it`s a scam to make pepole use aliE more.

  22. Lizzy B Says:

    For all you people who had good experiences and think it’s a matter of following some guidelines I believe some of your experience is based on luck and frequency. I made 20 purchases most successful. I was diligent each time. One time I found a store with many excellent reviews so I bought 3 dresses $212. I thought I was home free. The tracking number was legit everything seemed smooth. I opened the bag /package when it arrived and inside the bag was 100’s of pieces of cardboard wrapped in packing material with a invoice that said “3 dresses”. I called my credit card and they are disputing with Aliexpress. Aliexpress & merchant want me to return item and pay to return. Very stressful .

  23. Zeb Khan Says:

    Hi. Honestly speaking I recently make an order for sword on aliexpress although I didn’t received my order but I’m really happy because they transfer my money back to my account .
    I think aliexpress is legitimate and trust-able.

  24. evan pierre Says:

    (scam)example dispute aliexpress by 9 euros:

  25. love pony Says:

    my ali express account is not signing in…. any suggesstions?

  26. CSuen Says:

    I’ve made about 110 orders in the last 1.5 years. Of all the orders, 4 of them never came, and even after numerous messages to sellers, it’s always “please wait a little longer”, or they promise that they’ll send a new one…it’s been almost half a year, and no matter how many times they say they’ll resend or to wait, they never show up. And I’ve had similar items to these ordered via Ali, and they showed up in my mailbox just fine, so trust me, it’s not customs, it’s scamming sellers. Let me clarify that I always compare the same items sold by numerous sellers before placing my order, and only purchase from sellers with thousands of reviews, and at least a 96%, so you can’t say that the problem was my not checking the sellers’ ratings. I’ve also had a dozen packages come in up to four months late, all of which disregarded the 60-day buyer protection. Honestly, buyer protection is complete BS. In one of my orders, one of my items was missing, and the seller refused to resend or refund me for it because apparently they don’t make order mistakes….ummmmmm I know what I did and did not receive upon opening the package, and I’ve double and triple-checked my order numerous times before complaining to the seller.
    I’ve also received items that are not as described (I’ve spent $100+ on jewellery…never again. Lesson learnt is never buy jewellery or clothes on AliExpress…you’re wasting money on crap you wouldn’t buy from the dollar store…the earrings might look gorgeous, but wait, you receive it and it isn’t smooth metal…it’s rusted tin…and the beautiful earrings you were supposed to receive look nothing like the real thing and are photoshopped onto an Asian celebrity…go figure).
    I’ve also purchased two electronics on different occasions: first one worked so well that I ordered another right away for my sister for Christmas – a month later, my machine broke…and about three weeks later I receive the one for my sister, and it’s broken right off the bat. Oops. Message the seller, seller needs proof. Sent one video. It’s not enough, seller wants to see proof that the machines are plugged in. That I place an item on top to show that it’s not working. And proof that it doesn’t operate with batteries, and proof that the batteries are fully charged. Sent three more videos detailing and pulling the cord all the way to the outlet several times; used a battery charge monitor to show that all batteries are fully charged. After all that, seller says that first machine is not under warranty, so no refund…second machine can get a full refund via PayPal. Come PayPal, I received the “full refund” minus PayPal’s transfer fees. And to top it all off…I don’t even use PayPal, and can’t use it with AliExpress. Lesson 3: don’t ever buy electronics on AliExpress.
    Here’s my input: buy from AliExpress if you’re buying cheap things that you wouldn’t mind losing to unhonest sellers, or that you’d be willing to wait up to half a year to receive via mail; don’t buy electronics despite savings, as from AliExpress you’ll have a hard time getting anything back, whereas locally, you can always return it to the store you bought it from; don’t buy jewellery or clothes from AliExpress as you don’t know the quality.
    What I now buy from AliExpress are items all under $5, max I’d go is $25. If you really want to buy more from a seller, then if time permits, purchase your $25 and under order first, wait for the package to arrive, or if it does arrive; if yes, then check the items and see how they match up to the item description; if it matches, then use your judgement if you want to buy more…if not, then save your money and don’t. Lately I’ve been purchasing cheaper things like stickers, washi tape, nail and Eyelash Extension practice supplies (as I don’t trust the quality to be used on a real person due to the chemicals…buy mannequins and practice on them), false eyelashes (they look natural and are cheap), and some dog clothes. Nothing too expensive, and kept each order under $25 until I receive the package and see if the seller is honest.
    In regards to customer service, you get what you pay for: it’s non-existent. And it’s a hassle to deal with either because the customer service will side with the seller in a dispute, and all the orders I’ve had issues with had horrible sellers to deal with. I’ve never had a pleasant experience with a seller when they send a bad order, or when there is a lack of an order.
    Anyway, there are honest sellers, and I have received some items in as little as 3 weeks; but I have waited up to 4 months, and in some cases, indefinitely, cause they will never come at all due to being lost in mail, or a scamming seller who never sent the items at all. You also need to realize that there are many scams in China where they’re feeding chemicals to their own people within food (such as fake eggs, recycled oil, or the poisonous baby formula scandal, to name a few), so running into a few money-grubbing scammers on AliExpress is to be expected.
    I’m more than happy to order cheaper products on AliExpress, and will continue doing so for the price or convenience of it (because they might not sell it here), or both. Just don’t buy things that are too expensive; be prepared to wait months to receive it; or be prepared to lose the money off of not receiving the order, a broken product, or product that does not match the description.
    Like someone said, most of the things we buy are from China; but what she fails to mention is that here we have pretty good quality control and customer service (if the item’s defective, you can simply return it) – China and AliExpress do not.

