May 14

Great pressure from our life or work urges many of us to have a long trip for relaxing, yet in order to have a good trip, the following electronics shouldn’t be ignored when you pack for your travel.

Portable DVD Player: A Good Tool for Entertainment
During the long-distance trip, most tourists will need some entertainments. A portable DVD player is such a useful tool for this purpose. With a wide screen and high-definition picture display, you can enjoy your favorite films as well as video games on your way. In addition, with a rechargeable battery, this handy product can work up to 3 hours. For example, the following DVD player I found on Lightinthebox has a well-designed structure including a display panel that can be swiveled to 180 degree. Also, as a handheld computer, this slim and compact product is easy and comfortable to take along.

Portable DVD Players

GPS has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide in many applications including military and civilian. Due to the increasing sensitivity of modern electronic equipment, good civilian GPS navigation products are now extensively available, such as car GPS navigation devices.

It is quite likely that a large number of car owners will buy a car GPS navigation gadget that is suitable for use in the car. Combined with electronic map, radio communication networks and vehicle computer management system, the portable car GPS device below enables vehicle tracking and traffic management. The accurate location details to where you want to go provided by car GPS won’t let you get lost in your long or short trip, meanwhile offering the most time-saving and convenient way for car drivers.

Currently, in order to make this type of product more recreational besides its original navigation function, many car GPS manufacturers are adding more and more featured functions to the product, like computer games, e-book reader, or even insert the GPS functionality into DVD players.

Car GPS 1 Car GPS 2

Both of these two amazing electronics for trips are generally affordable, so if you want to shop these China wholesale electronics or more other cool electronic gadgets to prepare for your travel, you can visit directly—you may get 10 to 30 percent discounts for some of the electronics.

To get more tips about buying electronics, read our China Wholesale Electronics Shopping Guide.

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