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Christmas 2010 is not far away. To hunt out the best deals on Christmas gifts for 2010, it’s better to shop as early as possible. Merchants all know well about the rule and have started sourcing Christmas supplies for their businesses. Even some smart individual shoppers have already come up with their Christmas shopping lists, though most of them get lost in the multitude of Christmas gifts available on the market.

Christmas Gifts 2010 for Men

In the previous article, we introduced the best Christmas gifts 2010 for women. Here we would like to complete our Christmas shopping guide series by presenting the top Christmas gifts 2010 for men. If the following research-based introduction can somewhat inspire you, we’ll be really delighted.

1. Top Christmas Gifts 2010 for Fathers or Grandfathers
For high-tech savvy fathers or grandfathers, advanced high-tech gadgets in superior performance should be the No. 1 choice. Given the vast array of high-tech gadgets, it can be super easy to gift this group of fathers and grandfathers. You can pick him a high-end E-book reader, an easy-to-use laptop, a functional cell phone, a quality car DVD player or anything that will fascinate him and makes his life more interesting. For fathers or grandfathers who are sports fanatics, buy them their needed sporting goods such as a set of golf irons, a badminton racket or a cycling jersey outfit. If your father or grandfather is passionate about outdoor adventure, a useful backpack, a handheld GPS or simply a pair of hiking shoes will cheer them up.

E-book Readers aPad Tablet PCs on Lightinthebox Golf Iron Sets

2. Top Christmas Gifts 2010 for Husbands or Boyfriends
When it comes to gifting one’s husband or boyfriend for Christmas, the biggest festival of the year, money is no object for most ladies. Your beloved man deserves best festive treats, right? Of course, if planned well in advance, you can get equally good gifts for him for much less cost. Among the top Christmas gifts 2010 for men, apparel or clothing accessories are obviously best of the best for husbands or boyfriends. Other than a wife or girlfriend, no one else is so familiar with the exact sizes and dressing taste of a man. You can choose to gift him a suit, a jacket, a shirt, a pair of pajamas, a pair of jeans, a pair of cufflinks or anything else related to decent dressing. Of course, if your husband or boyfriend is not in to fashion at all, this will not be a good idea. Luckily, there is a wealth of Christmas gifts for men to choose from on the market—you can even shop the gifts easily from a foreign country, thanks to the fast development of cross-border e-commerce. Other top Christmas gifts 2010 for husbands or boyfriends include: shavers, wallets, shoes, travel essentials, gadgets, electronics, barware, sports gear and a lot more.

Computer Accessories HiPhone 4 WiFi Java Cell Phones on Lightinthebox Men's Business Suits

3. Top Christmas Gifts 2010 for Male Friends
For common male friends, ladies had better gift them something special without eluding to anything more than a platonic relationship. A novelty coffee cup, for example, can be an ideal choice as it’s thoughtful and adorable yet highly affordable. Such small gifts can signal a message that the gift giver truly values the friendship with the receiver—she does not gift you something expensive as she gifts her sweetheart but she does put her heart in finding something unique for you. Here are some similar Christmas gifts for male friends for your reference: books, home tools, keychains, gadgets he wants to buy for his car, CDs or DVDs, gift cards to a local store and accessories for PCs, laptops, cell phones or gaming devices such as headphones and skin covers.

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So, have you found any satisfactory gift ideas from the top Christmas gifts 2010 for men? If interested, you can also read another post about Christmas shopping guide: Best Christmas Gifts 2010 for Women.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas in advance!

Note: All product images posted above are picked from five well-known international online shops: Lightinthebox, AliExpress, ChinaVasion, DavisMicro and Uxcell.

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