  27. CSuen Says:

    Like Lizzy B says, it’s really a combination of luck, and a number game. Because of that, I try to deal more with the same sellers rather than a bunch of different ones every time in order to try and reduce my frequency of getting a bad order. I have to admit that when I first started buying from AliExpress, I had the worst sellers and awful orders ever, that seldom ever matched up to their description. But after doing the above and figuring out what I can and what I shouldn’t buy from there, the percentage of bad incidents that I’ve had has gone down significantly (to only about 5%). But at least half the time now, I’m happy with the orders that I receive. 🙂

  28. Sayed Says:

    Aliexpress is oke, but you need to be carefull.
    The following supplier sold me LCD”s worth of 900+ USD, all of them were either faulty or with very bad pixels and contrast. After ignoring my complaints, I have decided to give the supplier negative feedback. After that this supplier was begging to change the feedback into 5 stars for a miserable refund of 40 usd. I thought it was better than nothing so I did, after that, heard nothing from this fraudulent supplier, and no refund.

  29. vishal Says:

    Hi ALL OF YOU !
    I find none like big cheaters like Ali express joining hand with suppliers.I ordered a shirt order online from aliexpress. Company name OPAL CLOTHING company
    id-73899898271139.I received no communication from the seller over the next few WEEKS even though I messaged on several occasions to enquire if the order had been shipped. Finally the good arrived things I received were very cheap looking and poorly made and most important very very small in size. Their clothes are ill fitting, very poorly made, the material they use is not like advertised. It did not list the order information, nor did it provide me with a way of sending back this terrible article of clothing
    I filed a dispute to which the seller responded that he will refund provided the item is returned back to his address.I mailed them to explain me the process of returning the good but the seller never responded.Now when I inquired about the cost to ship the items to hong kong it states 34 dollars.
    It is practical that no body will return the item back since it costs 3 times the actual cost of good.
    It’s a game plan of the seller and the aliexpress is also involved in this fraud process.Customer care at aliexpress is useless of no help.
    . I will never again purchase from this company. How stupid is this. For a wrong supply I have to pay the money for no fault of mine. I have been buying things from other online companies for several years now and never had any uisssues like this. I contacted the seller and asked for a refund, but he refused and told that he don’t do refunds. Then I reported that scammer to AliExpress customer service and they said it was not their problem. They said that I need to talk to the seller and when I told them that I already did they said that there was nothing they could do.

