Feb 16

When you shop with Chinese sites, you should always check out the deals they offer in various forms. Seriously, the specials can help you save a lot sometimes, no matter you are purchasing in bulk for your resell business or just for your personal needs. In addition to the plenty of holiday or event-based sales, the regular promotions featured by different online stores are also worth taking a good look. In particular, the daily deals zones available at some sites often release specials with deep discounts, which last for one day only.

I was long ago impressed by the Daily Madness zone at Milanoo.com, a popular international fashion store based in Chengdu, Sichuan. The site opened that promotional area as soon as it went live. Now after years it is still there. This, based on my experience, proves that the zone works well and has been helping a lot with boosting their revenues. At the same time, I notice that other Chinese sites start to set up the similar promotions one after another, sometimes slightly different in naming, including Today’s Special at Tmart.com, Daily Deals at Focalprice.com, Daily Deals at Dinodirect.com, Daily Deals at Priceangels.com and Today’s Sales at Lightinthebox.com. Daily Deals at Lightinthebox.com

Most daily-based deals are available for 24 hours only. But some may last for two days or longer. If you see a daily deal of your interest, you may need to take it quickly otherwise it will be gone soon and won’t come back again. Some sites may put the same product with the same good discounts into the daily sales for the second or even the third times, but it is always hard to say when the product will be offered with the one-day-only discount again. So when you see a deal you want, don’t hesitate to get it. It is never a smart idea to wait the deal to come back again. You can’t afford the time waiting it to re-appear anyway.

Generally, as the deals last for a very short time only, the discounts are very attractive, even greater than those offered for big holiday sales such as Christmas promotions. Besides, free shipping is often honored for daily sales. Comparatively, the products select for such daily sales are quite limited in terms of quantity. As a result it is not easy to find a product you are looking for from the daily specials – if you do find one, you should be really lucky then. Anyway, you are encouraged to check out the daily sales pages of the sites regularly in order to spot the deal you want.

As one of the biggest promotional projects of the Chinese shopping sites, daily deals tend to promote products that have a good market potential based on the marketing research of the companies. For re-sellers who are not sure about what kind of product to stock up on for their business, the daily specials may help inspire them. The great discounts are a big plus, of course.

For instance, the Today’s Sales page at the fashion site Lightinthebox.com is all about branded fashion and accessories such as dresses, glasses, lingerie or belts, which are offered with discounts as high as 80% off. However, unlike traditional daily deals like those at Milanoo.com (read details about Milanoo Daily Madness zone here), the daily specials at Lightinthebox.com usually last for 7 consecutive days so you have enough time to make a purchasing decision.

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