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Recently I am writing a series of reviews of wedding dresses offered by the most popular online suppliers (already posted: Review of Milanoo Wedding Dresses; Review of Lightinthebox Wedding Dresses). To present the most valuable information for my readers, I do a lot of research before I write a review of the wedding dresses available at a certain store. During the research, I noticed that there are quite a great number of lovely wedding dresses that are priced at $100. I know may brides-to-be are looking for best styles in wedding dresses on a budget and I thought it would be a good idea to share the resources in case somebody need them.

When I said “best online stores to buy wedding dresses under $100”, I meant “reliable stores which carry the widest selection of wedding dresses that are as cheap as no more than $100 USD”. In particular, all sites I am going to introduce below are based in China. If you only want to shop for extremely cheap wedding dresses from a local online store, the following information may be nothing useful for you. Anyway, you are still encouraged to read on as you might change your mind after! For those who are hunting for easily affordable wedding dresses from international online shops especially Chinese online shops, this is exactly the right place to get related knowledge.


I find 64 results for wedding dresses under $100 on Lightinthebox.com, most of which are between $80 and $100. You can hardly find any dress that is under $50 there though. That makes senses considering that the site is best known for high-end wedding apparel with better designs as well as superior quality. The wedding dresses within this pricing range there are mostly mini wedding dresses or short wedding dresses with less complicated embellishments or adornments, best fitting those who love wedding dresses with simple looks.

Wedding Dresses Under 100 at Lightinthebox

Images courtesy of Lightinthebox.com

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Why do I recommend it?
1. The site has established a big name on the global market in the wholesale as well as retail arena of wedding dresses.
2. The designs are great. The styles are so amazing that you may find it hard to make a decision on purchasing which one.
3. The fabrics used in making the dresses are better quality.
4. With years of successful experience, they are very professional in designing, tailoring and selling wedding dresses.
5. Customer service provided by them is prompt and helpful.
6. Each and every wedding dress is showcased by the models the company hires. On the product page you can find several pictures of how the finished dress looks on the model. Besides, you can also see the detailed sizes of the models which may help you better understand the fit of the dresses and avoid sizing problems.


Unlike Lightinthebox.com, Dinodirect.com is not so extensively known or mentioned by their Chinese competitors. However, the site is very famous among global buyers and their company size is unbeatable. There I find more than 10,000 styles in wedding dresses under $100, with only one maternity wedding dress priced at under $50. Most of them are for sale at between $60 and $100 while a few are between $50 and $60.

Wedding Dresses under $100 at Dinodirect.com

Images courtesy of Dinodirect.com

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Why do I recommend it?
1. The site has the biggest number of wedding dresses that lie within the pricing frame. With over 10,000 styles to choose from, you will definitely find the one that fits your taste.
2. Free shipping is available on select items. As wedding dresses are generally weight heavy, shipping cost could be a problem when you budget is very limited. The free shipping service will free you from the concern.


By using their search filtering tool, I got over 9,000 results for wedding dresses under $100 at Aliexpress.com. I browsed dozens of pages and was convinced that the search results are highly matching. As the dresses are offered by various sellers instead of the Aliexpress.com site, they can vary quite significantly in pricing, quality as well as service standards. While most sellers are honest and follow all rules to do business with you, some may be scammers who have slipped through the site’s verification system. Anyway, under the escrow buyer protection service, even if you encounter rip-offs or scams there, your payment will be held till the dispute is successfully resolved.

Wedding Dresses under $100 at Aliexpress

Images courtesy of Aliexpress.com

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Why do I recommend it?
1. Aliexpress.com belongs to Alibaba.com, the giant of B2B international trade. You can be confident in using the site to trade with suppliers there as the big company won’t let unhappy shopping experiences ruin their reputation. In addition, the free buyer protection service they provide makes everything under control, though the processing of a dispute may take a little longer than expected.
2. The pricing options are diverse and you have much more choices. The dresses are as low as $15 only. Yes, they are truly bridal dresses!
3. They have plenty of styles to choose from.


Focusing on fashion products, Milanoo.com is particularly famous for cheap wedding gowns. Although the ones under $100 are limited in quantity – only 31 items so far, the site is worth checking out as out of the 891 wedding dresses for sale there, the majority is at slightly above $100. As their company motto claims, they sell “affordable fashion”.

Wedding Dresses under $100 at Milanoo

Images courtesy of Milanoo.com

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Why do I recommend it?
1. The site is a professional fashion store and you are more likely to find the trendy wedding dresses there.
2. Low pricing is what separates them from their competing sites.
3. Every style within the pricing range is classic and elegant.
4. You can find a few really great maternity wedding dresses which are also priced at under $100.
5. Some of the under-$100 wedding dresses are also perfect for other special occasions like a cocktail party. This means you may re-use the dress after the wedding ends!

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