Feb 12

The other day we learnt that on BrandsDragon.com (also called DavisMicro.com) the wholesale fashion watches are extremely hot-selling recently. Inspired by the news, we visited the category of Watches at BrandsDragon and found that the fashion watches available there are really attractive in terms of both style and price.

LAVA Inspired LED Watches Pocket Watches Hello Kitty Style Watches

There are altogether 7 sub-categories of watches for sale on BrandsDragon.com: LED & sports watches, kids’ watches, women’s watches, men’s watches, pocket watches, couple watches and other watches. In particular, the Japanese inspired LED watches, kids’ watches and Hello Kitty style watches seem to be hottest among all. Given the vast array of beautiful watches to choose from, whether you are looking for cheap wholesale fashion watches for you business, or simply on prowl for a lovely watch for a kid, a man or a woman, you won’t get disappointed there.

Couple Watches Japanese LED Watches Kids Watches

In addition, the prices for the wholesale fashion watches are much cheaper than market prices. Some of them are even as low as less than $1 USD. Isn’t it incredible? That’s probably why so many resellers choose to stock up on fashion watches from BrandsDragon – high resell margins are almost 100% guaranteed. Likewise, for individual consumers who buy such watches for personal use, they can save a lot simply by purchasing from end suppliers like BrandsDragon. Just compare the prices for fashion watches available on your local market with those at BrandsDragon, we are sure you will get significantly shocked.

Check out the Wholesale Fashion Watches on BrandsDragon.com >>

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