  30. Shizonu Says:

    I have a question for anyone who can answer…. Has anyone ever been sent anything from that site when they have NEVER ordered from them? For some reason, we have received two different packages containing Nagaraku eyelash kits, addressed to my home including my phone number, and I’ve never even been to the site, let alone ordered false eyelashes. This is weird as hell. I have no need for false eyelashes, and haven’t ordered anything from over seas in years. Anyone experience this?

  31. Anon Says:

    Till now I too thought is reliable. 3years and about 500 orders later, aliexpress has screwed me.

    My account has been terminated based on unsubstantiated, baseless claims of fraud on my part. I have not violated any trade rules. Their online help is a joke, with chat being the only option. Three different agents, agreed that what happened to me is unfair and informed me that this happens to many people. They did try to help me and but failed to get this glitch fixed.

    When I have received a product I have always confirmed receipt. But no one has bothered to pay attention to that, before alleging that there are too many non delivery disputes I have opened, so obviously I am a fraud. Yes, I have opened many cases of non delivery, but only because they have not been delivered. It’s not my fault the postal service between China and India is slow and unreliable. If I had to cheat sellers I would not be raising claims for low value items ($1-3h and confirming receipt of higher value items, like the led dog light costing almost $15, or vamo vape set for 25$.

    Buyer protection is a complete joke, unless being arbitrary is anyone’s idea of being fair. I have not been given a chance even to defend myself. Three of my non delivery disputes have been decided against me already, and I still haven’t recieved any of them. has taken a baseless arbitrary decision, and scammed me of $8.44, already. My repeated requests to look into the matter have been ignored, despite tracking details proving my point. My appeals too have been cursorily handled and ignored. As a buyer I placed my faith in the portal, and have even recommended the site to ALL my friends, but now I regret it as aliexpress has made a mockery of my faith. is the scam! Beware!

  32. SUEANN Says:


  33. Joy howe Says:

    I have been buying from Aliexpress for about two years and am happy with my purchase s

  34. NOT AGREE Says:

    Totally not agree with the original statement. Aliexpress is a channel but there is no customer service phone number or email but robot chat window. There is no way to stay protected once make a purchase through Aliexpress. Evil sellers doesn’t take responsibility of the fact that they always ship defective items to US customers and there is only one way to ask for help, which is open a dispute and let Aliexpress disputer management team steps in. Yet all the team does is to protect the seller and nobody will help buyer resolve issues.

  35. sona chadha Says:

    Absolutely fake site. I never received my package. my order : Huawei mobile battery::
    Free shipping high quality mobile phone battery HB474284RBC for Huawei Ascend G521 G615 G620 Y550 C8816D C8817E Honor 3C..order no: 76709139298738 on 10th July 2016. On 2nd of august i receive a mail asking to confirm the delivery of package, which i never received. I waited for few days, but still the delivery was not made. I opened dispute and asked them to refund the amount since i have not received the item. seller produces fake delivery receipt..showing POS Malaysia ships and delivers at Mumbai Airport. the last transaction is delivered at my address.. No mention of delivery receipt, or signed receipt by me while accepting the courier. not telling the name of courier or carrier who picks up the package from Mumbai and delivers to me at Hyderabad. The tracking number, POS Malaysia transaction number, the delivery receipt all FAKE!!!. The best way of earning money, by duping customer online. Customer is helpless since the money is paid which will never be refunded nor the package will ever arrive at your place. FRAUDS, CHEATERS, FAKE..hand in hand will seller around the world.!!

