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If you choose to use Chinese sites to shop for cheap products, you are always encouraged to check out the latest promotions in order to further reduce your cost. So the first and foremost important thing is, to get yourself empowered with the knowledge about when and where to find out the offers at the stores you are interested in. Here are some tips to help you out.

Holidays, Festivals & Events

Pay great attention to the big shopping seasons, usually internationally observed holidays or festivals, including Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Boxing Day, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day and more. Stores never miss out these important opportunities to boost their sales volumes as well as revenues so they tend to offer deepest discounts on the widest range of products for sell at their sites.

In addition to the widely known international holidays or shopping seasons, some tradition Chinese festivals may also be their promotional events. Seize such chances and you may find astonishing deals. For instance, many China-based trading companies launch promotions during the Chinese Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year), the most important festival of the year for the Chinese people. In the Chinese culture, the New Year means the new start and merchants like to offer specials to attract orders. They believe it is a good way to bring them luck. By doing so, they kick off their new journey to gaining success.

Some category-related international events are also good opportunities to prowl for rare deals. If you are running a business that sticks to one or more fields, you gotta look into this type of sales. In particular, sites that sell fashion products or sporting goods often release specials at popular fashion events (e.g. film festivals, red carpet events, etc.) and sports events (e.g. Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NBA, MLB, NFL, etc.).

Regular Promotional Zones

Most Chinese online shops have one or more stable promotional zones with deals on different products updated on a daily or a weekly base. Generally, you can find such promotions at the highlighted areas of their homepages. However, if you just stick to the homepage and go no further, you may miss out some really attractive deals, which are ‘hided’ somewhere else at the site, e.g. the category homepage, the item listing page, etc. Below you will find a list of the fixed promotional zones or pages at some well-known Chinese shopping websites:












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    Please provide information re ball gowns evening dresses and prom dresses available to order. Include delivery times and min orders required.



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