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Founded in November 2011, FTCline.com is very young in the business of selling fashion products internationally. Yet with a diverse selection of fashionable stuff offered at competitive prices, the company is gaining attention from global buyers quickly. This post is a summary of the findings from my own personal research on the site. Hope it helps those who want to confirm the legitimacy of the store or to learn about their pros and cons.


What do they offer?

Like Milanoo.com, FTCline.com is an online fashion retailer based in China. Wedding & events, special occasion dresses, women’s shoes, cosplay & costumes, sexy lingerie, swimsuits and anime pillows (for adults) are their major fields. In particular, the vast array of anime pillows they carry deserve a good look.


How about their prices?

I compared the prices between FCTline and similar sites like Lightinthebox.com, Milanoo.com, Dinodirect.com or Aliexpress.com. Honestly, I didn’t find any evident pricing advantage from the products available at the store although they are in fact quite competitive on the global market. Let’s take the prices for wedding dresses as an example.

Comparatively, the luxury wedding dresses available at FTCline.com are cheaper than the rest. Whatever type of wedding dress you are looking for, I would personally suggest you browse all these sites to find the best style as well as the best deal instead of sticking to one supplier only. It is time-consuming but definitely worthy.


Which payment methods do they accept?

As they indicate on their site, Paypal is their accepted way to make the payment. This is good as Paypal is a widely acknowledged as a safe and trusted payment method. More specifically, you can use Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card, or E-check through Paypal to pay for items purchased there. In the case that you encounter a scam, you can report the case to Paypal for an unbiased ruling or to your credit card company for a chargeback. That way you can better protect your money.


Are they reliable?

Days ago I posted an article introducing how to avoid FTCline scams. Based on my findings, the company does exist and do serious business with buyers around the world. Their office addresses are real and their live chat operators do answer my questions, in a friendly and professional way. From my tests, they seem to be quite helpful.

However, I noticed that they’ve posted the logo of the website security authority McAFee Secure while  it is actually not clickable. This may mean that they are not really protected by the latter. Based on my knowledge, many small online Chinese suppliers simply copy such logos from more reputable websites such as Lightinthebox.com, Dinodirect.com or Aliexpress.com without getting truly verified by the authorities. They are doing so trying to enhance their company images and to strengthen customers’ confidence in doing business with them. On the other hand, this may simply be caused by the fact that their update on their site is delayed due to a lack of manpower while their website security is really verified on a daily basis. For instance, the other day I noticed that their Norton Secured logo (powered by VeriSign) was not clickable but when i tried it again just now, it worked pretty well.


The Verdict

Although FTCline.com is not highly recommended as they are not widely known yet among global customers and their credibility turns out to be a little weak, they can be used as an alternative to shopping for cheap fashion products from China. They are not as professional as the big names but not necessarily a scammer, either. They are small but may have the stuff of your desire at prices you are happy with. If you do see something you are interested in there, just give it a try.

Please note that this FTCline review is completely based on my personal research. I never buy anything from the site so I don’t know exactly how they are in terms of product quality. Anyway, I did try their checkout process and it worked quite OK for me. Also, I tested chatting with a few service sales people there and was satisfied with their help. If you find any errors in the review or misrepresentation of the company here, please drop me a line in the comment box below.

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