Dec 13

Christmas 2013 Deals on Android Phones and Tablets

Now it is only days away from Christmas 2013 but deals for this holiday are still available. This means though it might be too late to shop for this Christmas due to the heavy pressure of international shipping, you can buy what you need for your daily life or for your business at the lowest prices by taking advantage of the Christmas sales. In practice, many re-sellers or individuals never miss out such precious promotional opportunities to hunt for rock-bottom deals. You know, most products are not just suitable for Christmas decorating or Christmas gifting only. Here is the list of Chinese global stores which are still offering Christmas 2013 deals:

For instance, if you are running a decorative lighting store, you can stock up on the best-styled LED string lights, LED strips, night lights, laser flashlights, novelty lighting products or the like now to enjoy the best prices. Other common things like consumer electronics, handbags, shoes or apparel deserve even more attention as they are not Christmas exclusive products. While such products could be great options as Christmas gifts, they are more extensively needed as lifestyle essentials.

It is widely known that Chinese people take the Chinese Spring Festival (also Chinese New Year) most seriously and we tend to release the biggest sales targeting Chinese consumers during this period. Some global buyers may expect to wait for the best deals to be launched during 2014 Chinese New Year. Based on our experience, while it is true that most Chinese stores will offer specials to the international market around the biggest Chinese traditional holiday, both the discount range and the promotional product quantity will be very limited. The reason is more than simple: every year when the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, people of all walks are getting sluggish at work.

Everyone is busy planning on how to spend the holiday and factory workers start to take their year-end holidays and to go back home to prepare for the biggest festival. Likewise, the clerks at foreign trade companies or international online shopping sites will be on holiday one after another. As a result, the whole foreign trade service chain connecting manufacturers or suppliers, online transaction platforms, logistics, payment providers and more won’t be working normally during this busiest season of the Chinese year. You will notice that even the customer service for international buyers will become not so responsive during that period, not to mention other services. So are you still waiting to get the best deals of the year when the 2014 Chinese Spring Festival arrives? I would strongly encourage you to take actions now. The final chances to get Christmas deals are more worth taking advantage of.

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