Mar 12

April Fool’s Day 2013 is just around the corner. How are you going to fool people around you this year? If you are still looking for top April Fool’s Day ideas for inspiration, the April Fool’s Day deals available at some online stores may help you out.

As I always recommend, when you are hunting for a great holiday idea, you can refer to the item catalogs hosted by online shopping sites, especially their special collection of deals targeting the holiday. You don’t have to necessarily buy the stuff from the sites if the prices do not meet your budget. You can simply use them as a tool to get yourself inspired. And then, you can either DIY it by yourself or purchase it from other sites which offer a better price. However, if you decide to shop with a Chinese site, make sure to confirm on the delivery time. Otherwise the item you order may not arrive in time for the Fool’s Day.

So far I’ve found two Chinese sites offering April Fool’s Day 2013 specials. In particular, as I mentioned in the old post “2013 Women’s Day Deals from”, launched their April Fool’s Day very early– the site is definitely a early-bird for all kinds of holiday promotions. They offer 10% off a range of April Fool’s Day supplies, including electric shock handshake toys, electric shock ballpoint pens, electric shock lighters, shocking gun toys, electric shock wireless mouse, electrostatic dummy digital cameras, poo-poo farting whoopee cushions, realistic poo-poo shits, nipple balls and much more. Just take a look at some of the product images below.

April Fool's Day 2013 at
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Have you got inspired? Honestly, some of the on-sale April Fool’s Day products at make me feel really sick. But that’s probably why they are so popular. By the way, to get 10% off the items listed on the promotional page, you need to enter the coupon code “APR10OFF” at checkout.

If you can’t find what you like from Priceangels’ April Fool’s Day 2013 deals because of the limited range of products, then Aliexpress’ April Fool’s Day collection won’t get you down. The wholesale trading site is best known for carrying the widest variety of products in each field. As for April Fool’s Day supplies, they are absolutely a one-stop shop. Currently, their April Fool’s Day sale is on the go, with a vast array of toys or pranks inspired by the wild world to choose from. All are offered at discounted prices. As a tradition, invite the best suppliers at their site to launch a holiday promotion and requires them to offer a discount on each product selected for the sale.

This April Fool’s Day, sort their promotional products by animal: cheeky monkey, creepy crawlers, lol lions or crafty cats. Each sub-category includes a huge selection of products to choose from with 20% to 50% off. The prices have already been slashed down by the discount indicated so you don’t need to input any coupon codes at checkout. Let me save the words introducing the specific April Fool’s Day toys or pranks on sale there, just have a good look at the product images picked up from the collections and I am sure you will be allured to view more too.

April Fools Day 2013 Deals at
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