Jun 08

A few days later, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will open its curtain in South Africa and now many World Cup fans as well as sports gear store owners are buying 2010 FIFA World Cup jerseys and accessories direct from China. For veteran sporting goods resellers, it is no longer a secret that China is the best place to stock up all kinds of fan gear for influential world or national sports events like FIFI World Cup and NFL.

In the huge China wholesale market, you are able to find everything that a fan may need to celebrate the grand event, from soccer jerseys and soccer t-shirts, to mascot costumes or toys and any other souvenirs or accessories about the FIFA World Cup 2010. Most of these World Cup items are made of quality materials with innovative designs. Some ordinary small gadgets look really cool when themed with the 2010 World Cup. For example, a keychain with a pendant about a national flag can be a wonderful gift for those who are crazy about the national team and the World Cup. Among all, 2010 World Cup jerseys and accessories for the variety of teams are definitely the bestsellers.

On ChinaWholesaleReviews.com, we’ve already published an article named LightInTheBox Soccer Jerseys Shopping Guide in which we gave a thorough introduction to the soccer jerseys available on the famous China-based wholesale store Lightinthebox. Like always, Lightinthebox.com will not miss this great sports event to increase its revenue and has been updating its category of soccer jerseys with the latest styles for the World Cup 2010. If you want to find soccer jerseys for the coming World Cup there, just enter the keyword “world cup 2010 jerseys” on the search box and you will get all the results related to such items. Of course, if you want soccer jerseys for a specific team, you can further define your search term by adding the name of the team.

Wholesale Soccer Jersesy on Lightinthebox

Besides Lightinthebox, Milanoo is another great wholesale website offering a vast array of 2010 World Cup items in China. If you are a regular reader of ChinaWholesaleReviews.com, you should have noticed that recently we are launching a rather complete series of Milanoo Reviews, by which we offer very detailed presentations to help global buyers get a better understanding of the China-based wholesale marketplace. As an e-commerce website starting with fashion stuff like wedding dresses and cosplay costumes, Milanoo develops very fast when it comes to enlarging its item catalogs. Now on Milanoo.com, you can see a special category exclusively built for 2010 World Cup fan gear. There you can find a huge selection of wholesale 2010 World Cup accessories either for clubs or national teams.

Though Milanoo.com so far does not offer any real 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer jerseys, it does provide a series of featured hanging hooks with various miniatures of World Cup jerseys (see image below). Beside, its wide range of 2010 World Cup accessories for fans like Zakumi mascots, bags, wallets, flags and any other interesting item related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup are equally eye-catching. Currently, all its 2010 FIFA World Cup fan gear is on big sale, offered at slashed-down priced plus free shipping to welcome the superb event.

2010 World Cup Zakumi Mascots 2010 World Cup Caps 2010 World Cup Soccer Jerseys Hanging

2010 World Cup Dice Flanne 2010 World Cup Square Pillows 2010 World Cup Night Lights

2010 World Cup Bags 2010 World Cup Purses 2010 World Cup National Team Flags

View all World Cup 2010 Items on Milanoo.com >>

We are still digging into more China wholesale marketplaces to find more reliable suppliers of 2010 FIFA World Cup jerseys & accessories and other World Cup fan gear. And we will try our best to update our report with the latest useful information that may help you find the best items for the hilarious sports event. Enjoy your shopping!

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