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Thanks to Google or other search engines, now we can easily find reviews of a certain company to confirm their nature, namely, are they trusted? Especially when it comes to online shopping from a foreign country, it is a must to do research before you place the very first order. For people who are interested in purchasing something from (reviewd here), searching for Tmart reviews may help you learn the actual facts and then make a smart decision.

Most people do their due diligence before purchasing though, interested parties may find it a little bit time-consuming to do the research work by googling Tmart and reading the plenty of reviews of Tmart one by one. If you are one of them, my summary of the key points about Tmart reviews available on the internet may inspire you in an easier way.

Based on the customer reviews I found on some famous review websites, Tmart is rated 4.5 out of 5 on average. Compared with the company’s Chinese competitors, this is a good mark. While the site has some flaws like orders go missing or no phone contact number, it is highly recommended by some customers who have had great shopping experience with the cheap electronic online supplier. Remember, so far no online shopping websites are perfect – even eBay or Amazon has negative reviews or complaints!

From the big number of Tmart reviews, we can at least confirm that it is a legitimate company as no scammers would be rated so extensively among so many customers. The greatest part about the site is, all items there have a very attractive price tag. Besides, like, offers free shipping worldwide. Another upside to them is their satisfactory customer service. Although no phone all number is provided, buyers can contact them by email or live chat. People said they usually got a prompt response from their service representatives. For after-sale service, most customers claimed that their problems had been solved in a quick way. Also, people rave about the amazing varieties of products offered by the store, including electronics, computers & networkings, flashlights & lamps, laser points, video games, car accessories and much more.

As for the phone number problem, actually most Chinese international online shops do not indicate their contact number on their sites simply because their customer service people are generally not good in listening English, which may lead to many misunderstandings during communications. They prefer to use messaging or emailing tools to serve their customers so that they can better control the conditions. If this is a disadvantage, is definitely not alone. A few customers complained that the items they had received from the store are cheaply made while the majority had to confess that they are good for the pricing.

My conclusion: if you want to purchase high quality products from China, always be cautious when you see the prices are too good to be true; on the other hand, if you are just looking for a product in acceptable quality while at super cheap price, websites like Tmart are worth considering.

6 Responses to “Key Points about Tmart Reviews Online”

  1. jeff Says:

    Beware every body , what you read here is a paid advertisement by
    please click at the disclosure policy in blue color under this Tmart Review and read where it says
    ( While all the information posted on this site represents unbiased reviews and opinions from personal viewpoints, is also an affiliate site and does accept and receive small commissions for transactions made through the links to compensate for a few costs of keeping the site going, including server hosting, technical help, cups of coffee and more. )
    It means that is not a customer review, It is a PAID for by

  2. Admin Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your comment. Reviews about here, as we have clearly indicated in the disclosure policy, are not direct customer reviews. However, they are not paid advertisements, either. I myself have worked in the Chinese international trade arena for years and I know quite well about the industry. All posts at our site are created based on professional research through hard work and we never publish any contents that are provided by the stores.

    Although we do accept a small commission from the stores based on successful transactions to keep the site going, we never intend to spread any false or fake information in order to make money. Integrity means a lot to us and we are doing our best to write and present unbiased reviews here. If you think the review contains any errors or is not complete, you are welcome to point out the details with valid evidence and we will address the problem after confirmation.

    At the same time, if you feel you’ve been scammed by the store and need our help, just drop us a line in the comment box or email us at support{at} We will try our best to help!


  3. brandonserfe Says:

    I placed my first ever order with Tmart just recently and I’m very pleased to say that there were no negatives whatsoever. Their website is extremely well laid out, with all relevant information close at hand, and the range of stock listed is truly impressive.

  4. Tony Says:

    Tmart are spamming scum. Avoid.

  5. Thomas Buyea, Miami, Fl. Says:

    My experience with Tmart is 50 / 50% !!
    If an order works right and they manage to get it addressed correctly and shipped, I have been very satisfied with $2 to $5 purchases, But if anything goes wrong with the order even in the slightest it can turn into Hell on line !
    They Do NOT have phone customer service and the e-mail customer service often appears that some of their customer service representatives barely speak English and communicate in generalities and not directly to the point even though that is required to solve the problem, As luck would have it the most expensive item $68.00 that I purchased from them got lost in the mail and they keep wanting me to wait till they get it back to give me a refund (it appears to be stuck in a USPS sorting facility with no delivery or return address on it ?) and I am still waiting now after 6 weeks to resolve the problems !! Also if you make a mistake entering your address into their website, Neither you or they can correct it, I entered the last number of my zip code one number off, Close enough to still get deliveries, But it can not be changed !! Also my phone number entered wrong and remains wrong, But they do not use phone an from what I hear most do not speak English anyway.

  6. Peter Says:

    I’ve ordered a half-dozen items through Ebay that were listed under various names, and much to my surprise, had them filled by TMart. Paypal receipts indicate the seller as “N&K TRADING INC”. The first I knew of their involvement, was when I got one of their direct emails (a violation of EBay’s terms of use.)

    Tmart’s speed of order fulfillment is typically OK, but the accuracy of fulfillment and the quality of the merchandise were spotty. Once notified of errors, replacements were shipped promptly. If I were shopping for items of high price or for critical usage, I would chose another source, but for inexpensive items used casually, Tmart’s prices are hard to beat.

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