  36. trío con un maduro y dos jovencitos Says:

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  37. Old-Timer Says:

    There are plenty of stories about buyers being scammed by the merchants listed various Chinese online directories. does not turn a blind eye to such scams, but there are limitations to what they can do in order to help victims of fraud

    Scam #1 Delivery of damaged or defective items;

    Must say that the most difficult issue I personally had and have with is Quality Control and Refunds/Returns. Before buying anything I usually look at the Seller Rating and read Feedback about the seller and the product, but most of the time it’s impossible to tell if it’s accurate. In my situation the merchant (Battery #1 Shop (Shenzhen Herculesi Co., Ltd) has been in business for a long time changing the old store to the new one, after getting a low percentage of the Positive Feedback at the old store. All together, by me estimation, they have changed 3 (three) stores. The store manager Mrs. Tina Zhang of the (Battery #1 Shop (Shenzhen Herculesi Co., Ltd) lying and misleading person. Gives you a run around, no technical support, no answers for days. What I am trying to say THIS IS A SCUM but there are limitations to what can do against it.

  38. Cory K Says:

    AliExpress is just like Ebay and Amazon. You have to 1) Do your research. Meaning Check sellers ratings, read sellers reviews and 2) and I know this ones hard but use common sense. I have been ordering from AliExpress for over a year and in all that time I have had only two issues. I have had more issues with product quality and being scammed on Ebay than I have with AliExpress. I’m not saying AliExpress is perfect, it isn’t but blaming AliExpress for every issue is nonsense. Just like ebay you are buying from sellers, stores etc. When you have an issue it’s with the seller, not Ebay (for the most part).
    And I know for a FACT, that many ebay and amazon sellers who are threatened by the AliExpress competition both reward and employ people to post negative reviews to distract sales and potential buyers.

  39. Ian Martinez Says:

    i have ordered many things including mobile phones, no problems for me.

  40. L Says:

    I buy online a lot. After seeing that AliExpress promoted international shipping – I ordered about 30 items (from different sellers) in August 2016 to be delivered to me in Berlin, Germany. Only 3 items arrived! I was told to wait long after delivery times posted came / went – giving the missing items until December to show up. In December, I complained and started asking for refunds – with proof in the tracking showing the items never were even allowed in Germany and were returned to the sellers. So does AliExpress return the money for the all items I never received? No. Instead, they terminated my account so that I could no longer even be able to make a claim for refunds. They sited a policy that said nothing specifically other than accounts can be terminated on their whim / will. I did nothing but ask for refunds for items never received – which was backed up by the tracking info on the site itself. AliExpress and its sellers may not have customs issues elsewhere – but the site and sellers certainly should never falsely claim they can ship to (thus sell to) German buyers. I have never experienced such a scam website before. Never buy from AliExpress – they are a scam.

  41. Apogate Says:

    This is not justice..There is no any fault for my side. I liked product as described published picture on page and paid.Dishonest seller send me different cheaper product ..Seller has no explanation or apology or make restitution and Aliexpress says send back but you pay cargo . That is 45 usd cargo cost from my country to China..Many countries very highly cargo cost for china and Tricky seller’s knows that ,why they are so easyly cheating buyers.I understand Aliexpress protect cheaters not buyers…That way only me panished..Where is buyer protection or what is..What is the panishment of tricky seller ??
    İf I agree to pay 45 usd for cargo fee and back to product to seller. I am not sure he can disclaim of cargo quantity or type, Already seller has not honesty… Hereby I gonna lost 161 usd purchased cheap undesired pruduct + 45 usd cargo fee for noting.? There is no warranty for tricky seller or Aliexpress.There must be some solution for cheaters….
    I never and ever buy anything from Aliexpress anymore .. You are all trickster….

  42. Gina Says:

    Fake please people dont buy it there .im from Holland. Never recieved the package they only give me 1 euro where is the other money.!!
    And when you chatting the same anwser im here to help you bla bla . Im really sure is robots!!! Not real people. Never again eBay is better.

  43. mo Says:

    AliExpress is a scam, they do NOT protect buyers at all,

    here is how the scam works,

    Seller sends an item to you overseas,

    The item goes beyond the expected date of arrival,

    Buyer is given a date to report any problems,

    Buyer never gets item and has no choice but to raise a dispute,

    Seller requests buyer drops the dispute,
    A) If buyer drops the dispute they can not re open dispute again,
    B) if the item arrives and it broken they can not get a refund etc,

    Buyer has no choice but to leave open dispute,

    Seller can extend buyer protection date until item arrives but instead according to guideline options will choose only a week (IF THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU)

    Buyer has to have proof if item is still at customs or accept the sellers offer of extended date which expires and from there….well..buyer is out of luck!

