Get Help from the Knowledge Base on LightInTheBox

The quickest way to get help from the China wholesale supplier LightInTheBox, both pre-sale and after-sale, of course, is to find the services offered in the forms of live chat, MSN and email at the right top of the homepage. But there is another place where you can learn knowledge about the China wholesale marketplace and get help from LightInTheBox: the ‘Knowledge Base’. To access the ‘Knowledge Base’ page, you can either choose to click the ‘FAQ’ button at the bottom of the homepage, or click the ‘contact us’ button in the ‘Need help’ box on the left hand side of the page after you sign into your LightInTheBox account.

For the first entry, through the ‘FAQ’ button, you will see a page featured by 3 areas (from left to right): ‘Knowledgebase’, ‘Knowledge Page’ and ‘Check on a Request’. Actually in the middle of the page, the ‘Knowledge Page’ just simply outlines the most interested issues for new users, which are completely the same with the first folder in ‘Knowledgebase’. As new users really need a general overview of the China wholesale website before they do business there, we think it quite smart to let the most common questions new users may ask locate in the most important position of the page. Continue reading Get Help from the Knowledge Base on LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox Limited Time Offer: Up to 55% Off Shipping Fees

Now Light In The Box is promoting a limited time special offer: buyers can get up to 55% off shipping fees by ordering before this friday on all items (free-shipping items excluded). As May is approaching fast, LightInTheBox has been accelerating their wholesale promotional campaigns. Promotions on hot-selling items have been launched one after another, at an impressive speed.

lightinthebox limited time offer


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Wholesale Swimwear Review: Where to Find Sexy, Comfortable Yet Cheap Swimwear?

Swimwear is now Dominating the Summer Market

Swimming, having a beach sunbath or doing other water sports is definitely one of the most popular activities during the sizzling summer. For this reason, every year wholesale swimwear business reaches its peak through April to September. And this year is not an exception—the best-selling season of wholesale swimwear and swimsuits has already arrived.

Now in street shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, beach stores or online shops all over the world, swimwear has become one of the most eye-catching items. From high-end brands to not-so-famous brands, from petite size swimwear to plus size swimwear, and from women’s bikinis, men’s swimwear to kids’ swimsuits, people have so many options to choose from. But still, many get lost in the sea of swimwear when shopping their swim apparel. After all, it is hard to compare the quality and prices among so many choices of swimsuits from one store to another store.Wholesale Swimwear Continue reading Wholesale Swimwear Review: Where to Find Sexy, Comfortable Yet Cheap Swimwear?

Wholesale Cheap Swimwear on

Fashion and clothing is always the biggest category of Vankle. Likewise, its swimwear category is bigger than those of many Chinese wholesale websites. When we searched “swimwear”, we got 307 items displayed on the search result. A closer look into the wholesale swimwear there reveals that both the variety of styles and the pricing are the most attractive features of Vankle’s swimwear. In addition to the vast array of various styles of women’s swimsuits, there you can find an equally large selection of men’s swimwear and some kids’ swimwear, which is rare on other wholesale websites. For men’s swimming wear, swimming trunks are the most common there. For women’s swimwear, well, there are just too many styles to count, but you’ll be easily impressed by the high-end fashion styles featuring the swimwear on From our point of view, the biggest difference distinguishing the wholesale swimwear on Vankle from that on other online shopping stores must be the classic designs that are inspired by high fashion. Also, the low prices it offers makes Vankle stand out among the plethora of Chinese swimwear suppliers.

By the way, I have to mention that the checkout procedure of is really user-friendly, which makes ordering from the website super easy and hassle-free. Just have a try!

Price range: $11.99 ~ $28.99
Category: women’s swimsuits, men’s swimwear, kids’ swimwear
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Vankle Wholesale Swimwear

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See wholesale swimwear on other qualified China-based wholesale websites:

Wholesale Swimwear on

Wholesale Sexy Swimwear on

Custom-made Bridesmaid Dresses Shopping Guide

Compared with finished bridesmaid dresses, custom-made bridesmaid dresses are more favored as they can fit bridesmaids of different sizes better and provide much more options for brides-to-be to style their maids of honor. However, it’s generally not so affordable to get even one bridesmaid dress custom-made in your local wedding apparel stores, not to mention the whole series of bridesmaid dresses for the group of bridesmaids. After all, chances are you won’t have only one or two bridesmaids attending your wedding, right?

Wholesale Bridesmaid Dresses by Milanoo

Image Courtesy of

On the other hand, bridesmaid dresses offered by some China-based online shopping websites feature a wide range of style alternatives, super cheap prices, modest quality and professional custom-made services. Besides, the time needed for their dressmakers are as short as 7 days only though most custom-made bridesmaid dresses suppliers may require 15-20 days to tailor the dress you order. If you are not a hurry shopper looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses, the handling time won’t be a problem at all. Shipping fees and delivery time may be two big concerns for international buyers. But for the majority of Chinese bridesmaid dresses online shops, these issues are not a big deal either. Based on our research, many bridesmaid dresses wholesalers offer deep discounts on shipping fees, usually about 50% off, and some of them even offer free shipping to most destinations around the world. Continue reading Custom-made Bridesmaid Dresses Shopping Guide

Top Picks in LED Watches from China Market

Just look around, and you will find that now LED technology is applied everywhere. In particular, LED watches are one of the most successful products that come in LED technology. Currently on the global market, there is a huge selection of LED watches to choose from. Most of them are sourced from the China market by re-sellers.

LED watches are especially popular among young people who love fashion as most LED watches are polished by a fashionable touch. The time, the week and the date are displayed by LED lights instead of traditional pointers. This is already cool enough. In addition, the majority of LED watches look really stylish with a unique design featured by LED lights. As the Valentine’s Day 2010 is approaching, a cool LED watch may be a best choice of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Given the big number of international online wholesale stores in China, merchants can easily find the latest LED watches at lowest prices. On the other hand, even end consumers who look for LED watches simply for personal use can shop direct from such shops. Below I’m going to introduce to you some of the top picks in cheap LED watches from different China wholesale websites.

LED Watches on

1. Genome – Japanese Inspired Red Yellow Green LED Watches

Genome Red Yellow Green LED Watches

Price: $10.99 + Free Shipping    View more details >>

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