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I was asked by some readers via email whether and belong to the same company. Out of curiosity, I did a special research in order to find out the truth. Based on my findings, they are two independent companies although they look really similar in terms of website layout as well as product lines. I guess a detailed comparison between their products may inspire those who want to trade with either of them. Here let’s start with the wedding dresses available at the two sites.

Variety & Styles

Net Halter Luxury Wedding Dress

Image courtesy of Milanoo

Currently, carries a total of 823 wedding dresses that come in various styles while possesses an array of 864 wedding gowns. From the numbers we see no big difference. However, a closer look at their subcategories of wedding dresses shows that their styles are almost entirely different from each other. This is good for customers as it means you have more opportunities to find out the dress of your dream. I quickly browsed the pages of dresses listed at both sites and find only several similar or same styles. has a wider range of high-end luxury wedding dresses, celebrity beach wedding dresses, mini wedding dresses or plus size wedding dresses while has more regular size or common style wedding dresses.

Product Images

When we shop for wedding dresses, a good product image is the best tool to help us learn the details. The product images of wedding dresses showcased at can be sorted into two types: the ones shot with their own models and the ones provided by their manufacturers or stolen from other sites. Most dresses contain several images to show the product from different angles. As for image quality, I would rate their pictures 3 out of 5: they are neither in a high-definition condition nor too blurry to be recognized.

Comparatively, the pictures of the wedding dresses at are quite close to in terms of quality standard. FTCline has no pictures that are shot by their own models like Milanoo does; for most dresses FTCline provides several detailed images instead of just one. I would also rate their images 3 out of 5.


Strapless Lace Wedding Dress

Image courtesy of FTCline

I have compared the prices of wedding dresses between,,, and in a previous post (read the post here). As more items are being constantly added to both sites, the price ranges may change as time goes by. Here are their latest price standards on wedding dresses:

  • $49.99 – $441.99
  • $59.99 – $298.99

I compared some bridal gowns offered by the sites that are similar to each other and belong to the same category, and found that has pricing advantage over for most items. I was a little surprised. Milanoo is much more popular than on the global market – the real customer reviews of the sites well prove this. I thought smaller companies might offer lower prices in order to grab the market share. Anyway, does have some great styles that are cheaper. To find out the best deals, you gotta spend a little time to compare and compare!

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