  44. David Venditti Says:

    Dear prospective buyers please go to any other site an aliexpress to buy stuff. The guy at the top was reffering to me. I was sent a sub par almost entirely different item that was sub par to the listing i paid for. Getting back to the guy at top, if your not specialized in selling specific things and you know nothing about them than you shouldnt be selling them. key example cars a lamborgini is much better than a gocart. So if you understand quality cars then that will help you to sell thing better. If you purchased something that said exact as in pictures to get sold or sent a sub par item than what you paid for you would be pissed.17 hours ive been lied to ripped off and have talked to 12 different employees that play games and will flat out lie to you. Then because they only let there disputes run out of time in 2 days unless you upload eveidence. They have my evidence they know for a fact it was not my fault they dont care about there customers. I spend 1000s on there site every year, and they are still ripping me off ive already given them the evidence they dont want it and the way its set up is to reward there shitty dealer and helping them to screw the buyer bc the system is broken and they know it. Aliexpress is knowingly ripping there customers off and not even the shitty ones but me who spends 1000s on there site everuday. Ive been a good shopper with them for years before this happened. ive reported them to BBB. Nothings gonna happen i was ripped of but please go some where else so you dont get lied to and cheated. They have my evidence they just dont want to give the rightly deserved refund.

  45. Pat Dignam Says:

    I bought a 9” tablet as a Christmas gift for my 8yr old gran-daughter, it arrived early in December and I gave it to her on Christmas day. I realised about a month later she was not using it and she told me the battery when fully charged would die after about an hour so she couldnt use it, I contacted Aliexpress and they said sent it back and they would replace it. The tablet cost me 52euro plus duty and charges of 19euro, to send it back registered post would cost me 29 euro, and no guarantee that the replacement would be any better. I have since read that the battery are of a poor quality. I feel very annoyed that this can happen and people should be aware, they know people will not be prepared to pay the cost of returning a faulty item !

  46. Bill Says:

    Beware AliExpress is fraud and many of them also listing their product on Amazon and eBay so be careful when buying online. Most of the time review also fake. Looks like its time to start buying from store in place of online.

    Here is the link where I suffered with fraud :


  47. HD Says:

    After being an A4 buyer in 6 months, I would say the problem is with AE platform and not just the individul sellers. I had my account suspended then terminated 5 days ago. I contacted customer support four times to no avail. The first reason they gave me was: account temporarily suspended due to security reasons. After contacting the infamous customer support and promising to do their best, I got the second email with a new reason this time: My account is terminated due to violations of the order protection program. This happened and I’m an A4 buyer with 50 ongoing orders! Now I cannot dispute or leave feedback for any of them!! Simply thift!! Moreover, the fact that I returned the money to some of the sellers after a dispute/refund did not seem to matter at all. I did this voluntarily after receiving some of the disputed orders after some 3-4 months!! I still had respect and returned the money through another purchase and none of that mattered! I’m beginning to think that some of the highly rated/recommended sellers have close connections to AE management and are untouchable! I doubt their rating system so much after noticing that some of the most decent sellers are not highly rated at all.

  48. lisa davis Says:

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  49. Devin Says:

    I made my first purchase with AliExpress recently, my phone came faulty, contacted them a few days after delivery but they refused to replace, refund or even honour their one year warranty which I paid for. Had to get phone repaired. Their arbitration is a joke and their customer service, what customer service! This is my personal experience, I will never never buy from them and have deleted their app.

  50. andrew Says:

    I’ve generally had good luck with aliexpress, but I’m not sure I’ll ever buy from them again – I placed an order that the seller shipped through aliexpress’s in-house logistics/shipping, which claims the item was delivered to me. Except it wasn’t. Despite their “buyer protection” they won’t refund the order because I can’t “PROVE” that I didn’t receive it.

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