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In early 2010, a friend mentioned to me and asked whether I know this electronic gadget online store or not. My answer was “No.”. To be honest, at that time my focus was all on giant e-commerce websites like and The friend told me FocalPrice is widely known among stores around Huaqiangbei, the famous trading centre of consumer electronics, computing products and communications products (3C) in the Shenzhen city. Months ago, I started to extend my attention to smaller China-based international shopping sites and have posted reviews of some such sites. Below is what I’ve learnt about

Created by Peiliang Li at his early 20’s in 2008, the customer base of FocalPrice grew quickly as the young man has already developed plenty of customers with his team at eBay. Many small and medium-sized Chinese foreign trade websites have similar stories. They are established because their founders are no longer satisfied with the success they have achieved at eBay as big sellers – they want their own websites to further expand their businesses. However, not all such sites turn out successful. FocalPrice is one of the few that survive well. It earns huge revenues every year and it never needs to attract any venture capital to keep itself go on.

FocalPrice specializes in the 3C product lines and offers a variety of electronic gadgets to global buyers. Popular items there include accessories for Apple devices (iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Mac, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod classic), made-in-China cell phones, Chinese featured tablet PCs and laptops and accessories, car accessories and lots more. Both wholesale and retail orders are accepted and dropshipping service is available. When it comes to the China wholesale electronic market, FocalPrice is ranked the third in my personal list, following (see DinoDirect Review) and (see ChinaVasion Review).

If the complete collection of electronic gadgets is one big reason for the great success has made, the competitive pricing should be another equally big reason. Generally, the prices FocalPrice offers are 10%-17% lower than market wholesale prices (and times lower than market retail prices). The fact that most of FocalPrice’s cooperative suppliers come from Huaqiangbei well explains why the site is able to offer such low factory prices. As I mentioned above, Huaqiangbei is the hub of electronic shops. Almost every shop there has one or more factories behind. By building long-term business relationships with such shops, FocalPrice can always get the bottom manufacturing prices in order to enhance its own competitive capacities. As I know, the supplier network of FocalPrice is extremely huge.

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2 Responses to “FocalPrice Review: from eBay Big Seller to Electronic Gadget Shopping Site”

  1. Augusto says:

    Yes ! SCAM ! I bought a tablet that never functioned and they stopped to reply to my complaint. SCAM !

  2. Sam says:

    Scam!! Scam!! Scam!! Fraud Seller Beware Guys please don’t buy anything from this seller……..!!!!
    Guys, Please be careful to buy anything from this seller as you won’t believe after 3 months I haven’t received my item and refund back from them till today. I have been using online website for consumer purchase last 10 year using EBAY, Ali express, China Buy, DHgate, Ever buying, tinydeal etc…but I never face such a worst purchase and ridiculous experience in my whole life.
    Just explain my story may be take time to read but I try to save your money as I have bough tablet with registered post on 4th April 2014 after not receiving item after 20 days I start asking regarding delivery status, they have provided tracking number, checked and contacted our local post office with this tracking number which is not valid in your country yes, correct tracking number provided by them totally rubbish and they keep going with this and waste my time. Then I have made RMA request (copy from website) RMA No.: RMA1404230092, Order ID: FPTZFEQG12NH Request Type: Request refund, SKU: CE0895P/1; Complaint Reason: Order Not Received, You started this RMA Request at 23/04/2014 17:43:39. After RMA request just keep going till today. Also in between I have contacted by email info, info19, info01, deliver @ and finally I have also contacted legal @ millions of times but helpless and feel like I am bagging to them for my money but they all are heartless. Also try to contact PayPal to not allow using their service and made complaint to them and still in contact with provide all information.
    Guys, you won’t believe it till today 28/06/2014 I am keep asking refund from this seller and finally decided to forgot my money and try my level best to help other people will not part of this kind fraud from this seller as we couldn’t not go to China and get money. Please check and compare price & review some of this websites before you buy from Focal price.,,,,
    Finally, it’s your hard earned money and yours decision how to deal with fraud seller. Best of luck!!!!

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