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I personally never work for When I created this site, the company just popped out of my mind and then I decided to write a series of reviews for the company to show my deep respect for them. When I was working for another famous China-based international e-commerce site, one of their managers tried to convince me to join their team. I did shake my footing but finally I rejected the offer simply because I wanted to stay completely loyal to my leaders, who were nice to me and gave me a lot of help in my work. Seriously, I could have never attained the achievements there without their support. Thanks, Yolanda and Nick!

OK, now let me get back on the right track. Why am I so impressed by As early as when I was working at, one of the most popular online Chinese global trading marketplaces, I came to know gradually as they are extensively regarded as a really powerful competitor to all Chinese B2B or B2C sites targeting the overseas market. At the same time, I heard a lot about their company culture, workflow standards and other details from some old colleagues who jumped to the company for better career development.

Based on my knowledge, their boss, the ambitious man who was an advanced administrative officer of Google China, is very strict on the employees. It is said that their administrative team manage the company in a military way. It sounds like a little bit overstating. Anyway, it fits for my style.

Also, I learnt that the company is a paradise of the youth. They have attracted a lot of young elites to refresh their blood constantly. In fact, with so many young talents working hard to improve their service for global buyers, they are commonly viewed as a truly vigorous IT company. You know, for internet business, creativeness matters really a lot! In recent years, I see they are recruiting graduate elites from campuses of China’s best universities by offering high wages and lots of flexible self-development opportunities.

What’s more importantly, I was fascinated by their professionalism in terms of website layout design, product showcase style and banner ad copywriting during my daily job. Their shopping system is very user-friendly and they keep improving the functions in order to make it even easier to use; their product images are clear, shown in multiple angles – if I were a consumer, I guess I would always be attracted to buy the products at the first glance at the images, and with amazing pictures and eye-catching ads, their banners are hard to resist too. I have to confess that although I physically stay faithful to my employer at that time, I couldn’t help falling in love with mentally.

As part of my current routine work, I visit the site almost every day and pay close attention to news or reports related to the company. They are progressing so fast and steadily that rare Chinese online retail or wholesale stores can defeat them. So far they are still the No. 1 China-based online B2C international shopping site based on my personal rating.

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2 Responses to “My Personal Impression on”

  1. Deborah Calvo Says:

    It has been hell trying to get my refund from them what can I do.

  2. Sandra Rogowska Says:

    Don’t recomend- delivery not as described, horrible Customer service.

    I tried to order items with delivery within 5-7 busines days. Nowhere on the checkout there wasn’t any additional iformations. After my order hasn’t arrived I contacted them and they said my order will be delivered in 28 days(!). Since then they keep sayig your order will be with you soon – nothing else. Tracking details only contain information ‘Shipped’ since 03-09. Had to raise dispiute with Pay Pal as when requested cancellation and refund I received in answer ‘Your order will be with you soon’. Absolutly hopless customer service. Don’t recomend to use for anyone. Lost time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress involved. Worst online service I’ve ever seen.

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