Nov 03

Christmas is next month! Have you started planning your Christmas shopping list? I guess you might want to know where to get the best deals for the biggest festival of the year. In late September we’ve posted a Christmas shopping guide for merchants at our site (click here to read the post). Here I would like to share some reliable online destinations where individual consumers can buy Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations and any other Christmas supplies at super low prices. By the way, they are all based in China.

Did you know that today many consumers choose to shop straight from China for best savings? Especially for holiday shopping, made-in-China products are very popular among global buyers, including both re-sellers and end consumers. Unbeatable pricing is no doubt their biggest attraction. At the same time, the huge variety of products to choose from makes Chinese online stores the most ideal places for shopping. When it comes to quality standards, although some people are worried about the quality of products made in the country, most customers feel satisfactory about the quality after they receive the goods from online Chinese suppliers. The most common review regarding this topic is: they are good quality for the pricing.

In the past, Chinese international wholesale businesses and retail businesses are separated from each other. Generally, merchants would trade with wholesalers while end consumers do business with retailers. Actually there were very few China-based online retail stores before 2008. In recent years, as internet technology and e-commerce develop fast, cross-border transactions can be made in a much easier way and more and more Chinese wholesale and retail stores emerge. Besides, the traditional wholesale business model is now being seriously challenged by the new one: Chinese suppliers are selling products at wholesale prices for orders of small quantities, as small as 1 piece per order. That is to say, now even wholesale shopping websites are open to individual shoppers.

Based on my findings, lots of Chinese stores combine wholesale business and retail business while focusing on wholesaling or retailing. For consumers, we don’t need to identify which stores run which type of business. What we really need to know is where we can get the best prices. The first and foremost thing is to find out trustful stores which have gained good reputation on the global market and provide quality products as well as satisfactory service. Then, just stick to the pricing and you will be able to shop for what you want on a happy budget.

Below I will introduce some of the best-rated Chinese online shopping sites that fit individual customers like you, in terms of major categories they carry.

Fashion & Accessories


Note: most of the above mentioned stores are particularly famous for wedding apparel & accessories as well as other special occasion dresses, including evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses and more.

Christmas Decorations


Christmas Gifts


Novelty Items


Consumer Electronics & Accessories


Cosplay & Costumes


Home & Garden


Office Supplies


Auto Parts & Accessories


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